Book Review: Stencil Craft

Do you like to stencil crafts and decor? I remember once I had this guest cottage (garage apartment actually) and I fixed it up myself. I stenciled all around the walls. I had SO much fun!

Today I'm reviewing Stencil Craft by Margaret Peot.

Peot shows you techniques you can use for clothing, art or for decor in your home. 

She provides expert tips. From which fabric paints to use to how to achieve crisp impressions. 

She covers stencil basics, stencils for fashion, for home, for paper and for art. 

She talks about creating a work space for stenciling. She suggests a hollow-core door if you have no other spot.

As far as lighting goes, Peot says a window isn't always best. Unless it is a north-facing window. She suggests a desk lamp or several clip lights will provide all the light that you will need to stencil your projects.

I really want to make the apron with the sunflower stencil on Page 37. It is so cheerful and would also look great hanging from a peg on the wall. 

What I like most about this book is that Peot covers everything. Whether you're a beginner or an acclaimed artist, you can glean wonderful information from this book.

No matter your style, Peot has a project for you!

Margaret Peot

About Margaret Peot: 

An avid believer that art making can be for everyone, I present art workshops (Inkblots, Invisible Ink, Stencils, other) with cancer survivors, elders, children, parent and teen groups, writers, nurses and caregivers, at The Creative Center at University Settlement’s Creative Aging conferences, and their Artist-in-Residence Training program, with EngAGE Utah, at Gilda’s Club, The Huntsman Cancer Institute, Operation Exodus in NYC, and at Miami University’s Scripps center with Dr. Like Lokon, and Opening Minds Through Art.

I attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and studied with Alex McKibben, Rocio Rodriguez, Lon Beck, Thomas Effler, Geoff Fishburn, Michael Griffiths, and Crossan Curry. I am pleased and honored to be serving on the first College of Creative Arts Advisory Board at Miami.

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This review was written for TLC Book Tours, who provided me the book for review. I was not compensated in any other way.


  1. Starting in our first apartment and them continuing the craft in our first house, I was a stenciling maniac! Virtually every room had some kind of stenciled border or adornment. I loved it, very relaxing. The new house (not that new) doesn't have anything stenciled. The only remnant of those painted days is a birdhouse lamp in my living room.

  2. I used to stencil a lot in the late 70's I think. Some stenciling I did not even remember until the wallpaper came down in my kitchen re-do! There was a line of piglets under my kitchen window. Not sure why I thought that was a good idea!!!

  3. I stenciled a lot of walls back in the day. Have never thought of stenciling on clothes. xo Laura

  4. I love hand-made crafts like this, particularly when the instructions are simple and clear. I'm glad you enjoyed this book!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    - Heather J @ TLC Book Tours


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