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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Fireworks Hangover & Abi-isms

I didn't sleep well last night. I don't know where they hold the big event. But it sounds to me like I am less than a mile from the fireworks. 

I've been up so long I was exhausted by 8 a.m. Tells me I'm looking at a couple of Tylenol at some point today.

I proudly celebrate the 4th of July because of what it means. But where on earth did thunderous booming sound play into it? I'm sure there's something historically significant about the noise, but it wreaks havoc with my system. 

I can remember as a child, being shaken to my core just hearing kids popping fire crackers in the neighborhood. I saw nothing fun about the whole thing. Sparklers were just plain sensory overload.

Yet every year, I hunker down, turn my sound (white noise) machine up, and get through it. 

So it's not just dogs that are negatively affected by these loud noises. I'm wanting to hide in a closet under ten blankets myself.

I normally sleep well, thanks to the cocktail of medication my doctor makes sure I take (otherwise I would rarely sleep; a lifelong problem as well), and I fell asleep okay. 

But I woke up in the wee hours of darkness, wide awake. As though the loud sounds had penetrated my slumber and turned on many alarms in my head. 

I'm one of those people who simply does not fare well without eight hours of sleep. I know others can get by on five to six. But not me. I am like a slug the next day if I miss a mere hour or two. Muddling through the day with my gauge stuck on empty.

And little Miss Abi, who pretty much runs the place, has developed new habits. 

Just before it's light outside, she has started getting right in my face, and uttering, "Eh" She will pause a moment to see if she's gotten my attention. Then I'll hear "Eh" again. 

Abi is not one to be ignored. She is fussy and dramatic and demands her needs be met. Now.

When I'm on the mat doing my evening round of yoga stretching, she lies beside me on the floor whining. She wants me to hurry up, get up, take my evening shower, and give she and Charlie their daily spoonful of non-fat cottage cheese. 

Before I even start my exercises, she let's me know it's time to get off the computer. She paws at me and moans and groans and acts silly till I can't concentrate. 

Which she then knows will be the time I do my stint on the mat. Which then means mom will have her second shower of the day. Which then means a teaspoon of cottage cheese. 

I just hate cottage cheese. It gives me the willies just dishing it out on their separate plates. But they gobble it up like they're half-starved. Which they aren't, believe me. 

These Yorkies, as you know, have to eat special food, a diet that keeps pancreatitis at bay. It's not cheap. But then a stint in the animal hospital sure isn't cheap either. And I can't stand to see them in pain. 

But, like me, they are compulsive, probably following my internal clock. And when it's nearing time for that spoonful of cottage cheese, which she will fight poor Charlie over if I don't hold her after she's gobbled her own portion down, she's emphatic. Not to be reasoned with. 

Oh, and she's not done with her shenanigans. Each time I eat lunch or supper, Abi eats then too. At lunch she'll eat her hard food. But as soon as I start eating, she sets up another fit. 

She wants me to fill her bowl with more food, even though there's plenty there. And then empty the water bowl and put a fresh bowl back down. 

The whole thing is played out again at supper time. 

These dogs have me trained well. Geez Louise. 

Another strange little quirk she has: If something falls to the floor and makes any sound, or there's just a sudden noise of any variety, Abi immediately jumps Charlie. 

I put a stop to that pretty quick. But why on earth would a noise cause her to jump him and start a fight? He didn't cause the noise. 

Has she adopted my fear of sounds?

I just hate to take the garbage bag out of the trash can, because Abi sees that as a possible trip out the door, where she will be separated from me. Lord, she sets up a racket over that. 

And if I go anywhere near that door to step outside and retrieve the mail, you'd think someone is beating her. And I'm in full view the whole time.

So this is an added reason I don't like to go out. It's instant calamity. 

Today, after the loud fireworks played drums and cymbals in my head, I am not in the mood for much drama. I am tired. And there will be no afternoon nap. I cannot sleep at all when it's light outside. 

Heavens, when I came home after ankle surgery last November, after just having woken up from the anesthetic, I was wide awake all day. No slack time for me. 

It just isn't in my DNA to take a nap of any variety. I have never in my life fallen asleep with a TV on. Or slipped off in my easy chair. Will not every happen.

Well, both Abi and I are members of the weird duck society. Can't teach old dogs new tricks.

What weird and annoying habits have your pets acquired?

Cozy Little House
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  1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that those fireworks didn't settle well with you. I know they were set off around my subdivision last night and sounded like a war zone! However, my son does like fireworks. In fact, he participated in setting them off with our neighbors. My dog kept barking and pacing around the house though. So, it was loud around here too.

    1. Tell me, normal person, why do people enjoy LOUD things?

  2. You beat me to it... as I was reading the first part of your post, I was thinking "Those dogs have her well trained!" And then you went and said it yourself ~
    I'm lucky ~ after the first 2-3 booms, my babies just ignore them the rest of the night.

    I hope you are able to sleep well tonight ~

    1. Well, you're lucky. Charlie barks, which means I have to hurry and shush him or weird wacko Tony back there might get his boxers in a twist.

  3. It's one thing for a town to have its official fireworks show, but quite another thing when every house in the neighborhood also has a fireworks celebration in the driveway. Too much! Yesterday we drove to a couple of historical sites as a way to observe the holiday, just to get away from the commotion. Neighbor kids were setting off fireworks before noon. As we drove home on the interstate, we watched fireworks displays in distant towns, without all the noise. We timed it to get home well after 11 pm, when the noise ordinance says the fireworks have to stop. Problem is, we don't really want to stay out that late anymore!

    1. Shoot, I'd be scared to be out at 11 pm. If I got stopped, they'd probably think something was wrong with me because I can't see well at night. I'm confused by lights from cars coming toward me. I probably couldn't put a coherent thought together. And off to the psych ward I'd probably go!

  4. Our Mikey was in fear of loud booms...thunder or fireworks. My neighborhood was festive last night, but fortunately all was over by abt 10:00. And Mikey had us trained too. When he was new to us at about 6 was old he was timid for the first three days. Then, I seriously think that he figured it out. "I can whip this family into shape in no time." I mean it was like someone flipped a switch because that pup personality went into confidence mode. Ha! He brought us much joy though. Sheila

    1. Oh Sheila, I know you miss Mikey. Is there maybe another dog in your future? I have a reader in TX that just lost her last dog a couple of weeks ago. But she can't help herself. She's already scanning the rescued dogs online.

  5. My cats were quite unhappy with the fireworks that the neighbors across the creek were setting off last night..they usually run and hide under something when they are afraid..My kitty Susie is doing something similar to Abi lately..She comes in my bedroom in the wee hours and sits on my bedside stand..then she leans over into my face and meows loudly..if I don't pay attention she then grabs my arm with her claws protruding..not hard but enough to hurt a little..and she meows again..She wants me to pet her..If I don't pet her she keeps it up...if I do pet her she keeps it up to get more..Just how do I win that battle??? lol

    1. I don't think you can win it, unless you want to shut her outside your bedroom. And if she's anything like Abi, she'd set up to howling about it. I think we're both just screwed!

  6. Well mine do not like fireworks either, nor thunder : )

    1. So I guess you're a little jittery today as well. When the pupsters ain't happy. Ain't NOBODY happy.

  7. The noises of fireworks were a bit much for us this year. They have been going on all week and from every point in our neighborhood! So I know what you mean!

    1. Isn't there noise ordinances? I suppose they'd slack off for the darned booming firecrackers. I imagine autistic people with sensory issues all over the US are a mess today.

  8. I don't know if the previous post went through. I have a voice activated little recorder that I no longer need. If you'd like it to prove to your neighbor that your pups are not the problem, please let me know.

    1. When I went to see my psychiatrist for the quarterly 15 minute med check last week, I told her about Tony. She said the police are probably well aware of him. So I don't think you could prove anything to him unless you could give him meds. I think he's just paranoid.

  9. Sorry you had a bad night. I enjoyed reading about Abi. Isn't funny how fast 'we' are trained.
    Daisy has her own little quirks. She's gotten to where she thinks it's time to eat everytime she comes back in from pottying. So I have started giving her little meals all day. I guess she thinks she's a horse. It's crazy. Hope you get some sleep and have a good week.

    1. Now if it were my kids when they were young, I'd just have said "now knock it off." But isn't it funny how we cater to these furry little loves???

  10. Well girlfriend, we know who wears the pants in your family an it isn't you or Charlie. She enjoys the games she plays with you. I got lucky this year, as my neighbors didn't do many fireworks. Still, there were a few and that's too many for us. I'm always so glad when the 4th and New Years Eve are OVER! Sleep well tonight.

    1. Oh Gina, also when I laugh at something online, they look at me startled, as though I'm upset. They don't seem to get that I'm smiling and laughing cause it's funny. They see it as some sort of danger signal. I guess since dogs don't laugh (but everyone says that Abi smiles, and she looks like a shark with fangs when she does), they don't get it.

  11. Our female pup, Izzy, does not like gunfire or fireworks. She gets nervous and hides away in the darkest bedroom in our house. They don't bother me, other than that I don't like seeing her upset. About that sleep... yep, I need my 8 hours as well or am in a fog all day. But I am good at napping, so sometimes that makes up for the lost hours. Hope you are doing better this afternoon... and that you get a good rest tonite.

  12. I laughed at this's like reading about my own life. First---the fireworks here were crazy last night, all week in fact. This is the first time in over 20 years years that we have stayed in the city (because of our water damage at the lake). Our parks have gorgeous displays but then you get the pyromaniacs that just want to blow off loud stuff. I guess we really don't have the space here to shoot off colorful things like at the lake, I just gave up and went in after 11 pm. Milo is usually a basket case on the 4th but with the phenobarbital he takes for the seizures and being worn out from our family BBQ, nothing was bothering him.

    Layla is Abi's clone. She lets me know when she wants something and won't take excuses. I got in the the habit of giving both dogs these new rawhide treats that have beef, chicken and duck liver. It happened to be a coincidence that I give them around 4 when things were slow. Now...they set their watches this hour. And I really don't think this stuff should be given daily. I have to get a video of how they wait in anticipation then run off to their separate corners of the kitchen to chow down!! They are so happy I can't bear not to give them it!!

    Did I read correctly that Abi takes two showers a day??? :-0

    Jane x

    1. No, I take two showers a day. Like clockwork. And Abi is standing staring at me telling me it's time to get off the computer and get going.

      If everyone is wondering why my blog template keeps changing, it is because something is askew with either Blogger or my templates, and Google is telling me they aren't mobile-responsive. My ad income kept tanking. So I kept changing trying to get it right. I hope this is it! I'm about to go blind reading HTML!

  13. Our little dogs have their quirks, don't they. Fuzzy is a great fan of low fat cottage cheese, too. And he must hear and see two "plops" of it hit his dish. He doesn't care how big the plops, (spoon fulls) there are, as long as there are two. If there is only one he will fuss, huff, grunt, and click around loudly with his nails on hardwood floor until he gets that second plop of cottage cheese.

    Fuzzy isn't afraid of fireworks, but we could hear the main St. Louis Fair Fireworks show thundering from our home. Fuzzy thought that it was thunder and stationed himself where he could watch the neighbor's sycamore tree until the thundering sound was over. Lightning hit that tree for a second time several months ago, now any time it storms Fuzzy stands like a statue in the middle of the room watching out of the window. He is waiting to see if the tree lights up with lightning again.

    One time, a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't sleep and had the bright idea of a little hair brushing session for Fuzzy. Big mistake. He now thinks this is to be an every night routine. Non-negotiable, every single night. They do train us well, don't they!

  14. I laughed all the way through this! Abi is staring at me like I have two heads. Two plops, huh? Smart dog you got there!

  15. We do not have any little pups or kittens to love-so any and all behavior that is going on is just the hubs and I.
    With or without fireworks we are quite an odd mix. Sounds drive him crazy and lights bother me, aren't we just a lovely pair??!! We sleep with not one but two fans plus the ceiling fan spinning nightly to drive out noise for him-not sure what the noise is, but who am I to question when I have to have the alarm clock turned a certain direction and not only blinds pulled tight but curtains too-have to keep the light out.
    Sleep for me is becoming more elusive daily, I wait until I am nearly nodding off which is around 11-12 and then wake up as if a firecracker went off at 5:30. I have tried over the counter sleep aids but they make so groggy in the morning and I like to get up have coffee and walk. So, this is my life!

  16. I had to give my little cuddler dog a tranquilizer at about 10:30 he was shaking so hard the whole bed was moving... poor little guy. My other dog isn't fazed in the least!


  17. Buddy made it through the fire works without too much trouble. He kept running to the door because he thought it was someone knocking but he wasn't really scared this time. Thank goodness.

  18. Our Abbie is also afraid of gunshots and fireworks. I think she can smell a gun before it is fired, she just gets in her house if DH goes outside with a gun. All three dogs were locked up during the fire, just too much going on, too much noise and confusion. If someone is shooting near the house, Abbie will dry to get into our house, scratching at the door and whining. No one ever nets off fireworks near us because of fire danger.

  19. Sorry about the spelling, one should always read posts before submitting.

  20. Bubba is exactly the same as Abi and Mini joins in. If I leave they both cry out and watch me leave in the window. They both cry out when I arrive too. If I put my shoes on, Bubba puts his ears down and looks at me like I'm killing him, because he knows I'm going out. When I get home, he pulls at my shoes laces or nips at my heels to get my shoes off, so I won't go anywhere. Dinner time... well they both know and will bug and bug and bug until I feed them.

    When anyone, but most especially the mail man, comes to the door, Bubba jumps Mini and they start in on each other. I have no idea why. My mom's dogs did it too, so it's not just us.

    The fireworks scare Bubba to death too. He tries to climb onto my shoulder until I talk him down into my lap. So, we watch them from the window with the tv on. Lightening isn't a good time either.

    Anyway, I'm sorry you didn't get any sleep. I hope you did since then :)


  21. I have a cat that doesn't seem to notice the fireworks, but then she is not too bright. We had fireworks booming until about 2 am for two nights. Fireworks are illegal in our town except for the 4th until midnight, but everybody just does what they want anyway. It was like having WWIII going on, my chair vibrated inside the house!! So loud you couldn't watch tv or anything else.

  22. I think the least the professional displays are part of our July 4 tradition in part because of the "Star Spangeled Banner." The song was written during the war of 1812, but the phrase....rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air...sounds to me like fireworks.

  23. My little Bear (not at allbear-sized) has developed the habit of going after my feet if I wiggle them around when trying to slip on my shoes. Only if I 'fumble' with slipping them straight onto my feet. If my foot just slides in, no problem. Or if I happen to rub one foot with another that is also cause gor him to come running over to paw and growl at my feet. That habit developed about 5 months ago and dhows no sign of abating.

    Bear also has trouble with pancreatitis. I know another but is coming on when he begins doing non-stop downward dog poses. He was hospitalized for the first 2 bouts but manages fairly well now on a very strict diet. A vet prescribed dry and wet food and treats with no to little fat (white chicken meat). I hadn't even thought about cottage cheese and I just bought a new tub for myself! I guess I can share with him!! I hope it will be okay as mine is 1% fat. Hmm
    If vet said white chicken meat is okay (it must have a bit of fat) then I think a spoonful of cottage cheese would be okay, too. Bear's younger 'brother' doesn't have these issues but he gets the same treats.


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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