Flea Market Decor & Hacks

I just love what we call "flea market style decorating." I guess it's really sort of "junk eclectic!" And of course repurposing.

A bevy of pretty pillows that make the couch look ultra cozy.

This table looks great behind the couch with vintage photos and covered books.

The appeal of the porch is even more inviting with an old wicker rocker and crates put to use.

Why not decorate the front of book shelves? This pretty frame used to show off mementos gives an extra touch of class.

Who doesn't love galvanized buckets? This one is put to use as a rolling beverage holder.

Old wine corks turned into an unusual chandy.

Book pages depicting birds used as versatile wall paper.

Now where would one find this table base unless they were out junking?

Metal containers are wonderful for organizing garden supplies or most anything else.

What an unusual lamp base. That looks like a real vintage find!

(Photos courtesy of BHG.com)

I have some other favorites on my Flea Market Decor Pinterest Board.


  1. So pretty! I love this style too.

  2. These are really neat ideas for using cheap finds. I wish I could think creatively like this!

    Jane x

  3. I really love the flea market decor, if it's done tastefully. It's just so homey and cozy and that is what appeals to me. You found some great photos and I especially like the pillows.

  4. Great ideas...I'm a flea market junkie...lol!

  5. SO many pretty pictures and great inspiration ideas! Sharing and pinning right now! :)

  6. These are winners! Love the gold table base. Very funky, but in a good way. The chandy is a bit over the top for me. Looks like a LOT of work, and I'm not digging the style either, but clever nonetheless. My eye went straight to the drapes in the last picture. They're so pretty. And did you notice the headboard? Nothing in it, but it's not readily apparent.

  7. My very favorite the porch, I can see myself rocking and reading. I also like the old metal lunch bucket.
    You can find such interesting items. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love all this inspiration. So pretty and fun.

  9. I have that same desk behind my sofa - great inspirational pics!

  10. What a great collection. I love the quilt in the last one. I'd love to have a potting bench. The wine cork chandy is cool!
    I think I want to make one for my laundry room! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Friday.

  11. Lots of great ideas here! Like the last quilt...and maybe the bird pages wallpaper. Still thinking about it. Ha! :-)
    Cute post.

  12. So pretty! Love the rolling beverage cart!!

  13. Love them all, especially the bird book picture wall. Reminds me of some curtains I made for my son when he was very young.

  14. I love this look......so many gorgeous pictures here to inspire us, Brenda!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  15. Love the table base. It would bring such light/life into a dark corner.

  16. Oh I love that galvanized drink holder. I am a sucker for galvanized goodies.

  17. "Junk eclectic," I like that term! I'm somewhat addicted to it! :) Love the inspiration you shared! Have a great weekend! ~Rhonda

  18. Love repurposing old junk. These are all great. xo Laura

  19. Love the rolling beverage holder..that is such a cute idea...The book page bird wallpaper is gorgeous but a lot of work I would guess..I have a "thing" for old retro lamps..that one is very cool....


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