Great Eats For The 4th Of July

I'm sure most of you already know what good eats you're going to have for the 4th. But just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I looked on my Recipes Pinterest board for some inspiration.


This looks like a whole meal in one.

This cool as a cucumber salad would be a great side dish.


A super idea for an appetizer.


Who doesn't love jalapeno cornbread?

Click on the source underneath each photo to be taken directly to the blog that has the recipe and I got the photos from.

Click here to go to my Recipe board on Pinterest.

Click here to go to my Sweet Tooth dessert Pinterest board.


  1. Lot's of yummies here Brenda. Have a wonderful 4th.

  2. Everything looks delicious! I hope you have a lovely 4th of July.

  3. Oh gosh Brenda your making me hungry!!!! Gosh there you went and did it again a really nice looking blog just kill me!

  4. Brenda,
    Beautiful layout and header, you have such a talent for this.
    Well, I like these recipes, but being the jalapeno lover I am I going straight for the jalapeno cornbread!

  5. The recipes look delicious... but, I gotta tell you - your new blog design is WONDERFUL! I love it all! It truly, truly looks amazing.

  6. The new look is great!

    All that food makes me want to raid my kitchen LOL


  7. I love the changes you've made to the blog! Looks does all of that food!! Thanks for sharing those! Have a great weekend Brenda!!

  8. Oh my goodness, buffalo and blue cheese is one of my favorite combinations, this looks delicious!

  9. Those meatballs strike my fancy! Sheila

  10. I want a meatball now for breakfast, lol..

  11. I want those meatballs, and the cucumber salad. Have a Happy 4th.

  12. I want those meatballs, and the cucumber salad. Have a Happy 4th.


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