How To Move & Stay Sane

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7 Principles to Follow for the Most Organized Move of Your Life

Moving can turn into a nightmare even for the most organized of households. Poor time management and insufficient help are just two of many possible culprits that may cause you to put your face in your hands and scream.

But, with a proper timeline and some discipline, your move doesn’t have to go sour.

Here are 7 tips to follow for keeping sane during your next move.

Start early: the sooner the better.

We’ve all done it-- decide to move months in advance and don’t start packing until the week of/stay up the night before. Don’t do this! Not only will you hate yourself on moving day, but you won’t be able to think straight, causing a disastrous day.

Make a timeline and stay disciplined.

There are plenty of good resources on the Internet for this. Create your own timeline and stick to it. The closer you are on schedule, the less you need to worry about on the day before or day of. Two examples of milestones you can create: booking labor help/truck about 2 months in advance, and notifying local services of your address change 6 months before.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The more hands you have on deck, the faster certain moving tasks will go. Ask around! 

You may be surprised to learn that your best friend just happens to love wrapping and fitting fragile objects into boxes. Furthermore, professional movers could shave hours off your moving day.

Tackle your junk drawer first (and don’t dump it into a box!).

The idea is delayed gratification. Don’t save the worst tasks for last! By the time you get to them, you will be doing them quickly and haphazardly. Instead, organize and tackle that junk drawer first. Then, save the best (like books & other easily-stackable objects!) for last.

Organize boxes by room type & use Washi tape to coordinate.


This is a fun and stylish way to stay organized! Assign 1 pattern per room, and create a “room key” on paper. This will ensure that those boxes you put together get moved into the right room prior to unpacking. This tip is truly a lifesaver.

Create a day-of “to do list.”

An organized move is also an efficient move. Tally up your help, and create specific jobs for each person. 

If people know what they are supposed to be doing before the move begins, you won’t have to stop what you are doing to answer questions, or chew your best friend out for taking too long of a break between tasks.

Keep a special day-of fanny pack.

Who cares about being stylish on your moving day. This is the most practical thing you can have on you the day that you move. Things you need to keep in there-- keys, cash (for food & tipping movers), cell phone, tape, markers, paper, ID, wallet, etc. 

Your fanny pack will prevent you from wondering where exactly your cell phone went.

Do you have any other organized moving tips? Or, have any interesting moving stories you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments below!

About the Author:
Jaclyn Lambert runs outreach for, a marketplace for movers to help you pack, load, & unload. In her spare time, she loves playing with her pets and riding bikes with her husband.


  1. We just helped our son and his fiancee move into their new place. Believe me, they were not organized at all. But, downstairs they have a 'room'. They put everything into the room and are only bringing things upstairs that they love. They are taking their time and simplifying their lives.

    1. I love the idea of having a "room." About 4 times a year, my husband and I actively put together a donation box of things we don't need. Living simply is always the goal. :)

  2. Great tips. I have moved 19 times as an adult, but I can always use new ideas. xo Laura

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you find these useful. :)

  3. Oh how i wish I had seen these tips before i moves. Great!

    1. Aww! At least you'll have them for next time. ;)

  4. You always have such good advice. I read your last post on your everyday troubles when you go out. I have to tell you that most of us have some times that are like you described. You may have Aspergers but you are not much different than everybody else. I feel bad that you think that you are so different when I see a very articulate, creative and wonderful person! You cottage is so cute and I just love your style!! Please don't sell yourself short!!


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