Incorporating House Plants Into Your Decor

House plants are very much back in vogue, for those of you who have recently discovered an interest in them.

So how do you incorporate these lovely touches of nature and greenery into your home?

I love this look. Especially the fact that the plants are in so many different kinds of containers. How fun. All you need is shelves that get enough light.

This is an unusual to me way to include a house plant in your bedroom. But it's very clever!

Lobster And Swan does a wonderful job of integrating house plants in her home.

Kitchen windows have long been a great place to put plants. They probably benefit from the humidity of the water being used, and they get lots of light.


Stick plants in corner of odd spaces where nothing else will fit. It helps to "round" out the sharp edges of the room.


Oh, to have a loft with a wonderful old brick wall and plenty of natural light!

Use as book ends. Succulents are hardy little plants that can be planted in a container of rocks. I like that you can see the added texture of the rocks through the glass too.

I've always liked plants gathered together. Easier to water, and they benefit from one another. Put on a cart like the plants above, you can move them about for the benefit of exposure.

I've always thought that yucca plants lend a feeling of elegance. 

And if you have kitties that like to eat or dig in your plants, you might try a terrarium or bottled water plant. 

So even if you think you have a brown thumb, there's probably something here you can grow!

(And keep in mind, plants take toxins out of the air you breathe.) 

Here are some low-light lovers you might try if you don't have adequate natural light in your home.


  1. I love house plants and always have some at home. When I worked I had lots at work also. They do clean the air. I wish I had more windows here in this home, but I still have my house plants!

  2. I love my houseplants.THey take the place of having a pet now, which I can't afford. Most of mine are outside for the summer soaking up all of the great rain we have had. xo Laura

  3. I have 11 pythos sitting all around the house:) as they grow longer tendrils I clip those off and start a new pot... my areca palm is about the hit the ceiling in the master bath. I love having living things in my home near me versus a bunch of inanimate STUFF sitting around.

  4. My mom and all of her friends had tons of plants around when I was little. When I grew up and decorated my home, no one I knew had plants. Everyone, including me, had one of those fake ficus trees. Now, plants are back. I am currently trying not to kill the two I have in my home.

  5. Also remember that some of these houseplants are toxic to cats & dogs...I check out every plant that I want to buy to make sure it is safe...I have two kitties that love to taste plants...this can be deadly if they bite into the wrong plant..I love houseplants Brenda..they seem to grow especially well in my kitchen window above the sink..I mostly have succulents as they are so easy to grow!

  6. My mama has the greenest thumb for indoor plants, but can't keep a garden going outside.

    I'm a Master Gardener, but kill every houseplant I ever try, without fail, even pothos. I especially love variegated ivy indoors, but can never keep it alive.

  7. Love the plants on the ladder! I had dozens and dozens of house plants waaaaay back in the 70s, but I'm down to just one right now; sad, but true. I've had it for about 25 years, so I think it will survive just about anything at this point. Thanks for sharing these clever ideas.

  8. Brenda, you took the words right out of my mouth...I am currently working on a post about adding house plants to rooms. Great minds must think alike, huh? :) Nice post!

  9. Love all of these pics. I think plants are a great addition to any room---makes them feel alive and loved. I wish I were as good with indoor plants as I am with outdoors. I love big impact plants like palms, but my home is small. I'm not missing your point though---great ideas!

    Jane x

  10. I love houseplants and have several, but I have to keep them up high so the cats won't bother them. There are lots of great ideas here!

  11. I love houseplants and your post is very validating. It's a challenge to use them tastefully, unless of course, like my husband, you're "hippie-chic". I think, left to his own preferences, we would have beads and sand candles hanging on macrame.

    I think houseplants are a hobby!

  12. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to water and tend my houseplants! Other than that, I don't notice them at all.

  13. I love houseplants, never had a green thumb and where I live is dry, but I am starting to have some success indoors.

  14. I always have house plants, especially those that are supposed to clean the air.


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