Power To Fly: Women Working Remotely

An observant reader (thanks Ruth!) sent me an email with a link to a news video I encourage you to watch. This was my introduction to Power To Fly

Here is more information about women working remotely.

This company was started by a savvy young entrepreneur and her partner who themselves work remotely. And has started something that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Read this article by CNN Money for a summation of this company's mission. 

Co-founders Katharine Zaleski (left) and Milena Berry

This is how it works. This is their blog.

And matching up women to jobs is their specialty. I signed up myself actually. 

Women who worked from home in the not so distant past were often been looked at as "slackers", or mere "house wives", (which became somewhat of a bad word and unacceptable over the years, didn't it?)

If someone approached you at a party and asked you what you "did" and you said you were a homemaker, that didn't find you high on the list of achievers. 

But now the companies such as this are embracing women with entrepreneurial spirit. Women who don't care to be part of the office scenario and its inherent politics.

Just launched in August 2014, I do believe these women are going places, and taking many other women with them.

I urge you to sign up. The world it is a changing. And thank goodness!


  1. As always, a great resource Brenda. This would be good for your other blog as well.

  2. These two ladies are amazing. Do not know how you managed to find them but hope they can help you and several of your readers.

  3. Brenda,
    Great information and this makes me want to sign up too, I am going to read more about them and see if they have an opportunity for me, one never knows unless they try!

  4. Very interesting...so many smart women out there aren't there. Thanks for shining the light!

  5. I applaud them for their abilities and wish them all success! Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Good luck to you with this Brenda!


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