Pretty & Useful Finds Of The Day

Now is this room cozy or what? I love that natural light from the window and the bright pretty colors.

I think that blue and white piece on the wall is a canvas. Maybe I'll do that one of these days. I love the various shades of blue.

I saw this and immediately thought of my pretty pavilion space I had in Texas. 

I did have some pretty gardens, a huge deck and fence, and don't forget that phenomenal pond. 

But, things change. And time moves on.

I tried to find where this photo came from, but it led to a blog that had also liked it, which led to a blog that was shut down. Kind of sad when that happens.

And do you love books? Boy, I sure do. A stack of books are my most loyal friends.

Can you just imagine having all this shelf space for your beloved books? Wow, it would take me awhile to fill those up! 

I would so enjoy lying in that bed and staring at all my books. I would feel rich with that many books.

If I can ever train Abi not to poop in my flower pots, I might want to plant some veggies in the shade out back. But Abi, she's pretty stubborn. I'm still trying.

Leave it to Manuela to come up with a pretty red and white container to plant some succulents in for indoors. 

She has the prettiest things. She sure knows how to put bright, cheerful colors together, doesn't she?

This little cutie would look great nailed up on the fence. I guess you can plant in most anything.

Isn't this an interesting fellow? Or female? Covered in Dusty Miller.

See you later for Tweak It.


  1. Beautiful images, I wish I had space for a deck!

  2. I loved seeing those cute features. The sheep with dusty miller planted around it is adorable! I will go check out Manuelas succulent garden.

  3. So many beautiful things to see on a Monday morning! Thank you for sharing them! The first photo is so cheerful and such a lovely space. I love the blue colors also! And those books...oh those books! I am a book freak!! I'm looking forward to Tweak It this afternoon!

  4. I love that sheep!! What a cute idea! I also love all the bookshelves. We have them in almost every room in the house. I tend to distrust people who have no books in their house. LOL Hope you have a great Monday afternoon, Brenda.

  5. Lots of pretties here. I would love the book shelves! I'm needing more shelves or bookcases now. My books are stacked on a chair, on the floor, you name it. I can't help it...I love books!

  6. What a great post! First that gorgeous blue and white room. Love, love, love blue and white together; they always look so crisp and fresh together! And that pavilion sure does look like your Texas garden. The Texas garden was beautiful, but the one you have now is just as pretty to me in its own right.Let's face it, your gardens always make me swoon and have garden envy. And books and succulents and topiary sheep! Oh my! I'm loving it. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

    1. I agree, your patio is amazing and I also have garden envy.

  7. Have you tried putting moth balls in your flower pots?

  8. That book shelf is absolutely to die for! Wow!

  9. Love the Dusty Miller sheep! Love the first kitchen picture. I could really picture myself having coffee with a friend by the window on that table. I'll be reading the shade garden suggestions. I have plenty of shade. Maybe you could try having your garden flower pots on a raised bench or table.

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  11. I finally tried some succulents. Since I live in the desert, it was going to happen eventually. I am still learning how to care for them. These pics are inspiring to one who has no green thumb!


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