Thank You & Women Helping Women

First, I want to thank everyone who donated to the GoFundMe account that was kindly opened for me. You guys got me through a rough patch. 

It certainly showed me how much people care. And the world is a much better place for each and every one of you. 

Those of you who signed up to donate monthly will automatically be taken off, said the woman from GoFundMe that I emailed this morning.

I don't want to take advantage of your generosity any longer. My numbers are starting to come up from the debacle that was the hijacking of my blog URL, thank goodness. 

I took several steps (if you're a blogger) that I think is bringing my numbers back up, once I got the hijacker (I think! I hope!) out of the picture. 

First, I have never taken to social media. But I knew, if I wanted to dig myself out of the hole I found myself in, I would have to start utilizing it. And so I did. 

Unfortunately, this morning I awoke to find out my Twitter account had been hacked. I tried to fix it, but you need a phone with text messaging to do that. (Why does every organization and company just assume that every single person on the planet has this?)

I have a simple cell phone, used only for emergencies. I wrote this fact to them. And what did they do? They sent me another message saying to put my cell phone number in and they would send me a text message... Geez Louise.

This seems to be the problem with opening accounts of any variety on the worldwide web. There is always going to be some nefarious individual out there just waiting to trip you up. 

Knowing I needed very much to build my blog traffic back up after the hijacked URL, I also did all kinds of research and found something called Pub Exchange, and signed up. 

Companies and bloggers that sign up essentially "trade" traffic. I believe that has really helped me as well.

(So if you're a blogger, you might want check it out. You can see it at the bottom of my comments. It is sort of like LinkWithin, but serves a slightly different purpose. On my blog, it is under "From Sites We Love.")

All I know is I'm getting more page views on Google Analytics. So I think it is due to both of these things I've implemented over the past few months. Social media and Pub Exchange.

I've also started At The Women's Room, and will be starting Adults With Autism. I felt it was important to highlight women's issues and cite resources for them so they don't have to navigate this big world alone. And to address the seemingly non-existent resources (in my neck of the woods anyway) for adults with autism. 

I have started writing to my congressmen to address this situation, since it seems that the simple fact: "children with autism grow up to be adults with autism" has somehow slipped notice. To me the progression is glaringly obvious. But apparently not to the powers that be. 

In my state, an individual can get the benefit of various resources until they're 18. Then it abruptly ends. And I know there has to be a lot of families out there dealing with adults with autism with nowhere to turn. And many adults with autism can't go it alone.

If you have a story about your life you'd like to submit to At The Women's Room, just email me. I'm looking for stories of personal experience that has taught you something vitally important. 

(Note that the address now has its own domain:

Difficult times that you have gone through, and obviously how you lived to tell the story. Essentially life stories and struggles by women to be shared with other women.

I have four contributors who are sharing their life's knowledge and experiences on this site... 

Jemma (At Home With Jemma) who wants to keep her vanished sister's memory alive (vanished and has never been found) by advocating for women who live vulnerable lifestyles, and simply are not wise to the ways of the world. There are many segments of the population of women who fall into this category.

Laura (Simple And Serene Living), who is both a wonderful writer and a former counselor. Her insights are much appreciated. And her quest to live a simple life is a valuable lesson for us all.

Benita (Chasing Quaintness), who is pretty new to blogging, has the desire to help a certain population of women with her own past experiences. It will probably bring up a lot of difficult memories that she has left behind to now lead a much happier life. But she is willing to share it anyway. You go, girl!

And Doreen (House Honeys) who will bring her life experience to the table. She is one strong and very wise woman. She knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and perhaps will shed some light on this subject for us. And she obviously has a penchant for helping people.

My mission here is to have a site where women can find needed resources, share their own insightful stories with us, and know they have an advocate. A place where other women will do their best to help them. 

Basically, women helping women. Nothing new. It's been going on for generations. We're just carrying on the tradition.

(Note: I'm over at Kris's Junk Chic Cottage today on Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind The Blogger. (I love this series she does. I always want to get to know the blogger herself.)


  1. Everything sounds wonderful Brenda. Looking forward to lots of interesting reading.

  2. Hi Brenda, I just popped over from Kris's blog and wanted to tell you how much I loved your story. I know that we have shared bits of our lives in the past and you make me a better person because of your story. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo

  3. I for one thought the FundMe site was fine - as it wasn't money donated to send some kid to paris- just for the FUN of it - sheesh However I do understand your motives for removing it.. You are a quality human being Brenda~!

    I hope the womens site gets lots of looks and comments that are Helpful and Positive...

  4. I think you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As your photos depict, just keep moving forward, and it will invariably show itself.

    It's been said one of the most important facets to happiness is to have a purpose. You have that in spades. I hope you know that.

    Thank you for including me in your journey, and it has been an honor to have played a small part in it.

    You go girl!

  5. Brenda, I have full responsibility for a mentally challenged Brother . Everything is handled through the county mental health services. From doctors, to services to support classes. Perhaps your county has the same. Thank you for all your doing on behalf of all women.

  6. Thank you Brenda for doing Spotlight today. It is wonderful how honest and how much you have shared. I think this feature will empower others to know they are not alone in their struggles. Love all you are doing to help other women. Have a great Saturday.

  7. Brenda, I am so glad the gofund helped you through a rough spot. You seem to be doing so much better now. I think the new blog sounds great and will help lots of women.


  8. brenda I am glad the fund helped :) Saw your spotlight post earlier..glad things are looking up !! :)

  9. So good go know things are turning around! You are doing great things for women!!

  10. I;ve always admired your willingness to help others. I am so glad the fund has helped you out, that's what it's for. I love the quotes, they are terrific. It's wonderful your numbers are going up, yeah!

  11. All of this is wonderful, Brenda...except for the texting stuff. Technology is always going to give many of us severe headaches.

    I know and love each of your contributors...this is going to be one fantastic place to come! I wish you all the best with your work in helping autism in adults come to the forefront. I DO think of you as a leader and when you have a computer---well, you can go many places, as you know.

    I'm so happy that there were so many good souls who contributed to your fund page. I hope it helps you to get on your feet and move forward.

    Jane xxx

  12. Love the pretty posters with encouraging messages. Women helping women! Yes. So glad to hear that your numbers are improving. I will take a look at pub exchange. Will be interested in your opinions about how it works. Good post. Sheila

  13. Brenda, I'm so looking forward to this new blogging adventure and hope that what I share can help someone else along the way. Thank you so much for giving me this new opportunity! I also appreciate your sharing the information that can help other bloggers with our blogs!

  14. I love where u are going here. Sharing stories will certainly be a gift to others.

  15. Wow, Brenda, it seems like you are on a roll and I am so happy for you! I can't wait to hear the stories presented at the Women's Room. Those ladies are all wonderful storytellers, I am sure they have lots to share. I love the quote about the candle. Very true, indeed!!

  16. Brenda, you are shining a light into dim corners, bringing illumination, honesty, and help to all. xxoo

  17. Women have so much to offer each other, Brenda. We are so much stronger than we think. I am so happy to be a part of At The Women's Room. Thanks so much for all that you do for us. xo Laura

  18. You give so much Brenda..I am so happy to know that things are getting better for you...Thank you for all that you share..I will be reading the other ladies stories this evening...

  19. I hope they catch that hijacker and put in jail. Horrific what they do to other ppl. I think this is great! Women helping women. I will follow for sure. I read your post on doors...that was great. I think sponsor opportunity to branch out and earn more income too. Or even contributors from magazines ... Thanks for all you do Brenda! Your page is so fun, informative and caring!

  20. Glad you are getting your blog numbers back and on your feet again, Brenda! Loved the feature over at Kris's...

  21. Good Afternoon Brenda!
    I am back, had a great visit, worked so hard, accomplished so much and feel as though my daughter is moving in the right direction. Where one woman walks hand in hand with another there is much strength. I am proud to be a woman and I am proud of you. Thank you for this opportunity to express my passion for the beauty, strength, vibrancy, intelligence and all the possibilities that await each one of us-by being a contributor to At The Woman's Room.


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