10 Cool Crafts For Fall

It is HOT out there. I looked outside under the trees, where it gets the most shade, and it was 112! Too hot to be outside. So I'm staying in as much as I can. 

So maybe this is a good time to make crafts you've been wanting to try. 

Click on the link below each craft to go to the site for instructions on how to make it.

This would be great for fall. And to give as presents as well. I'm looking forward to pumpkin everything!


While it's blistering hot outside, start some of your fall crafts and have them all ready to decorate with.


  1. Love all the Fall decorating! The canning jar ring pumpkin is great. Thanks Brenda!

  2. I was looking thru my fabric scraps yesterday trying to figure out which ones I used to make my fabric pumpkins this year, so your post fits right in what my thoughts.. Yes its still in the high 80's to mid 90's but cooler temps will be here before we know it and I am SOOOOOOOOOO ready for them...

    Actually love making the sweater pumpkins so I better grab a few at goodwill , other wise they'll all be gone:) I don't save them after the season so if anyone is in NC watch for them at the salvation army lol

  3. Brenda , Those are cute ideas. I have been wanting to make some cloth pumpkins for a long time. Hope you are doing well. Blessings to you and the pups. xoxo,Susie

  4. I know fall is coming, but I am just not ready to let go of summer!

  5. Those burlap pine cones are perfection! Thanks for the great links!

  6. This was a good idea! It's hot here in GA too. I still like to get fresh air, so I use the fan while sitting outside. I'm looking forward to Fall.

  7. Hi Brenda! Oh, my Lord! I know fall is just around the corner. I'm not sure I'm ready or not. The summer up here has been so nice. Today I have the windows open (no air conditioning is on) and the last few nights we've slept with the windows up! I haven't been able to do that in over 40 years! Love all of the little crafts and maybe I'll get busy and do something! Thanks for popping in to see me and saying plates can be profound! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I am so ready for fall, too! I love anything pumpkin! :) Great ideas for fall crafts... I really adore the pretty leaf garland! Saving that idea for later! Thanks for sharing them! ~Rhonda

  9. It is so hot outside today that you can barely breathe. I'm ready for fall...my favorite season. Lots of cute ideas here!

  10. 112 in Tulsa, dang, sounds like Phoenix. So thanks for posting some Fall decor, made me feel cool! Kathleen in Az

  11. These are great ideas, Brenda. If I don't start early I will never get anything done, that's for sure. I like the soap and the leaf tree. Thanks for narrowing these cute ideas down.

    Hope all is well with you. I'm typing better now that the cast is off so I hope to get around more.

    112?? Yikes...come up here for a visit. We think 80 is insufferable!!

    Jane x

  12. I am loving the acorn wreath... you may see one on my door this fall?! :) Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you stay cool! It was a sunny and warm day here in Seattle... we don't have A/C so it's 80 degrees in the house at almost 10 pm. But, when you live in Seattle, you don't complain about the sun or heat! (We don't want to chase it away! The rain will be here soon enough... ;)

  13. i love that leave art. Im with you, it's way to hot to be thinking of fall...this week anyways. have a great week.

  14. That acorn wreath and the jar lid pumpkin are really cute! I'm terrible at crafting though lol

    I can't wait for Fall! :)


  15. Love some of the ideas like the leaf art and the pumpkin soap I might have to try these soon!

  16. These are some really nice crafts Brenda...These are quite a few I would like to try...I have been planning on making soap and that link takes me to so many recipes...It's an amazingly cool 74 degrees here today..feels wonderful after the heat wave we were in......I would never go outside in 112 degrees...I pity your poor little pupsters..they have to go out in it to do their business...Take care...

  17. These are all(!!) very beautiful.
    We have such a heat wave last week - yuck!!

  18. Oh, these make me wish for Autumn. Autumn is my favorite time of the year but I remember begging for some heat not that long ago.

  19. When it's that hot there is no energy in me...we had those kind of days and I certainly hope that they are gone now. And am sending you wishes for much cooler temperate days Brenda.


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