10 Fall Inspiration Ideas

I'm ready for some fall inspiration. I'm having a fall blogger home tour next month, so maybe this will get us off to a good start.

I'm not much of a painter. I make such a mess. But someday, I'd like to tree something like this.

I just adore the view from this opened door. 

Oh, makes me feel warm and cozy just looking at this one!

This one is rich with color and texture.

I LOVE that pillow!

Cover some pumpkins with mums.

Nothing is prettier than an old box with holiday pretties in it.

Now this one I could probably do. Love gold leaves.

A garland surrounding pretty white pumpkins.

Such a pretty vignette here. One of my favorites from last fall.

You can visit my Pinterest board Fall Inspiration, where I have 1400 fall ideas, here.


  1. Love the harvest pillow and the subtle colors in the plaid throw over the arm of the chair. Might be time for some new fall items this year since I tire of some so easily from year to year. Great ideas, Brenda!

  2. Love all the pictures and I am ready for Fall!

  3. I'm so ready for fall! These pictures make me want to decorate early!

  4. Love the inspiration...but I'm not ready for fall yet...we've had a weird summer here weather wise in Ontario...I'm hoping that the summer weather sticks around for a few more months!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  5. Gd mornin, yesterday at Safeway The had some sweet fall items already and I though gee summers almost over with.. I purchased this sweet tin pot cover in a nice orange material with ribbons running around.. And your photos helped me confirm I believe i want a White Fall with orange lovely photos thanks for sharing them. Have a wonderful weekend with love Janice

  6. I love so many of these, will have to pin them - thanks for sharing.


  7. I shouldn't complain about Halloween/fall decor popping up since I made a Christmas table runner yesterday. But, I am just not ready to leave summer.

    I did pin the idea of the pumpkins and candles in the wooden box.

  8. These are all wonderful ideas. Just not quite ready to think about fall yet :)

  9. Pretty (and cozy) inspiration Brenda! While I love summer, I am looking forward to the crispness and colors of fall...

  10. I am SO ready for autumn. Even though we are in the middle of August, I am getting the house ready for the dark nights and coziness of home once more. I'm counting down the days :-) Beautiful images here and especially love the white pumpkins adorned with the golden foliage. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  11. These are beautiful, Brenda. Every-one of them. I especially love the 'warm and cozy' one.

  12. I like all of these ideas/pics! Looking forward to the blog tour! Sheila

  13. Brenda, All those fall decorations look so nice. Makes me think of fall....I really hate to let go of summer. I want to stretch it out as long as I can. LOL Hope you are getting along well. I like your new pic with the pups. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. I almost felt the crisp fall air! Lol. Beautiful pictures...thanks for sharing!

  15. now if the weather would just co-operate! they're predicting our FALL to not be until around the end of november. i hope they're WRONG!!! that happened last year. we went from high summer to winter.
    that being said... and it being my all time favorite season... even as a child...
    i enjoyed these beautiful vignettes very much! thank you!

  16. I am absolutely NOT ready to give up summer yet. Yes, we have had a couple of lengthy hot waves and yes, we need some rain, but I am just not ready for steady rain, falling leaves to rake, cold winds and snow and ice. I'm hanging on to summer as long as I can, thank you very much. I will admit though, some of those vignettes are really clever.

  17. I love the inspiration here. I am buying a queen Ann chair from Goodwill today half off 19.99(!) and that velvet pillow is great inspiration for it along with a throw !!!

  18. Reminds me I should start thinking of something that looks like fall for my foyer. My entrance door is most always open as I have an all-glass storm door with dead bolt lock, and the foyer interior is easily viewed by anyone passing by. Need something new also to go on the door. Thanks for the tips.

  19. I am not ready for Fall yet but I do believe that Mother Nature does not care what my opinion is..lol..Besides that..these are all very lovely...

  20. Such wonderful décor...I love fall and cannot wait to get my decorations out!


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