Creating Vignette Displays

Vignettes can make a space. The putting together of decorative elements makes a huge difference in the way a room comes together.

Vignettes come in many forms. There are table top vignettes. And there are vignettes like the one above. It is basically a floor to ceiling vignette.

The board is interesting. At first you think, well, does that work? Somehow it seems to.

It gives height to the space, and therefore a painting or wall display is not necessary.

This arrangement creates a similar type of vignette. The piece of furniture is the first element. Since it is a fairly bright color, the homeowner has used neutral decor on top. Then there is a very colorful painting to continue the look. 

The other two elements are so colorful that this vignette needs neutral decor to make this work.

I love this mirrored piece of furniture. The two green and white lamps would overpower many settings. But here it works due to the other elements. 

Once again a colorful canvas/painting brings the look to completion. 

Blue and green are soothing colors, And neutrals used as tabletop decor are a balancing act, to lend a sense of serenity to this space.

This tabletop vignette of three elements are arranged in a triangular fashion on the surface. And each piece is a different height. One just slightly taller than the other. 

This is a good way to arrange a coffee table. If decor is too tall, then it is hard for people to converse across from one another. 

This is an interesting look. The theme next to this bed is books. One stack is used to elevate the lamp, which gives the stack of books a purpose. 

This arrangement borders on looking cluttered, but seems to work because of the way everything is arranged.

This is another floor to ceiling vignette. It starts underneath the piece of furniture, and continues all the way up to the shelf and what is on it.

The decor on the table surface is once again in neutral colors, with a mirror behind them to create depth.

This is a nicely arranged vignette. The chair is a neutral color, with a cheeta print pillow to accessorize it.

The table or console has been draped with a light-weight neutral linen, which adds an element of interest and texture. It is the "unexpected." 

Neutral decor is also used here. And a painting leaning against the wall and mirror gives this space a staggered effect, leading one element to the other, which automatically unifies the look.

But the queen of the show is the gathering of leaves in the ceramic jar. The leaves give the whole scene a rounded out look and softens the harder edges.

This is a cleverly arranged display. All of the elements of this design are in the same color family. 

The various textures and heights pulls this look together, drawing the eye upward.

Do you like to create vignette displays? 

I find it to be very relaxing.

You can see my Pinterest board on vignettes here.


  1. I love vignettes as well as creating them and changing them out every so often with the seasons especially. It's the dusting of them I don't like. Lazy much? Yes, that would be me. Great examples!

  2. Brenda, this is a wonderful collection you've put together. I like working with vignettes and think it is much easier to decorate a room when you start with small vignettes and build on those! Love the new look of the blog!

  3. Vignettes are not that easy to pull together. I start with one vignette and literally spend a week tweaking before I feel satisfied. My new daughter-in-law sent me pics of their new home and asked advice for her vignettes. One of the first things I told her was that she needed height.

  4. This post is right down my alley! I love to make vignettes here and there. Sheila

  5. Brenda, I do love vignettes. I do need to put more emphasis on doing them but I forget what I have. Blogging requires extra "props" and I have them stored mostly in two armoires and a buffet. That said I forget what all I have to work with. By blogging standards I don't think I have a lot but obviously too much for me to remember. I read where Martha Stewart has all her items catalogued and recorded. If anyone uses an item it has to be "checked out". Sounds like a smart idea! Now if I could just do that....

  6. All of these vignettes are stylish and definitely well put together. It's funny, but my eye went toward the bed next to the second pic. Love that dust ruffle, and the headboard looks lovely too. Wish I could see the whole thing!

  7. Hey, Brenda, I think the "blue board" IS a long, skinny art painting - look again!

  8. My favorite vignette is the one with the heavy piece of dark wood furniture.......mirror..........shelf.......w/swans. Would love that in my living room.
    I enjoy decorating more in the Fall and Christmas time than any other time of the year.


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