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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Flavored Iced Teas For Hot Summer Days

I love iced tea. I never managed to take a liking to hot tea. But iced tea just calls my name. 

How about some strawberry lemonade sun tea?


One of my very favorites, peach tea.


Yum! Strawberry tea.


Almond iced tea.


Cinnamon and spice tea.


Raspberry green iced tea.


Rhubarb mint iced tea.


Nectarine basil iced tea.


Lime tea.


And at the end of a long day, bourbon peach sweet tea. 

Brenda Pruitt
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  1. They all look so good! I could go for a big glass of ice tea now. It's already 90 degrees out.


  2. YUMMO! I love iced tea. There's nothing better than a glass of cold, iced tea on a hot day. Great roundup!

  3. I usually like my tea straight up, with no sugar or lemon, but that bourbon peach tea is calling my name ;)


  4. I used to love iced tea...not hot tea though. Now my system won't tolerate the tannic acid...same with strong cheese. Hope you are doing well- just popping in to say hello. xo Diana

  5. You had me at "Peach tea", then upped the ante with the "Raspberry tea"...


  6. I wonder how these would be unsweetened?

  7. I love iced tea............have a big pitcher in the fridge right now. Peach iced tea is delicious. I drink it without sugar when my friend comes to visit.. That's how she likes hers..........I would rather have some sugar in mine..
    I have found that if my stomach is a bit out of order that Lemon Ginger hot tea helps the situation. I usually drink it for breakfast whether or not..
    I've had to give up coffee, just when I was starting to like it........Keurig and all. I guess the oil in the coffee doesn't agree with my stomach.
    All of the teas that you pictured look delicious..........I would pass on the bourbon tea though..

  8. cinnamon and spice for daytime and make enough for another glass at night and add a shot of bourbon to it..

    have it ready - I figure I can drive from here to there in about 14 hours lol

  9. I enjoy iced tea also. The other day, my husband got me a really large (venti, I think) iced mango black tea from Starbucks. I don't usually drink black tea... and now I know why. I was so jittery and even dizzy - made me feel like I was in a fog for hours. I then remembered feeling that way before when I had drank some black tea. I have a high caffeine tolerance (I live in Seattle after all) because I drink coffee. But something about the black tea is different. Anyone else experience this??

  10. Love my tea, for me it is a mix of half sweet tea and half unsweetened or of course an Arnold Palmer,
    Lemonade and Tea combined-yummy!

  11. I drink fruity iced tea all year long. I cold brew it in the fridge for several hours. I get my gallon pitcher and I 8-10 black tea bags and 4 fruity herbal tea bags like Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger and Sweet n' Low to equal one cup of sugar. Sometimes I'll add a tsp. of vanilla or almond extract. A gallon usually lasts me two days if no one else drinks any. I think my favorite is with Celestial Seasonings Country Peach tea and vanilla extract.

  12. I know it is blasphemy, being from the south and all, but I've never acquired a taste for sweet tea! Those look absolutely delicious though!

  13. Yum they all look so good. I like the snaple peach ice tea with cut up fresh peaches and strawberries or blueberries in it. Stay cool with the heat.

  14. All of those look scrumptious right now. Especially the peach tea! Our peaches are SO yummy right now. I may have to steal a few for some tea... Thanks for the great ideas :)

  15. hi Brenda- this collection looks amazing! love the peach one and the bourbon! laura

  16. Awesome teas Brenda..I think I will make some tomorrow!

  17. Ooh, it all looks good. Don't know which to try first.


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