It Started With A Dresser...

Saturday I was on my way to see Andrew. I'd stopped at McDonalds to get caramel iced coffee, a $1.69 treat I give myself sometimes when I go out in the morning. Doesn't get much cheaper than that!

Anyway, I realized I was still far too early. I drove along at a slow pace. It's around 10 miles, I guess, from my place to theirs. And then I saw a garage sale sign on the right-hand side of the road.

It's been ages since I stopped at one. But then...I was early and this would eat up some time.

As soon as I parked, I saw it. What I'd call a sage green dresser, sitting sloped in the grass. I've been looking for a dresser that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (or over $100) for nearly four years!

I just can't get good photos today. It's been raining and overcast. I'll get better pics another day. 

Anyway, back to my spying the dresser in the middle of the yard. It didn't have a price on it. I tried the drawers. All worked perfectly. Not a ding or scratch on it. 

I went up and asked the woman how much it was. "Seventy-five dollars," she said. I told her I'd think about it and look around some more. 

I still didn't want to pay $75. The bills from my biopsies have been coming in and I've been paying on those expensive things.

I walked around, picked up a neutral-type painting for $2. I knew this one addition wasn't going to help my bargaining much. 

I went back and asked her what kind of deal she could make me. She thought a minute or two, and then said, "I'll take $50."

Sold! I knew I might have to wait another four years to find one that nice. A kind man put it in the back of my Pathfinder for me. Oh, the things I've managed to put in the back of that car. I've put recliners in there!

I was just pleased as punch. I could envision the sheets and place mats and fabric napkins I could put in there. And unstack some of my stacks in the closet.

So I saw my little man. We played patty-cake about 150 times. I kept changing the wording to be him or his mom or dad. 

He loves to be pushed around in the rolling desk chair. Anything that is moving and not being still is what he wants. 

My daughter chases after him trying to get him to stand still long enough to put a diaper on him. He gets a diaper put on while on the run.

I don't have photos. I've stopped taking my camera lately.

Andrew is far too busy these days to be still enough for a photo. And then I find myself so wrapped up in trying to get a shot, I'm not spending time with him.

My son-in-law said if I'd wait till they got out of church the next day, he'd come over and get my dresser out of my car for me. 

All day Saturday when I got home, I imagined where I'd put it. You'd think I'd put it in the bedroom. But no, I wanted to change up the living room. And change it I surely did!

Left some things the same. Changed up others. More of my cottage look is back. Reds and navy-blues are back! I was just missing my homemade quilts and had to get them back out.

I'm still working on the dining area and haven't begun on the bedroom. Have to rest my ankle in between. But I just wanted a change, and I'll get there by and by. 

In a month or so, it will be time to repot the house plants and bring them in. Plants always soften the edges of things, and I love the look of them indoors. 

I found I never ate at the table when it was in the living area. But I do when it's here. I guess it's the proximity to the kitchen.

I tried to get pics of the pupsters, but they all came out blurry. They just weren't being helpful today, even prissy Ms. Abi. 

I had to take Charlie to see what this knot on his head was this morning. I did not want to HEAR the word biopsy. And the vet never mentioned it. Just drained it and said it was harmless. Would probably come back. 

But I am a worry wart when it comes to my babies.

When I was at my daughter's, she gave me these reeds and a bottle of that smell-good stuff you put them in. But she didn't have the container. 

Well, I knew just what I'd do. Remember the hanging mason jar lights in the dining room at the rent house? I haven't been able to figure out a way to hang them here. But I knew I could take one of the three jars with the cut out lid and add the reeds. 

I rather like them better in the jar than in the little container you usually put them in. More "me," don't ya think?


  1. Great find Brenda! Isn't it amazing how one piece can help you cast a new vision on a whole room? Sounds like it got those creative juices flowing! :) Love the fragrance sticks in the mason jar...

  2. Love that you found a useful, beautiful, and affordable piece. I love yard sales!! Your vignettes are lovely.

  3. That dresser was a steal! It looks great in its new space. And, the scented reeds look adorable in the mason jar. So creative!

  4. I always do an invisible happy dance when someone stronger helps load/unload for me. Great find, looks just right in your living room, more storage too.

  5. What luck coming upon that yard sale. That's a very nice dresser. I love how you mix and match things.

  6. That dresser is GORGEOUS!!! And what a steal! I'm so happy that you were able to score something you really wanted at a wonderfully reasonable price!! And yes, the mason jar with reeds and fragrance looks beautiful sitting on that new dresser! Everything looks beautiful!

  7. Love the dresser. What a bargain. Good for you. I am always re arranging. I'm calling it 'tweekin' now for your party!
    Thanks for sharing your find! Have a great Thursday.

  8. Oh, I just love a great deal on furniture pieces. How great that you stopped at the garage sale and found it! Pieces like that generally go quickly... gotta grab 'em and go! Lucky you!

  9. Oh girl, you did great with that dresser! Always talk 'em down, that's my motto ;) So glad to see red and blue back in your decor, you know how I love it.


  10. What a wonderful find! I think the reeds look so much better in the mason jar--great idea!

  11. Looks great Brenda! Nice find. :)

    So glad you got to spend time with little Andrew.

  12. Love your dresser, Brenda! Don't you love how a little detour can lead us to a treasure. Your vignette with the white-painted trunk is stunning, too. And I adore your quilts. Everywhere I look, I see inspiring ideas.

  13. the dresser looks wonderful Brenda, what a great deal for an intact dresser. most of the time they have sticky drawers and wobble. you did good. Iove that white trunk, why don't I remember seeing it before? The lamp and wicker, cushions etc. all look perfect! so glad you got to enjoy your time with Andrew, that's worth everything in the world!

  14. Looks great, Enjoy!!! Love yard sales....never know what treasures will be found .


  15. Love the dresser and love that you are bringing back the cottage look.

    Grace & Peace

  16. Hi Brenda! Yay! That's a nice dresser at a nice price too! Love it in your living room! Poor little Charlie. Chloe Dawn had these little 'Schnauzer Bumps" that would come up on her and I tried to get the vet to lance them and he said would just pop on their own. Gross. They did! Love seeing your colorful place! Take care.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. What a great dresser and for $50 it looks pretty great. I have missed your reds and so I'm happy you are bringing back your quilts and some red items. I like to change things up myself as I get bored with the same things. Rest and enjoy making those changes.

  18. That Dresser base is JUST P E R F E C T....But especially where you chose to place it. and btw I think I want to go find an old trunk TO PAINT WHITE.

  19. Everything is always so perfect! I wish I could move things around and pull it all together like you do. I got rid of alot of my stuff when we moved because I thought I couldn't get it in a small space. Turns out I have more room in this apt than I did in my house and I'm so sad that I let go of so much. You certainly have a knack for decorating. Love your style.

  20. You scored at the yard sale, Brenda! That's an awesome find and your place looks great. I really like all that red in your table area. Big surprise, huh? ;-)

  21. Great find! Nothing beats getting a good yard sale bargain!

  22. Great find, great price! Looks so cozy in your home! xox

  23. I love how nice and cozy your home looks. I can imagine how peaceful it must be sitting on your sofa reading, with a nice steady rain outside -and your pupsters curled up beside you.

  24. I love how nice and cozy your home looks. I can imagine how peaceful it must be sitting on your sofa reading, with a nice steady rain outside -and your pupsters curled up beside you.

  25. I love how nice and cozy your home looks. I can imagine how peaceful it must be sitting on your sofa reading, with a nice steady rain outside -and your pupsters curled up beside you.

  26. I've been on a long search for a dresser myself - hope I can find a vintage one I'd like. Yu wee lucky to find yours and at such price!

  27. I'm happy about the was meant to be! You were in the mood for a change and then there was the catalyst!

    Oh I had to laugh about the rolling chair...remember those days when my little grand wanted to spin around in the computer chair. AND diapering on the run, lol, yes! :)

  28. Brenda, the dresser is perfect! A lovely find with a terrific price!

  29. Great find! Glad to see your reds coming back!

  30. Congrats on the dresser! If it is in a yard sale as opposed to an estate sale, they are just trying to get rid of it anyway, so people will usually come way down.

  31. You hit the jack pot when you did your "wheeling and dealing" for your dresser.. So glad you found just what you were looking for. I haven't been to a yard sale in years.. Used to go every Saturday.
    Your home looks great with the new arrangement.. I love your sewing machine table at your back door. It will look nice with your house plants on it.. I'm hoping my kitties won't eat mine when I bring them in from my deck.
    I know your time spent with Andrew and Mom and Dad are special times. So happy for you !
    Let us know if you find anymore treasures if and when you go yard saleing.

  32. Yay! on the dresser find! Great price too.

    I'm glad you had fun with Andrew and I love what you used to contain the smelly stick things. Much better than the normal ones that come with those :)


  33. Wish I could fly you down here and decorate my house! Love the reds and all the little touches color you use.

  34. Was Charlie's little bump kind of warty looking? My fur babies get those ~ I just clean the skin, pop it, then keep it clean for a few days. Sometimes they come back, sometimes not. Vet sez they are harmless...

  35. I LOVE the dresser Brenda...I have one just like it but it has the original walnut stain on it at an estate sale for only 20 dollars...the leg was broke on it is husband was with me and he assured me he could fix the leg and he did! I have it in our bedroom with our tv on it...I use the drawers for my linens and old pictures and a few old is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in this house...did I tell you we moved? my son in law built us a new bigger home across town from where we use to live...we love it! you always have such a way with decorating Brenda...I have been picking up a few pointers from you...Thanks! xoxo Carol

  36. I am looking for a dresser too...yours is very nice Brenda..I need one badly here for storage...I hope Charlie's little head is doing's always something with our fur babies isn't it?? You are right..if you spend to much time trying to take pictures of little will miss spending time to play with him..a very wise observation...

  37. What a wonderful deal on that dresser! I love the sage green color... and the coral of the book shelf! The quilt is beautiful hanging over the sofa! You've created a very beautiful, cozy space! :) ~Rhonda

  38. I love the dresser and what great use of color! Andrew sounds precious and so fun to play with. So glad to see décor changes because you always inspire me so!

  39. Love the dresser! Isn't it awesome when you're waiting to buy something and know you won't and can't spend a lot of money...and then serendipity comes into play and you find what you've been wanting at a great deal?! Makes it even more special than if you had simply ran out and bought something like that for quadruple the price.

  40. A great post. First off, I am so so glad to hear you are getting around so good now. Nice that you are driving to see that grandboy....and the green dresser is wonderful. I love finding pieces that are so useful for storage and look so good. I also like the window you've made into a photo frame. you might remember, I've done container gardening this summer...finally having good luck with mention here to re-pot to bring inside...the greenhouse should be finished in the next couple of weeks...we will move all the plants into there...I won't need to repot those, will I ?

  41. It was meant to be and I'm sure you knew it the moment you spotted it. What a bargain and so pretty too!

  42. I really enjoy reading about decorating and using handmade quilts. I never learned to quilt and have none. Where can I look for quilts that are inexpensive? I love your decorating style and at 63, I'm trying to learn how to decorate my home!


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