My Review Of My Toshiba 10 Days Later

I have now had my new Toshiba Satellite laptop for ten days now. Thought I'd let you know what I think.

I was wondering if getting Windows 10 would be a mistake, how I would adjust to it. Actually, it didn't really faze me. I like it. Seems to me there are less clicks I have to make. I haven't had any problems with it.

What do I like most about this computer? The back-lit keys and the keyboard. There is just something melodious about the keyboard. Very fluid to type on.

Would I make the decision to purchase this computer again? Yes.

I have Intel Core i5, TruBrite HD Display, lots of gig, Cortana Quick Key, and Skullcandy audio. 

I like the champagne color inside and out. I was growing a bit tired of silver, frankly. 

This is my first Toshiba purchase, but if my opinion holds true next time I need a computer, I will be buying another. 

Would I suggest this computer purchase to others? Yes, absolutely.


  1. Glad you like your computer Brenda...and that you are enjoying it and Windows10. I've been wondering about the Windows10 FREE that I can download...whether I would like it. I know I would have 30 days to switch back to what I currently have. Thanks for the review!

  2. I am scared to upgrade to Windows10, too. Windows 8 was such a learning curve for me. I still haven't made up my mind. I am on my 2nd Toshiba. I think it is a great laptop at a reasonable price.

  3. I used to have a Toshiba and had no problems with it, I now have an ASUS and love this too. I am loving Windows 10 and finding it so much better than Windows 8, however the upgrade has made my touchpad useless - not that I am complaining, I have been trying to turn it off for ages!

  4. I'm actually shopping for a new laptop right now and have had a Toshiba in the past that I liked. Glad to hear it's still a good product! I thought about going Apple to link with my iPhone and iPad but they are crazy expensive. Thanks for the update!! Love your blog, by the way!!

  5. I went from Windows 8.1 to 10 and love 10. Much easier to ind things.

  6. I had a toshiba for the longest time gbefore i got my HP it was a great lap top. Why did i think you were a mac user?

  7. Glad you like Windows 10. We are technology center over here, always trying new things and gadgets.
    The Toshiba sounds great! The champagne color is cool.

  8. I'm so glad you like the computer and Windows 10. My Toshiba is 5 years old and with the help of my brother, the computer geek, it keeps on ticking. It has slowed down a little but otherwise we are doing great together.

  9. Glad you like your computer Brenda. We do so much on them so it is good to find one that is user friendly and you like to be on.
    Happy Thursday.

  10. What a great review. So happy you have a new toy! Getting a new computer is such fun. Daughter had a Toshiba for about 3 yrs and worked it hard in college. My friend upgraded to the 10 from the Microsoft web site, and loves it. I'll wait to hear more from you! Consider yourself challenged!

  11. I've had a Toshiba laptop 17" screen for about 8 years now and love it. No problems except when we got a virus through no fault of the laptop(!) and had to have it cleaned up. We since then have added extra RAM and a bigger harddrive, but it keeps on trudging along. It came with Windows Vista which we abhored... so had a computer person get rid of it and add Windows 7 and still have it and love it. It's sure been a workhorse for us. It had alot of popup ads problems so could hardly even use it with IE, Google chrome or Firefox, but we've found Opera and it runs like a charm with Opera (a new browser I had never heard of, but sure works well).

  12. I'm so glad it's working out for you and to hear your input on the features. I'll need to get one because my old lanky has been very challenging with space and speed even though I upgraded to Windows 7. I can't wait to afford a new one. Your information is so helpful. Thank you!

  13. Sounds great Brenda..If I can ever get another laptop I will check into Toshiba..I have been thinking about giving Windows 10 a try..but only if they promise to turn it back to Windows 7 if I don't like it...Have fun with yours...

  14. I had several Toshibas and then I went to Dell. I had no problems with either, they just got old. My son-in-law gave me a-year-old Apple. I would've thought it would be a big adjustment but I seemed to adapt to it easily. Much more intuitive. I love it.

  15. I also have a Toshiba laptop and I love it! I don't have Windows 10 and I'm wondering about updating, so thank you very much for your honest review!


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