A Bit Of Fall In The Air

At night, there is a bit of a nip in the air. During the day, still hot and muggy. 

But September will soon give way to October, and perhaps we will need to get the blankets out of storage. 

(You can barely see the driftwood, which is at the center of this container assemblage.)

The container plants are telling me it's almost time to cut them back. To ready them for winter. I will be repotting the house plants that summered on the patio and bringing them back in. 

If you did the same, remember to use fresh soil so critters don't ride into your home in the plant containers. 

I haven't told you that the Russian maintenance man has been gone for two months. Every time I asked, they said he'd be back soon. Apparently he injured his back. 

But last week a new guy took over.  

When I was getting groceries out of my SUV last week, he saw me and came hurrying over to help, seeing me in the boot. I thought this was very kind of him, since they're apparently not supposed to help anyone. (Insurance/liability issues)

I've talked to him a bit. He is raising his grandchildren. He left Mexico years ago. But his daughter, who stayed, was not so lucky. Someone slit her throat and shot her 15 times, which is why he's raising his grandchildren and worrying about school district issues at this point in his life. 

Tulsa, from what I've heard, is pretty bad when it comes to decent schools. From what I've been told, everyone who can either moves to the city limits to take advantage of schools in the smaller suburbs, or enrolls their children in Catholic schools, etc.

The new guy said it took him hours to get through the traffic to get to work. I asked him why he didn't move here. And he said the school systems are considered bad and he has to take care of his daughter's children.

Sad, isn't it? That there aren't safe areas for schools to send your children to. A far cry from the days when I was attending school many years ago. 

My neighbor told me that the guy who works on his car was blackmailed into handing over a ransom. Someone was holding his father hostage. He paid up and got his father back. Why the authorities weren't mentioned, I don't know. Sometimes I think this is the wild West.

Dangerous times we live in. I now get into my vehicle and lock the doors. Everywhere else I've lived, I never bothered to think of that. I don't know what it is about this city that there is so much crime.

Well, I suppose crime is rampant everywhere. You can't be too safe. Or too vigilant when you're out and about. Put on your seat belt and lock your doors. Don't walk along on your cell phone not paying attention to who is around you. You can't be too safe.


  1. Wow, Brenda, that's so sad about your new maintenance man's daughter - what a terrible thing to happen to a family.

    Be vigilant and be safe.

    Your flowers still look amazing. Is that a Sedum with the tiny red flower buds in the last photo? Next to the other Sedum?

  2. Scary stuff...you just never know what someone is dealing with. Your garden looks like a beautiful little refuge...

  3. That was so nice of the new guy to help you! I hope he stays. How terrible that his daughter died and even worse the way she died. I'm glad his grandchildren have him in their lives.

    Your flowers look amazing as always :)


  4. I immediately lock my doors! You never know who's lurking around waiting to take advantage of you. Years ago, I wasn't at all afraid to be alone at night. Now I'm a nervous wreck if my husband isn't here! So much evil in the world!!

  5. How horrible for the woman, her father and her children!! :(

  6. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here in northern IL...70's, sunshine, low humidity. Not much crime here in the small town I live in, but I still keep doors locked at all times and close and lock the windows to my house when I leave. I'm sorry to hear that Tulsa has so much crime and bad schools. Your new maintenance man sounds like a genuinely nice person. God bless him for raising his grandchildren after what happened to his daughter. Speaking of people in your neighborhood, whatever happened with Tony? Is he leaving you alone now?

  7. Hi Brenda,

    Just checking to see if I fixed the "no reply" thing....let me know, when you have a second!

  8. It is bad in my area too. My house was broken into for the second time last week. And I have a house alarm. This time my landlord did not care one bit...didn't even ask if everything was okay. Nothing. So, I am going to move. I cannot take living in a drug and gang infested area. I am moving over the bridge into another little town and seeking refuge in an apartment or condo community. Yesterday's front newspaper was huge: 20 bullets into home in Olivehurst. That is where I live! It was another gang related shooting, but these men went around knocking on doors at 11:30 at night looking for their "friend" then shooting into a home! It is crazy. I am wondering Brenda, if you could do a post on what to look for while apartment hunting. I am apprehensive.

  9. I try not to leave my house after 10AM. When I'm working I catch a ride back and forth with family. I work downtown OKC and the parking lot is very unsafe.

  10. I am glad you got some help. Crime is bad everywhere, in North Omaha it is the 2nd worse in the country.

  11. Sorry about Volare, but it sounds like maybe the new man will be helpful and nice. Sooo sad about his daughter So much crime and killing going on in our country.........terrible in Washington, D.C. Murders every day.
    Good idea to lock your car.........be safe in parking garages too........
    Your flowers look like they are flourishing. I hope frost holds off for a while.

  12. Wow Brenda about your maintenance man's daughter. That is just terrible. So sad. On a happy note your plants and flowers look great in your garden area.

  13. Hi Brenda, I totally agree. We have to be aware and smart out and about and lock up. What a terrible ordeal for your maintenance man and his grand children to lose daughter and mother this way. It is a dangerous world!! Love your garden plants. I gave mine a fall cut and cleanup yesterday. Time to bring in a few mums and pansies for the winter months. It is getting cooler at night but our days are still pretty warm.
    Happy first day of fall. cm

  14. I will be 64 in November..I have learned to wait till my husband gets home to go about town by myself...I use to go by myself all over but lately too many things have been going on...one day a guy came up to me in plain daylight and demanded me to buy something he was selling...I told him no and slammed my car door in his face and took off...it scared me so I never go out alone anymore...only with my daughter or my husband...sad but true you can never be too safe now days...Take care Brenda!! xoxo Carol

  15. That is beyond sad and tragic :(. Poor man and his poor grandchildren. At least they have him.

    Where I live, the police blotter is a joke. It's like Mayberry. Of course, anything can happen anywhere, but I've yet to hear of any violent crimes happening, so I guess we are very fortunate.

    I was just thinking the same thoughts today, except yesterday I switched out my Summer clothes with Fall stuff, including blankies.

  16. The story about that man's daughter being murdered is so very sad. I'm happy that he is taking care of his grandchildren, because it's not easy to do when you're older. Your flowers are very pretty. I was just trying to take photos of the bees around our flowers and my camera's battery died. So I came in and decided to visit you and will try again in awhile.

  17. My best wishes to Volare..he seem to be such a nice guy and very helpful to you...The new guy seems equally nice..I feel so bad for what he and his grandchildren have been through..thank goodness they have him..Very true about carrying your cell phone in public..my niece who lives in Philly has had hers grabbed and stolen several times now..the first time she went chasing after the guy...I told her don't ever never do that again..you can get another phone but we can't get another Lindsay...Take care Brenda and be safe out there...

  18. Brenda
    That's a good tip about changing the soil before bringing pots inside.
    I'm getting ready to bring in my herbs in and hadn't thought about the critters!
    It's a little inconvenient with very little shopping in the village where I live, but we have no crime to speak of here. Be careful, Brenda, you sound like you have a big heart, something someone might try to take advantage of!

  19. Such a sad story about your new maintenance man. Poor kids, losing their mother like that. I just can't understand this world I remember when I started reporting in the LA Superior Court system in Juvenile Court, first it'd be teens coming in with assaults on a friend, maybe a breaking and entering, stealing a battery, then it escalated to attacks of violence, attempted murders, rapes, and murders. So sad to see this happening. Your plants look great. My sedum autumn joy is absolutely gorgeous now. The heat has been so bad, my herbs have died. I had to move my birds to a shady spot so they get no sun after noon now and they seem much happier an also a breeze blows thru their cage. I'm going to a new book store, used one, on Sunday and I wrote down that new author's name, will check and hope to find one of her books!

  20. I love how your grouped flowers have blended together---very pretty!

    Tell me about crime! I could write pages on how to keep safe. I simply preach to my kids and sleep restlessly---just for them. Me---I do my best. So sorry about all that is happening in your area. I never would have thought in Tulsa.

    Jane x

  21. it's a sad thing, there is crime everywhere. We live on the very edge of town, good neighborhood, good part of town, but people troll the suburban neighborhoods looking for open garage doors to brazenly steal stuff. scary.

  22. I always keep my doors locked even though we live in a small town. I've been laughed at but ever since it looked like someone tried to get into our basement years ago, I've always kept the house locked even in the daytime and for sure at night. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Sad to read about your maintenance man, how horrible for him and the children. He sounds like a very nice man.

  23. What a horrific story about that man's daughter! I guess the grandchildren are lucky to be raised here instead. I've heard that your city isn't the safest. But you're right, everyone is at risk these days. Some just more than others. I live in a low crime area but we still have to lock our doors and our car doors while parked in the driveway. We've had some car break-ins here. We're lucky to live in an area with very good schools too. Our county was ranked 3rd best in the state this year. I think having good schools makes a difference as to the crime rate your neighborhood will have too. it also helps keep the home values up which keeps the riff raff out.

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  25. Oh dear! Some weirdo is posting on your page. This needs to be deleted.

    On another note, I'm just trying to get caught up on your posts. I used to get them delivered to me but somehow or other they stopped arriving to my address. I'll try signing up for them again. I really do miss them!

    I guess I'm very lucky living where I do. I live in what's referred to as the GTA (the Greater Toronto Area). I've never felt unsafe going out alone at night to go shopping or even for a walk. In fact, I used to go running alone between 10 and 11 at night and never worried one bit.

    It's dreadful what happened to the superintendent's daughter. I wonder if she was a victim of the awful drug cartels down there. I've read in the news that they are ruthless and dispose of innocent people for ridiculous reasons!!! The school news was depressing, too. I know the school G system is much different down there (hubby is from AZ) and his mom taught in many southern states while my sister-in-law still does. I work for a pretty large school board and we have well over 100 000 students in it. It doesn't matter where the school is located, they're all the same. If they're in an area of higher academic needs students, extra resource teachers are assigned to those schools. I feel badly for the grandfather. He must be very tired after his long commute and day of work and then tending to rambunctious youngsters. I'm glad they've got him. He sounds like a gem!


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