A Little More Fall Inside

Well, aside from the rumpled dog bed underneath this table, I've got quite a bit of fall in this room. 

My little beasty coffee table is beginning to really grow on me now that I'm done having to fix it. And fix it. And fix it some more.

This is up next to the window looking out over the patio. I thought a bit of fall would brighten up that little corner.

Of course my weathered farmhouse that's been spending some time outdoors tells us it's fall.

And look what I treated myself to, from, of ALL places, Pottery Barn! Pottery Barn is WAY out of my league normally.

But when I got my rebate back from my computer (which is of course a gift card to buy something and not money you can use as cash), I knew exactly what I wanted to spend it on. 

I've loved these three-tiered galvanized trays since the moment they came out, and have drooled over them on other blogs. 

Just so you know, the pretty black three-tiered one from Hobby Lobby isn't very stable. I can see it's going to break before long. I should have known at that price. Though it was $34 and I got it for $17. So I wouldn't advise buying one.

I can't keep the spindles straight and that fact alone has nearly driven me nuts because I have to have everything straight. Crooked and I just don't get along.

My SIL told me he knows someone who works for HL, and that they send her to China to get the cheapest stuff. Anyone ever heard this bit of gossip? I can believe it due to the lack of quality I now see in their decor.

Oh, and I want to thank you all for your votes for the Amara awards. As most of you already know, I've been short-listed in my category, and will be invited to London to see who wins. 

However, flying to London is way out of my comfort zone. So I shall find out when it's announced from the comfort zone of my home.


  1. Brenda, I'm with you about the tiered galvanized trays--LOVE the looks of them! I can see so many decorating possibilities using them. You have lots of wonderful autumn touches in your home. Every time I look at your pictures I spot something I didn't see before...kind of like grown up "I Spy"... :-)

  2. Your reds are creeping back in! I LOVE it!

  3. glad you got your tiered tray. I know you've admired that piece for a long time..

    I got mine at saveoncrafts and its a good quality piece but if I ever need another one, it'll be from PB like yours.

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced fall quilt but haven't found one yet...
    can you suggest where I might look for one? thanks

  4. Cozy fallish nook! I love the small little farmhouse and the bright toy truck!!!

  5. Good for you Brenda! The tray looks very Festive with Fall abundance:) Kathleen in Az

  6. It is all looking so good. The PB tiered tray is really nice and I know you will enjoy it!

  7. Those galvanized trays are amazing! They would work great in a coffee bar!

  8. I do envy you The Pottery Barn! I wish they had some shops in Poland. But...on the other hand, it's maybe better they don't sell in Poland because I would probably go bankrupt after one visit in this shop.
    Your tray is fantastic! Love it:-)

  9. Congrats! I voted for you. Please go to London, it is so wonderful!

  10. London - I started laughing. They'd have to put your to sleep and wake you up when you got there and I'm still not sure that would work. I think winning from the safety of your home would be just fine.

  11. Congrats on your win. So deserving!! Love the tiered tray. I'd like to try making one using some vintage cake pans. Won't have the same pan look on the sides, but could be cute.
    Love the farmhouse with the truck and your large leaf on your table.

  12. Oh it looks so nice, Brenda, and I love that treat from PB! Is it on a a lazy Susan or is it stationary?

  13. Everything looks so good. Fall is definitely my favorite for many reasons, and the decor is near the top of my list. Congrats on the Amara! (I'm with you on flying to London)

  14. The tiered galvanized tray is gorgeous Brenda..I love the way you fixed it up with candles and fall items...I must tell you that I recently bought a galvanized tub for $15.00...I was so thrilled to find one that cheap..right now it is in the back of my station wagon holding bags when I go shopping...come Spring it will be holding flowers like your does...I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your little blue coffee table since all of the frustration with it is over..lol..I too wish you were able to go to London but I know it is not possible...even so I will be waiting to hear if you won...

  15. Looks great. I love all the quilts you tuck in.

  16. Like your entire fall look and especially the three tier tray.
    Congrats on making the short list. You certainly deserve the honor. You are a gifted writer and excellent photographer.
    Diane from Wyoming

  17. Brenda,
    Fall is my favorite season any you have welcomed it just beautifully! Would you share a secret with me. Where to you store all the items when you aren't using them? I am trying to organize the stuff that I want to keep and there is way too much and I have a 4 bedroom house with a basement. Can you share your secret?

    1. I couldn't email you, as you are a no-reply blogger. So I'll tell you here and hope you see it. I have bins stacked in my closet for decor for the seasons. I have to purge quite a bit, because if it can't fit into those bins, it has to go!

  18. Very cute and always so very cozy Brenda! Love the little doggie bed under the little table! I do the same with my pups! Love having them close by. xox

  19. Lookin good Brenda and I love your new galvanized tray!!

  20. I've heard that about Hobby Lobby. I also heard their employee policies leave much to be desired. I try to buy at HG or Michaels instead.

    Pretty tray!

  21. Very cheerful! I made a 3-tiered stand out of old pie pans and a rolling pin. It turned out pretty cute!

  22. Love the galvanised tray but the farmhouse is a firm favourite. What a shame you couldn't be knocked out to travel to London, I could have met you there!! :-D Take care xx

  23. I think moving your little drop leaf table in that corner is a wonderful idea. Your babies bed just adds to the coziness of the room.
    Love your farmhouse and red truck. The blue table is smiling and thanking you for refurbishing it.
    I would feel the same way that you feel about flying to London or anywhere else for that matter. Will keep my fingers crossed for you......

  24. Everything is just adorable! That little farmhouse is precious as is everything else!!
    Happy Sunday!

  25. That tiered tray is lovely, though....everything looks wonderful !

  26. I like the old wood crate that's holding your "this and that" pile. I have similar boxes I love using in different places. Right now, I have the large ones stacked up on the back porch for a rustic little table. Good luck on your award!

  27. Looking like fall at your house…needing to get myself in gear! Love the galvanized trays!

  28. Wow! Truly gorgeous fall decorating! Simply a treat for the eyes. I'm always in awe of your tremendous decorating talent...

  29. I think those trays are cute too :) The HL thing doesn't surprise me at all.

    Congratulations again, my friend. You truly deserve it :)


  30. All you have to do is look on the bottom/back of nearly everything in HL and the sticker says "China." I've just about stopped shopping there because of some of their policies and their quality. Sad because it used to be fun. Anyway, I love your bin and am very happy you treated yourself.

  31. Brenda, what did you do with your little oak round table? You had initially talked about getting rid of it when you moved to your current place we then decided to keep it. Just wondering!
    Your house looks really cute :)

  32. Love it! Fall is not my favorite decor season, but you sure make it look pretty! ;)

  33. Your little beasty blue table looks wonderful center stage! Everything is beautiful! Congrats on being on the short list!


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