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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Blogger's Fall Home Tour 2015

Welcome everyone! I'm hosting some wonderful bloggers' homes this week. All the way through Friday we'll see how 28 bloggers have decorated for fall

Let's get started on my little apartment, shall we?

Abi and Charlie of course wanted to participate. As you can see the pillows are already knocked over. 

That's life with the pupsters.

My gallery wall and some fall decor underneath. 

A fall wreath on the inside of my apartment door. 

Pumpkins can be blue.

Fall in the dining area.

Layers of fall...

A glimpse out my front door.

I purchased the real gourds from my favorite nursery. If kept inside, they should last at least a month.

Oh, I nearly forgot to show you my pumpkin dish towel I found in Jenks! It was $3+ I do believe.  

And what is fall without mums? 

After you leave here, head over to Thoughts From Alice. She's next on the list. She's waiting to walk you through her fall home tour.

Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Love your place Brenda-so cheerful and colorful! Thanks for hosting us all!

  2. Brenda,

    Love all your touches of fall -- of course pumpkins can be blue! -- and that pumpkin towel has me wishing we had a Jenks here in Chicago! Thanks so much for including me in your Fall Home Tour event!

    :) Linda

  3. Your home is so very cozy all decorated for fall; simply charming! Love the blue pumpkins and the kitty peeking out of your box is so cute!
    Thanks so much for hosting!!!

  4. You use color so well, Brenda! Thank you for sharing your warm, inviting and artistically designed spaces with us. I love your gallery wall and the "triplet" flour sack(?) pumpkins in front of your lamp. You'll have to show us a close-up of those sometime. Thank you for hosting these tours! Can't wait to see the rest... ~julie

  5. I love your blue pumpkins, Brenda and what would fall be without the pupsters? ;) Thanks for hosting such a pretty tour! Off to visit everyone else!

  6. Love all your Fall touches Brenda! Everything looks picture perfect!

  7. A magazine feature you have here Brenda! Your space is so beautifully utilised and looks so comfortable xx

  8. Brenda, your apartment is wonderful. Seriously, you've knocked it out of the ballpark.

  9. I LOVE your cozy little house Brenda... so charming... and I've just looked through the blogs for today and I have to tell you what a wonderful collection of homes you've assembled. I will be looking through them again this evening when I have more time so I can savor each one... take care!

  10. Brenda, your home looks so warm and of course....cozy! The tiny "Boo" pumpkins and dining room vignette are my favorites! Thanks so much for including my blog and for all of your time organizing the event! I am off to visit...Blessings, Cecilia

  11. Brenda, it is all so beautiful! I love the blue pumpkins!! :-) I'm so to see the rest!

  12. Brenda your home looks so adorable! I love every nook and cranny.


  13. Love the red & White curtains! So glad you're getting back to the thing that caught my eye way back when! (The reds.)

  14. Good Morning Brenda!
    I love your cozy apartment! You have such a knack for decorating. Beautiful textures, hues, and details.
    Your art work is really eye catching, totally smitten with the tiered tray and blue pumpkins!
    I'm savouring it all! Thank you for gathering us together!

  15. Hi Brenda! What a great way to kick off the tour! You have made your small place live large with your homey style! I'm sure everybody has a favorite. Mine is the beautiful bird tray!

  16. Brenda every time I see your wonderfully colorful home with all your special touches I have a hard time believing that I am actually looking at an apartment! Love your darling witch picture and pretty gourdes scattered about. Love love love the red and white checked curtains...they make me smile. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home!
    XO Barbara

  17. So pretty, Brenda! I love your colorful, eclectic just makes me smile! Thank you for hosting the tour!

  18. Everything looks great!

    What a line of of great blogs to check out for fall.

  19. Outstanding! Your photo titled "layers of fall" made me gasp out loud! How do you think of how to put together these things? So creative! The apartment looks wonderful and anything but small. You've created so many interesting areas one would think you have a much larger home!

  20. Hi Brenda, your apartment is fall gorgeous. You created such a cozy seasonal space. Magazine ready!

  21. I love all of your festive touches, Brenda. And the blue pumpkins!! Yes! I can't wait to get some real ones myself.

    Jane x

  22. Love all of your fall touches Brenda, and those blue pumpkins are awesome! Thanks so much for hosting the tour, the fall inspiration in all the homes is amazing.

  23. I've seen so many cozy homes so far in the tour that it makes me want to jump inside the screen! Thanks for putting the tour together.

  24. I'm in love with your gallery wall, Brenda! I love your use of color throughout your home. Thanks for organizing this tour!

  25. Thanks Brenda for putting together this Fall Tour. I have already visited some new blogs that I believe I will enjoy following. Your home looks so bright and cheery all dressed for fall.

  26. Your fall vignettes look so nice, Brenda. You do such a great job putting it all together and making your place so warm and inviting as the seasons change. I'm off to continue on the tour!

  27. Brenda you have such a talent for decorating....cozy and sweet and just enough! Where did you get that wonderful piece on the wall that looks decoupaged with the birds???? I LOVe that kind of art!
    I really like the muffin tin full of votives too! I have yo get the last of my fall up, I use a few live mums outside but mostly some good silk flowers as it is still 100 degrees here....have a great week!

  28. You really outdid yourself Brenda, and that's saying a lot. The colors, the textures, and of course, the way everything is put together as only you can do, is perfect!

  29. Your home is so cheerful, Brenda. I absolutely love your gallery wall with the green sideboard beneath! Thanks for the tour :)

  30. Your home always looks warm and inviting, Brenda.
    I love all the separate vignettes, especially that chubby jersey!

  31. Okay, the candles in the muffin pan are too cute! Love that. Everything looks nice and so Fall-ishly inviting! Thanks for sharing your home!

  32. Loving all the Fall decor. Great blog tour!!

  33. Love your apartment and all the color you have going on.....Makes me happy, happy!!!!

  34. You've created such a cozy home! Love every detail and all the cheery pops of color.

  35. I just love the layers of color. It makes your space look very large.

  36. Your home looks wonderful, Brenda. The coffee table looks great. Just beautiful as always!!

  37. Hi Brenda, wow I love the way you decorated your place for fall. It's so pretty and festive. I like your dish towel too. You have the cutest little dogs. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  38. Brenda your home looks so warm and cozy...perfect for Fall!! Your vignettes always inspire me!

  39. I adore the blue pumpkins!!! Your home looks amazing for fall. Hope the pupsters are enjoying it!

  40. Looks beautiful Brenda! I especially love your gallery wall. :o)


  41. It all looks so pretty, Brenda and I love the mums…needing to add a little fall to my house now!! Happy Tuesday!

  42. Everything looks so nice, Brenda. I just painted some pumpkins blue! Thanks for all the inspiration! You have such great ideas!

  43. Looks beautiful . Congratulations on your perserverence in completing the wee table .

  44. I don't think you could possibly do any decorating that I wouldn't like matter what you do it good..I think we all expect your pups to be a part of your must go looking now...I am a day late...

  45. Love all your cozy, warm touches of decor, Brenda! Looking at everyone's fall home decor has inspired me to start on a little fall decorating, too.

  46. What a fun fall tour! Love your comfy home. I want to take some ideas from your gallery wall for sure.

  47. Love your colorful home for fall Brenda! Thank you for letting me join in with you for this tour!

  48. I am so late for the tour! I had to catch up with all my commenters on my blog, since I have't had much time to visit during the painting project, but I'm here now ;)

    Your home looks so sweet and cozy, Brenda. You've really done a wonderful job making it a home for yourself and all the Autumn decor just makes it even more so :)


  49. I love your cheerful, colorful home. It just begs you to come in and sit down for tea and cookies. Beautiful.

  50. Love the gallery wall, Brenda; so colourfully cozy! The azure blue pumpkins are a peppy pop and remind me of cool, crisp autumn days. It's all so charming!


  51. I need to catch up and visit all the homes on the tour. You've got the touch, Brenda! It all looks so homey and cozy! I especially love what you've dining in the dining area. I was thrilled to see you link up at Best of the Weekend!

  52. Your home is wonderful with all of the Fall colors that you have. Your gallery wall with the green dresser looks very festive.
    I'm glad that Charlie and Abi were included in your pictures. I love the shade of blue that you used on your coffee table.. You did a fantastic job of finishing it..
    Your mums out in your garden are so pretty... I need to visit my Lowe's and see what they have.
    Thank you for hosting this tour of homes.. So many creative women shared their homes and talents. They were all lovely to see.
    I hope you'll be hosting a Christmas 2015 "show case" of homes too.

  53. Your home looks absolutely charming! I know it's a small space, but you have made every inch feel cozy and inviting. I adore the use of color and texture. This has been just a delightful tour of some lovely spaces....thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  54. Hi Brenda, just letting you know I'll be featuring your cozy house on Best of the Weekend tomorrow at 8pm!

  55. Love it all!! We'd like to invite you over to link up to Your Inspired Design, a collaborative link party of 6 blogs. Hope to see you there!

  56. Everything looks so beautiful! I need you to come and help me with my small space. :) Love the blues and the witch is adorable! Did you make the yellow & white quilt? I love it as well as the red check curtains. I do love color and you do it beautifully!



I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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