Day 3: 2015 Fall Blogger Home Tours

We're to day 3 of our fall tour. Let's look at some highlights of yesterday's homes...

Now get ready to take the tours for Day 3...

September 17th...

Coming up Friday...

September 18th...


  1. It's been such fun being a part of the tour...thanks Brenda!

  2. Hi Brenda ~ Thank you for including me in the tour! It's been great and so fun to see all the other home tours! ~julie

  3. I am having so much fun peeking at everyone's decor! Thanks for arranging it!

  4. I'm enjoying all of this Brenda. It's not every day I get to walk through someone's front door and tour their house, especially seeing it all decked out for fall!

  5. I have enjoyed every minute of the fall tour. Thanks for putting this together. Great ideas and inspiration.

  6. Thank you for all your efforts Brenda!

    Everyone has such lovely homes! It's been fun touring them all :)

  7. I'm really enjoying this fall tour of homes that you've organized. I love seeing all the creative decorating ideas! Thanks so much for letting us peek...

  8. Brenda, this tour has been just awesome! What a great idea and thank you so much including me! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it and I'm ready to go for tomorrow! :-)

  9. Brenda thank you so much for including in in the fall tour. There is so much inspiration!


  10. Great week of tours Brenda, Thank you for sharing all the inspiration. Have a great weekend. cm


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