Setting Up A Coffee Bar

Even though it's just me and the pupsters living here, I like to have an organized coffee bar. I've had one wherever I've resided for years.

But how do you go about setting one up? 

First, make sure to use a piece of furniture (or allocate a section of your counter top) that is big enough to hold what you will need.

(I put the potting bench outside because there was just too much furniture in here. So I scooted my garage sale find green dresser over to take its place as the coffee bar.)

In order to figure that out, group everything you think you will need on a daily basis on a table or counter top. And then you'll know how big a surface you will need. 

Here's what I keep in mind when I arrange a coffee bar, in determining what I will need:

1) Obviously, the coffee maker 
2) A jar of sweeteners/sugar
3) A jar of spoons for stirring
4) Something to hold coffee cups/mugs
5) A container for coffee 
6) A spoon rest to put your spoon after you stir your coffee

And this is just my personal extra treat: I always have a vintage mason jar filled with aromatic coffee beans (buy the cheap kind) and put a tapered candle in the middle. When you light it, it fills the room with such wonderful scent for a coffee lover!

Then I begin, of course, with the coffee maker first. Once that's in place, I add my glass container of coffee. 

Then I organize the mug rack/holder. I add a jar of sweeteners. A jar of spoons for stirring. A spoon rest. And lastly comes my jar of coffee beans with the candle.  

Once you've organized your coffee bar (or perhaps it's tea or hot chocolate or liquor), then guests won't have to ask where everything is when they visit. It's all in one special space, and that's great for entertaining.

And since most people tend to drink coffee in the mornings, you don't have to walk from one space to another gathering what you need to make coffee when you're half-awake!

Some people don't feel like themselves until their first cup. So this lessens frustration when you're needing that first jolt of java.


  1. I love having all my coffee stuff together. The only thing I have to reach for is the milk in the fridge, but everything else is ready to go.

    You have always had the cutest coffee bar, no matter where you've lived, Brenda :)


  2. Very cute, Brenda. I love your cups.If I drank coffee I'd set one up in a minute. Just set up a wine bar-mostly for Hubby.

  3. I love the little quilt that you found that goes perfectly with the dresser and red accents.

  4. Brenda, I love the way you have set this up and those cups are absolutely adorable!! I need to get a coffee bar set up on our counter. Where did you find your mug holder?? I've only seen the big ones and I need a small one like you have! :-)

  5. Love your coffee bar Brenda. I have one in my kitchen and love it. Yours is just so cute. Love it.

  6. We have done a coffee bar area on our kitchen counter for decades. Right now it's a bit out of whack since we purchased another small appliance that needed to use the coffee bar space. And so the coffee machine and grinder were moved to another area and the beans, measuring spoon, cups and filters are still in the old area. It's not perfect, but for now it works. xo

  7. Love it! I have the same mug tree....and oh my, your mugs are adorable! I have some that are somewhat similar that I think I got in Pier One.

    And of course the coffee jar has a red lid. Why wouldn't it? :)

    I'm going to do the candle thing with the coffee beans - what a great idea.

    I even set up a second coffee station in the lower level for my daughter and for any guests. This way I can have my coffee upstairs in peace....that first cup is ever so important!

  8. That is such a great (and cute) idea!

  9. Brenda,
    We need a coffee station, they are so charming and inviting.
    You have such a natural talent for making your home truly cozy and truly welcoming-it's a gift.

    1. I also need a coffee bar but there seems to be no room.
      I agree with Jemma that you have a special talent for making your home cozy. You have created several different coffee bars and each was magazine worthy.
      Diane from Wyoming

  10. I really do love your coffee bar! Very attractive and useful. If I drank coffee, I would definitely set one up!

  11. You are so good at setting up coffee bars Brenda...i have liked every one that you have the way...I got an e-mail today from Amara Interior Blog Awards saying that you are in the top 5 for your category...Congratulations my friend!

  12. I'm a tea drinker, but maybe I could set something up for tea when I move :)

  13. I love having a coffee and tea bar too. Yours looks great and I love your pretty cups. cm

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  15. Brenda,
    Congratulations, girl! I just got an email announcing the top 5 blogs for the AMARA Interior Blog Award and Cozy Little House is one of the top 5. Now to get out the vote to WIN. So thrilled for you.


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  17. I love your coffee bar! Really! The green of the 'bar' is also beautiful. I want to get one organized in my house here but along with a shortage of counter space, I seem to have just a plain ol' shortage of space. I need to get moving with some simple renovations in this little old house. One of the issues (other than almost zero kitchen counter space) is the lack of electrical outlets. It's difficult when one item needs to be unplugged to plug in another. But I must not whine anymore about first world problems!

  18. BTW, I have this sneaking fear that if I did get a lovely little coffee bar set up, I might just spend my entire day cozied up with one good book after another with a coffee in my hand! Whatever would my employer think when I didn't show up at work?

  19. I remember first reading about coffee bars on your blog years ago Brenda, and I thought to myself well that's cute, but where would I put it? At that time we lived in the condo on the coast, and had approximately 4 square feet of space, LOL.

    Then we moved to our house with more counter space, and now and tucked away in a little corner of one of the counters is my very own tea bar. I love the idea, and so do my guests. I've got different teas and strainers in antique mason jars and it's delightful.

    See, sometimes it takes a while, or things have to be moved around...but determination will always find a way.


  20. I am not a big coffee fan, Brenda, so I have never thought about a coffee bar...BUT my kids have become junkies and it is getting expensive. I think I need to set one up in the house. It will save me ton. Plus, I can't drink it, but I love the smell...that would be a bonus!

  21. I really like your coffee bar and the color of the dresser and the quilt go together perfectly! I have too much other stuff in my kitchen I think I need, so I don't have room for one. Wish I did.

    Congratulations!!! One of the five finalists in your category...fantastic!

  22. I adore this tutorial. Sadely when my rent went up to 1600 I had to cut everything and that included coffee which I no longer can afford. I use bargain black tea and leave t h e coffee in the past. I do miss it. I,saw you are a finalist that is fantastic.

  23. Love your coffee bar, Brenda! Congratulations on making the short list ;) Blessings, Cecilia

  24. I love coffee bars. I love the ease of having it all in one place. I like looking at my pretty coffee related items. Just a happy way to start the day.

  25. This is wonderful! I also saw an idea in Romantic Homes Magazine for a hot chocolate bar, change it up for the grandkids. I love your cups and the beautiful cup rack. I've got some shopping to do.

  26. This is the simple but nice technique for setting up a coffee bar. You can arrange this type of coffee bar in your house. I am sure I am gonna do this at my home.

  27. Thanks for the coffee bar tips, Brenda! This Christmas for the first time I set up a hot beverage bar in our dining room and we're really enjoying it. It's nice to have everything for hot coffee, cocoa, cider or tea all in one area.


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