Update On "The Beast" & A New Fall Tour Participant

I thank you all for your suggestions to my project dilemma in yesterday's post, though I'm just getting around to reading them today. Along with the many emails I didn't have time to tend to.

I'm sure many of you have started projects, that, once fully engaged, you thought to yourself: "If only I'd chosen that other piece of furniture I saw." And then later on: "Have I lost my ever-lovin' mind?"

I'm showing a nice pretty flower, a mere token of beauty before I show photos of "THE BEAST."

I worked six straight hours on this coffee table yesterday (which was why I was absent online yesterday.) 

I have taken off the top layer of paint. I have taken off the first layer of veneer. Only to find that I have to take off the second layer (which is much more difficult than the first for some reason) to keep this project afloat. 

Luckily one of the maintenance men came to fix a ceiling fan chain that broke off, and he was kind enough to find me a bigger putty knife. The one inch one was like going at a vulture with a flimsy fly swatter. (Do they still make fly swatters?)

My neighbor Charlie came over to see my progress this morning. And he asked me if maybe I just shouldn't find another piece of furniture to paint. 

"No," I told him, "I don't want this thing ending up in a landfill." 

He said: "Well, you're sure tenacious."

Don't underestimate my stubbornness. Oftentimes to my own detriment.

I can be like a dog with a bone...

Here we are today. You can't begin to imagine the mess on the floor yesterday. But I had to get it cleaned up so the dogs wouldn't get splinters in their feet. 

Then I soaked in a nice cool bath.

Woke up this morning. Had my cereal and fruit. My one cup of coffee. And was ready to tackle the beast again. 

Of course even when I get this part done, (if I get this part done) there is the leg to deal with, the drawer that is falling apart, and new knobs, as one of them fell apart. Should have been an indicator at the very beginning that I was in for a long battle. 

Although I call it "the beast," I'm still somewhat fond of this little coffee table. I know it isn't its fault that it was probably in a flood and no one took the time to take care of the damage. It was probably once a sweet little coffee table.

But now, it's old and tired. Probably served a lot of folks in its time. Maybe fifty years or so worth. 

If I ever get to that point, I'm hoping to give this thing new life. If being the operative word here.

On a more positive note, the lovely Kyla from House Of Hipsters is joining our fall tour next week. I had sent her an email invite early on. But somehow she just found it yesterday, and wanted to know if a slot was still open. 

Just so happened one participant dropped out, so Kyla is taking her place. I've added her to the line up.

Now I'm going to sit a bit and try to get some of the splinters out of my hands before I pick up my hammer and putty knife.


  1. I am excited to see how the table progresses. I think you have turned the corner through your perseverance! Are the legs anything of a standard size? If the wood glue doesn't work, they sell replacement legs at Lowes, etc that might work. And might almost match the others! Slow and steady wins the game. And we can't wait to see it completed. Just be careful with those splinters.

  2. Good for you...in sticking with it. I have a couple of fly shatters on my back porch, sitting next to the rockers. I hate flying insects...as they like to bite me. So yes, they still exist/are around. Ha! Looking forward to seeing how the beast turns out. Sheila

  3. The wood of the table is looking great, I think we will all fall in love with it and glad you gave it new life.

  4. Your writing is quite entertaining. No matter the subject you make it a good read.

    Glad the table is now in loving hands.

  5. Brenda...Have you "googled" how to remove veneer?...Perhaps you might find an easier/faster method, of removing it...I love your blog!

  6. You need to sweet talk that maintenance man into sanding this nice and smooth for you! Then ask him to "show" you how to fix the leg, etc. In no time, it will be ready to paint!

  7. Try this.

  8. you've come a long way with that table in a short time, considering the task required..

    I know you probably don't have a heat gun,, which would lift it right off for you with minimal labor.

    anyway, good luck with it and don't forget lowes can always cut a new piece of wood for you to attach to the top . probably be about 8 dollars for the size you'd need.

  9. Brenda...remember how the Ugly Duckling matured into a Beautiful Swan? Your "Beast" will turn into the lovely coffee table that you envision....and that will be your reward for all of your hard work and determination!

  10. OMG BRENDA...are you quite sure that you like it that much??...just teasing you girl...I think...best of luck...can't wait to see the results...

  11. Good luck with your table, I'm sure it will turn out great.


  12. Hi Brenda, the table is a challenge, but in the end, it will be worth it. Happy Creating!

  13. This is probably too little, too late, but I bought an old Victorian vanity that was in such sad shape I thought it wouldn't be insulted if I painted it. First, however I had to remove damaged veneer. I looked some things up on you tube and decided on my plan of action. I moved it out to the driveway and sprayed it with water, with a spray bottle. I laid a damp towel over the veneer and sprayed it often. The hot sun kept it warm. Once in a while I would test it with my putty knife. It soon became very easy to scrape off large pieces of it, but not all. I would spray it again and keep spraying the damp towel. Eventually it all scraped off with little effort (except for one four inch by four inch section). All of it totally scraped off in a short amount of time and the wood beneath it was beautiful. I wish you lots of luck and I know it will be beautiful when it is done.

  14. Well you are this far into it; of course you'll soldier on ! :)

  15. I think you need TWO cups of coffee before battling this!

  16. You are a stronger person than me. I think I would have given up by now.

    Good luck!


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