Why Drinking Purified Water Is Important

Purified Drinking Water from Your Refrigerator

There is a wide variety of refrigerators that have water filters. The water comes from a dispenser in the door. Most filters also automatically fill ice cube trays with the filtered water. 

Clean, chilled and fresh tasting water and ice are main advantages to getting your drinking water this way. The filter purifies your drinking water and makes your coffee, tea and food taste better. 

At online stores such as WaterFiltersFAST, you'll find a wide selection of refrigerator water filters. These filters can remove or reduce impurities that are present in the tap water. 

There are two main types of filters, including inline filters and push-in filters. Inline filters are more often used for older model refrigerators. Push-in filters are built into most new refrigerator models. 

Different Options

The top brands of refrigerators offer water filters, so you can select the one that suits your kitchen space and lifestyle the best. Most of these filters last longer than pitcher and faucet-mounted water filters. 

Whirlpool manufactures several water filters for its refrigerators. One variety removes lead, cysts and turbidity for the cleanest water possible. Filters also remove particulates, mercury and chlorine and improve the taste and odor.

General Electric also makes water filters for its refrigerators including smart water filters. All of the filters come with clear instructions and are easy to install. 

Samsung manufactures several sizes of water filters for refrigerators that are easy to install and remove up to 99 percent of contaminants, including lead, mercury, asbestos, benzene, cysts and chlorine. 

Reverse osmosis is one of the best water filtration methods. Whirlpool makes high-capacity reverse osmosis system water filters that can be connected to your refrigerator. 

Why Purify Your Tap Water?

The top reasons to get a refrigerator that has a built-in water filter are:

  • Your drinking water will smell and taste fresh, and the chlorine, lead and most of the other contaminants will be removed. Many of these contaminants can cause diseases such as colon and bladder cancer.

  • Solid block water filters can remove contaminants while allowing the water to retain healthy minerals that balance the pH of the water. 

  • The cost is less than bottled water.

  • Purified water is especially important for children's immune systems. 

The Best Water Filters for Refrigerators

  •  Whirlpool water filters for refrigerators are easy to install and remove all contaminants. They need to be replaced every six months.

  •  Maytag refrigerator cyst water filters remove all contaminants but leave some fluoride. They need to be replaced every 12 months. These filters have National Science Foundation (NSF) certification.

  •  GE refrigerator filters also remove various bacteria and can be installed upside down with no change in efficiency.

  • Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus refrigerator filter uses high-grade carbon for up to 90 percent efficiency and is NSF certified. 

  • Frigidaire PureSource2 removes all of the above contaminants as well as a large percentage of pesticides and herbicides. It is NSF approved. 

  • LG Refrigerator filter removes contaminants and produces water that is actually good for you. It is NSF approved. 

You can take fresh, safe water with you wherever you go in a reusable bottle or larger container. You'll get much more space in your fridge when it's not full of bottled water. Filters save you from having to buy clean drinking water and are environmentally-friendly.

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  1. I have the PureSource2 in my Frigidaire and yes, big difference!

  2. Wow...twice in one day I comment on your blog 😉. We bought a GE Profile refrigerator in 2003. It was a mside-by-side model with an exterior dispenser for water, ice cubes and crushed ice. I faithfully changed the water filter. Marked my calendar and never missed. One day I was bending down washing the outside and glanced up. The dispenser was filled with mold! By researching on google I learned how to remove the frame and dismantle the entire dispenser. It became a routine to do this and clean it with hot water and white vinegar. It truly seemed I would be cleaning that unit forever but when the compressor died I was grateful to see the horrific dispenser go as well as the miserably confined use of the side by side. We replaced it with a stainless steel French door unit with a bottom freezer drawer. We have an ice maker but no exterior dispenser.

    Please check your units and if you do have this problem, find out how to clean it. Mold can be deadly.

  3. My husband installed an RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtration system at our kitchen sink. Initial cost is high, but it pays for itself over time when compared to purchasing a bottled water delivery service.


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