A Photography Lesson In Cropping

This morning I went to a famous Tulsa park. There really isn't much colorful foliage here. So I went for the flowers and whatever else I could find. 

Rain & Solitude

It rained last night, and it is somewhat gloomy outside now. Gray skies hover. No clouds. Just a flat gray blanket appearing overhead.

Tweak It Tuesday #164

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Walnut & Vine created a fall vignette with vintage elements.

Remembering Charlotte...

There are some things you just can't forget. 

The last few days old photos I saw long ago have been drifting back to me. When I wake up. When I'm just going about my day. 

Like a camera flashing, the images just keep coming. 

So today, I dragged out the box from underneath my bed and went through the old articles I'd written until I came across the one I wanted. 

Then I got my coffee, sat down, and did a Google search to see if any other information had been brought forth since I'd last checked. And as usual, there was nothing.

Tweak It Tuesday #163

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Art And Sand showed the many layers in her home.

Home Office Organization Tips

Let's say you already have your office space decked out in your home. But is it organized efficiently?

How about some innovative ways to repurpose as well?

No Room For A Home Office? But Wait...

When I showed my dining space-turned-home office, so many said: "I just don't have room for a dedicated office of my own."

Well, look at these home offices. You might change your mind.

A Bridge Across Time

It's been some years since I learned to harmonize with nature. To enjoy every aspect of each season.

I stood outside this morning and captured these photos to demonstrate a seasonal bridging of time.

My New Office Space So Far

I mentioned that I was moving my office space into the dining area. I rarely ate at that table anyway. 

I'm not altogether finished, but wanted to show you what I've accomplished so far.

Tweak It Tuesday #162

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

 Look at this gorgeous piece of furniture The Painted Hinge redid.

Things I'd Like To Make

Last night I was perusing Pinterest, and I started thinking about all the crafts I'd like to make. 

A Loose Bird & Decorating Thoughts

I went to see Andrew yesterday morning. He naps around noon, so I only had a few hours to be with him. And they had plans later in the afternoon. 

When I got to the door and was ringing their doorbell, I noticed a little bird sitting on one of their outdoor porch chairs. I went over and looked at it more closely. Something had pecked its head and it seemed disoriented. 

So I scooped it up to put it in the backyard where it would more protection from the big ornamental grasses. I figured maybe it's mother would find it. 

Naturally when I got inside and was bending down to show it to Andrew, it got away. 

Did you know squirrels eat morning glory flowers?

Does Having A Decorating Style Really Mean Anything?

We all make references to decorating styles. But how much does that really figure into how you want your home to look?

Is it definitive? Or is it loosely labeled? 

Let's look at some styles Home Edit put together:

The Blacklist: Season 3

In this season of The Blacklist, Lizzie has had to change positions. No longer is she an FBI agent. Now she is a wanted criminal. 

Channeling another side of her, a dark side. Seen when she was beating up the man in the restaurant, and Red, obviously distressed, had to calm her. 

None of us know what we are truly capable of until we are put to the test.

The Secret To Shopping Your House

I think people rush out to the stores to buy things before they've given what they already have a shot.

Why is this? 

What To Do Before You Bring House Plants In For Winter

I consider house plants part of my decor, giving the feel of nature to my home. Also, the plants will absorb toxins from the air, purifying the air you breathe. 

Some plants are better than others when it comes to purifying the air. Here is an example:

Tweak It Tuesday #161

Last week on Tweak It...

Just Jan showed a lovely view from her fall decorated table.

10 Bloggers' Home Offices

I've been working on moving my home office to my dining space. It was in just a small area in my bedroom. I wanted it more defined. And in a place where I could look outside and see the patio.

So I looked up home offices of other bloggers, to get inspiration.

Pondering The End Of Summer & So Many Goodbyes

It's getting cooler at night. In a week or so, I'll have to get the blankets out to add to the bed. It's that in-between time when it's hot during the day and you're still wearing shorts. But not for much longer.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Fruit Infused Water

I recently ordered the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher from Amazon.com. Right at $20, holding 93 ounces, I wanted to try fruit infused waters and teas. 

I didn't get anything for writing this post. I simply liked what I ordered and wanted to share it with you. 

If you're tired of the same beverage and want to kick it up a notch, why not put fruit in the vessel with water or tea? I've always loved peach tea. So I want to try that.  

I was actually looking online for a simple pitcher to put tea in when I ran across this. After seeing the costs for a simple plastic pitcher, this was very appealing! 

The fact that it would hold fruit in the center vessel, and that that fruit would "season" my water or tea was an extra bonus. 

Also, you don't have to pour the fruit out every time you add water or tea.