A Loose Bird & Decorating Thoughts

I went to see Andrew yesterday morning. He naps around noon, so I only had a few hours to be with him. And they had plans later in the afternoon. 

When I got to the door and was ringing their doorbell, I noticed a little bird sitting on one of their outdoor porch chairs. I went over and looked at it more closely. Something had pecked its head and it seemed disoriented. 

So I scooped it up to put it in the backyard where it would more protection from the big ornamental grasses. I figured maybe it's mother would find it. 

Naturally when I got inside and was bending down to show it to Andrew, it got away. 

Did you know squirrels eat morning glory flowers?

Their house has huge two story ceilings, so this was a potential problem. I told my daughter to get a broom, as it had flown upstairs. While she tried to wave it down, I tried to guide it toward the back door. 

It took awhile, but finally we got it outside. Poor little thing. 

Andrew had never seen a baby bird or any bird up close and personal. So it was a learning experience. 

At 19 months, Andrew cannot say bird. Everything is "da" as in "that."

I haven't been taking my camera over to get photos of Andrew. For one thing, he is not still for more than a few seconds, except when I have him in my lap reading a book to him. And then if I'm trying to get photos, I'm not interacting with him.

I stopped at my pharmacy on the way home. The pain from this eczema/whatever-it-is is extremely painful. Hurts to sit due to that; hurts to stand or walk much due to the ankle.

It was pretty empty in there and the pharmacist and I had a long talk. He said it seemed to him that the gynecologist had not been able to come up with any real treatment that worked. And that perhaps I should try a dermatologist. 

I think he is right. She has thrown lots of very strong medicine at it, which can potentially cause it's own problems. She just took another very painful test almost two weeks ago, which came up with nothing. 

The thought of starting all over again with this is daunting. I'm tired of being prodded and cut into and finding no answers. I've had every kind of test they can think of. Which is costing me a lot of money.

And it's just getting more painful, not less. So I guess I will start looking for a dermatologist tomorrow. Sigh. 

I haven't shown you any of my office space because for some reason I just can't seem to get a handle on what I want. I move things about and think I like it, only to decide after a day or two that I don't.

Maybe some of this reluctance is the fact that I have not heard from the housing agency yet. I might have to move. I don't want to put a huge amount of effort into something that might not work someplace else. So I'm in that stage of frustration that I get into when I can't come up with a good plan.

Here is my advice when you are having problems coming up with a viable decorating solution. Sit on it. Move things about, live with it a few days, and then maybe move it again. If you're not completely satisfied with it, sit on it. (Hey, it's painful for me to sit on it: my stab at humor.)

You don't want to end up with something that took a lot of effort and money and then not like it. Best to do it in small stages and play the waiting game when it's just not coming together quickly. 

Sometimes projects come together in one day for me. Sometimes it takes weeks.

You want to be comfortable when you're working at your desk. And until you can arrive at a place where you feel comfortable, and have space for everything you need there, don't settle for less. 

Have a nice Sunday. My sedum Autumn Joy seems to be at its peak. Some of my mums are just now starting to bloom. 

As the cycle of seasons continues to evolve.


  1. You are such a kind and loving person, Brenda. Noticing and worrying over a confused little bird when you are suffering with your own physical problems is one of the many reasons I admire you so.

    Hopefully, a dermatologist will be able to diagnose and treat your condition. You poor thing!

    To sit on it is great decorating advice! It's what I have got to do. My first attempt never looks right!

  2. I like to rush into projects and sometimes I'm not pleased, but I don't want to spend any more money. Your suggestion to "sit on it" is good advice for many things.

  3. Brenda, I'm sorry you are in pain. You might want to do some research on Thieve's oil salve. I use it on everything known to man and it has yet to fail me. Just a thought. I have very little faith in Dr's,it seems all they do is guess and give out pills, plus charge an arm and leg. Sorry if I have offended the medical profession, I just never have luck with them.

    1. I'm not having any luck with them either.

  4. I do a lot of sitting on it...design wise. ha! Women's health is so complicated! I wish you luck with a dermatologist. It seems you have to see a different doc for each little part of the body, and that is stressful for sure. Good luck Brenda. My thoughts are with you on this. I hope the little birdie is ok. And your little Andrew sounds like a sweet little boy. Sheila

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  6. For four years I have had a rash on my scalp. The dermatologist told me not to come back to his office about my scalp. He had been giving me prescriptions for it that did not work. I decided all I could do was get a scab on it like I had on my knee caps as a little girl. It took months of coconut shampoo, keeping my hands off it, and using Camphophenic. I smell terrible. Who wants to small like a coconut or that campo stuff. Finally I had my nails done and did not scratch because of the cost and polish. The spot finally covered the length of scalp about two inches wide. It is all gone now. There is no itch and I am extremely happy about that. Take care.

    1. I can't believe he/she just dismissed you like that! I don't have itching; just pain.

  7. Are you taking the O medicine? I think we talked about that. My doc said it takes 90 days for it to really start to work. It absolutely can't hurt to go to a dermatologist though.

  8. Brenda, I think dermatologist is a great idea. I had some issues around my eyes for years and all my Dr's (regular and ophthalmologist) could not figure it out. The dermatologist, bingo first try. I want a gallery wall and I keep waiting to find things. I need to start laying what I have out on the floor and then see what I need to fill in. Yep sit on it for awhile!

  9. Brenda, I was finally helped at a pelvic pain clinic where I received physical therapy. Ask your gyn to find one for you. There must be one in your part of the world. Best of luck.

  10. Be sure to get a copy of your medical file for the dermatologist so he doesn't have to repeat any tests. Best of luck, Brenda.

    1. That's a good idea. I DO NOT want to go through those two painful tests again.

  11. I know you are far more savvy about birds than I. When a bird got in one of our neighbors houses the neighborhood bird lady said not to chase it with a broom but open the second story windows and shoo it upstairs because when frightened, birds fly up. The bird exited the second story easy as pie. The same bird lady helped me when a bird got into my screened in porch. It was getting very stressed after being trapped for four hours and I was afraid it would die in the heat. The woman said birds are attracted to red. She brought me a giant red plastic cooler on wheels from her garage . She placed it outside of my patio and told me to continue to keep the door open. She told me to go inside and pull the drapes so as not to distract the bird and then check back in about an hour. When I checked back, the bird was gone! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Amazing!
    There is no relying on doctors anymore. We must do our own legwork and then ask them for medication for our problem. They won't get to the proper diagnosis if it isn't obvious or thinking about it will take more than 5 minutes of their time.

  12. Oh I am glad the bird scenario worked out and that you had some nice quality time with your family and here's hoping to medical solution that works

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  14. As funny as this sounds, try coating the area with Pepto Bismol, the pink liquid - it will dry and make a film which is soothing. Do this twice or so a day and I believe it will dry up the eczema. That is an old remedy that works.

  15. Medical problems can be so frustrating and so is finding a new doctor! Sorry if too personal, but are you talking about the skin condition/pain from your "nether region"? Make sure you don't use any scented soaps - get a natural one if you can without any perfumes, dyes and chemicals...and, have you tried coating the area with pure lanolin? Also, if it is indeed eczema and not some other condition (I guess the dermatologist can give you a definite diagnosis), a lot of times that can be due to a food allergy, especially dairy.

    Glad you got to visit with Andrew...and to save the baby bird.

  16. Sometimes...sitting on it for a while is the best medicine.
    Wish that were the case for your ...er, uhm, problem. Sorry to hear it's still on going. Hope you get a remedy soon.

  17. I read that this natural product has helped some women: http://www.theorganicpharmacy.com/health-beauty/nappy-balm/131

  18. I think your pharmacist came up with an excellent plan, Brenda. If nothing has helped so far, maybe a different kind of specialist will see things in a new light.

    I'm glad you were able to shoo the bird out of your daughter's house! And I hope you hear soon from housing. It seems like so many bloggers are moving right now!

  19. Brenda, look for a woman dermatologist who also specializes in female issues or has someone in her office that does. The dermatologist practice I go to does that. You definitely need some relief. xo Laura

  20. I am so sorry to hear that you have yet to find answers. A friend with a similar issue gave up what and dairy products...tricky because so many products have wheat, but her issue began to clear in days. Hard to give up bread but perhaps worth a try?

  21. Wow, Brenda - I hate that you are not getting any relief from the pain yet - that's terrible!! I'm assuming you have done online research to try some homeopathic remedies? I am always reluctant to go with prescribed meds as the side effects can sometimes be worse than the original problem.
    Good luck, new friend.

  22. I'm without a work space at the moment--and for the reasons you mentioned.
    Hope the dermatologist finds a solution. Fingers crossed for you!


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