Does Having A Decorating Style Really Mean Anything?

We all make references to decorating styles. But how much does that really figure into how you want your home to look?

Is it definitive? Or is it loosely labeled? 

Let's look at some styles Home Edit put together:

I'd say this room is a cross between several styles. The coffee table says "rustic." The couch is more contemporary or modern. 

If you pull a room together so that it offers a cohesive look, I'm not sure the style really matters.

Eclectic style offers a more relaxed and casual look. It means lots of styles that really boil down to no completely definite style.

Bohemian gives a nod to another era. Where then it meant that the person decorating the room didn't have a lot of cash to spend on it, today it means bold, colorful, and multi-faceted. Somewhat carefree and relaxed.

Coastal originally meant homes near the sea. Now it can mean a casual look with elements merely denoting water. Seashells, oars, things from and reminiscent of the sea.

Contemporary is spare and utilitarian. Oftentimes the elements in the room look cold (at least to me.)

Cottage is warm and cozy. The elements of this style bring back feelings of grandma's house on Thanksgiving day.

French Country is both classic and beautiful, yet also lends a shabbiness that says it's timeless, and not afraid to look worn and loved.

Industrial means more clean angular lines. The elements are steel and wood, and oftentimes looks like it belongs in an office or warehouse setting.

Mid-century is a nod to another era as well. It gained favor for a time, but I'm not sure how long that trend will stick around. The look to me is of something put together without much thought. 

But then, my style of decorating oftentimes looks like I didn't give it a lot of thought. So I guess my style is an amalgamation of all of the above. 

What is your style? Do you see it here?


  1. My style is comfortable!!

    My studio is definitely coastal, and I'm changing the master bedroom into that also.
    Living and dining rooms are eclectic, with big nods to coastal.

  2. My style is definitely eclectic, with a touch of French country. And cat hair! I decorate with whatever makes me happy! Walking into my home always makes me smile...

  3. My style is eclectic with a bit of cottage feel to it, due to the fact I love quilts. I like all those looks/styles. But I tend to want cozy and comfort. I love coming home and so does my dog!

  4. My style is cottage/shabby chic but I love wood tones to my neutrals too. I think if you surround yourself with things you love you that is your style! Love the Blacklist. One of my fave shows.

  5. My style is French Country/Shabby Cottage with a touch of Coastal, Tuscan and Rustic. I love to blend these styles with color, texture and comfort pulling the look together. I suppose I love so many looks that I make changes often around those styles. In the end, if it feels balanced and blends, its all good. It's okay to break the rules and mix it up!
    Have a nice weekend. cm

  6. This brought back a memory of Sunny Simple Style years ago describing a style as "Early Marriage" :) That style is timeless and typical of your average person. Gifted with things over the years as treasures / heirlooms / or things that you can't get rid of now due to them being gifts from family over the years even if you wanted to,lol! Because the family still visits :)

  7. Sorry... me again... I think it was "Sunny Simple Life "

  8. I think I would probably fall in the grandma's house category. I love antiques, quilts , old toys and pink. I also love folk art and flowers. Modern style and mid century leave me cold and coastal is not for me. Some people would call my house cluttered, but I just call it home.

  9. I thought it was funny or interesting rather, that each of the comments before me KNEW what their style is!
    I haven't a clue what my style is. I saw many up there that appealed to me-- many of them, I've dabbled in while decorating my own home through the years.
    I'm like mentioned in your initial question... I don't know that the label has played as much a roll in my decorating as, say budget and personal preference.
    I'm low-key and low budget. I have tried to emulate others styles, but I don't shop big box stores, and I don't have a sky is the limit budget.
    I've 'hacked' a few pieces to end up with a similar big box look-- but for the most part, I just pull things from what I have and it usually, almost always works!

  10. Brenda,
    French Country is how I describe my style, but it is a work in progress. One of things I've been doing the past 5-6 years is analyzing how I want my rooms to look (more French Country) before adding anything. Your collection was fun to see and to read the explanation of each style.


  11. I guess my style is eclectic but varies from time to time. I think I have been them all except mid-century and boho. I like a bit of order in my house and don't think I would like living with all the vivid interplay of colors. It is fun to see it in other homes, though.
    This was a great post- a lot of fun. xo Diana

  12. I like a lot of different styles. my favorite is cottage and country French. I like a cozy home but without a lot of color.

  13. Amazing how most of the responses so far seem to prefer somewhat cottage/French country style. Suits me also. I think most of us are just looking for a comfortable, laid back style, and I like the one comment about the house looking cluttered, yet it looks like home. When I sit down in my living room, as well as other rooms in my home, I love everything I see.

  14. My style is comfortable easy and what ever I like at the time!

  15. I think my house is more eclectic, but I love coastal/french country/cottage. I don't really like contemporary or industrial or mid-century, and bohemian is usually too busy for me.

  16. I'm polar opposites! Cottage and mid century modern. I loved your Boho. It was full of positive energy. Extroverted and filled with the vigor of a woman that sees herself as vibrant and attractive, open to life. No granny's there. But as the weather changes , the coziness and more introverted
    cottage look comes to the forefront . I wish I could make mine look not so "old lady" but just don't have the knack.

  17. I think the French country photo is my favorite. I definitely cannot get into modern. Too cold feeling for me. xo Laura

  18. I think my style is "cottage eclectic" if there is such a thing!! With a touch of the practical thrown in for good measure!!

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  20. All of the photos speak to me in different ways. I don't really have a style, just a requirement: If an object evokes a memory or comfort, it must be a part of the house.

  21. I don't imagine that I have a definite style, because what would be the fun in copying exactly something that exist, but I love mixing French, English, Cottage and coastal styles... Does this have a name? A mess, maybe?


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