No Room For A Home Office? But Wait...

When I showed my dining space-turned-home office, so many said: "I just don't have room for a dedicated office of my own."

Well, look at these home offices. You might change your mind.

This one does not take up very much real estate at all. It could be in any room. Tucked to the side out of the way.

This one takes advantage of a small space and does it well. What was just a small area becomes an enclosed office.

You could utilize that room underneath the stairs. This uses space quite efficiently.

How about a space like this, that more than likely is where you store things? This shows that there is plenty of room for an office if you think outside of the box.

Go clear acrylic, and visually your office doesn't take up any space at all. It fools the eye. But gives you a nice feminine area of your own.

Here's a little corner office with storage as well. The owner of this office gave this space a defining point by putting up the black and white wallpaper. 

I have always loved these vintage sewing machine tables. You can use them inside and out, and I've done both. They give a nod to the past and makes for a nice little spot for a desk.

Can't get much cheaper than this. So if you think you don't have any money for an office, get some crates and a piece of plywood.

This person fancied it up with a bit of lace on the wall, which adds a bit of sophistication to what is a rustic office space.


Of course there would be a pallet desk. Is there anything that can't be made with pallets? 


As part of a living room, this one is tucked nicely at the end of the couch. It gives the illusion of having its own space by turning the desk sideways, which closes it off like a small wall. 

Another office at one end of the living room. And with the addition of lots of bookshelves, it makes the office area feel like it has its very own space.


Make use of that space behind your couch. You can tuck a narrow desk in here and it takes up very little real estate.


Here's another one tucked at the end of the couch. With the Lucite chair, it takes up little visual space. And it doesn't look crammed into the corner. It looks polished.

And just look at that wonderful window view!


Or, like me, you can ditch the dining room. Just because a builder or realtor or leasing agent says it's a dining room does not mean it can't be something else.

Use your rooms for what you need. If you have a lot of family over the holidays, you might need this dining space. But if you have an eating area in your kitchen, you could easily turn this space into your very own office.

If you thought you didn't have room for a home office, walk through your home and look again with what you've just seen in mind.

Tomorrow we'll look at unique ways to organize a home office. 

If you want to see my Pinterest board of Home offices, click here.


  1. I am lucky to have an entire room for my home office, but these are some great options you are showing.... just goes to show that any home can have an office space... all it takes is a niche. xo

  2. Thank you for all of these ideas. There really is no reason that we can't have our own little space. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. All great ideas. I really the like the attic office tucked in. Only problem is we don't have an attic space. Thanks for the eye candy.

  4. Really amazing office spaces! Such wonderful pics of some of the many possibilities. Thanks for inspiring me...

  5. Really amazing office spaces! Such wonderful pics of some of the many possibilities. Thanks for inspiring me...

  6. Brenda , All of the offices looked great. I like the pallet one cheap for someone just starting out. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. so glad I could comment...most times I can't get thru.

  7. These are so nice Brenda...I am lucky enough to have room but I like the ideas here for smaller spaces..

  8. they are all nice and neat but I don't see any printers, which take up a lot of space

  9. I love these ideas, especially the desk made from a pallet and from crates. I think we'd all be able to find a nook somewhere if we looked hard enough and used our imaginations.

  10. Those are some great ideas for finding space for an office. They were all so stylish too!

  11. Love the lace "bulletin board" - WANT!

  12. I found so many of these appealing-- I've never been settled on an office area. I've moved it around over the years. I like some of the sleeker versions you've shown here- but let's be honest , Brenda, you know I love that pallet desk! It just appeals to the overly practical girl that I am! I like how they painted it and the pallet takes up no visual space and blends into the wall. The desk itself looks cantilevered. I also liked the desk tucked in behind the couch with books in crates. Great showcase of examples as always!

  13. I love that one with the black and white skirting!! Super cute!

  14. Hi Brenda, this is my first visit to your blog and I am so impressed that I am adding you to my sidebar favorites list. My husband and I down sized our home a year ago last spring. Downsized the home, but up sized the property. Now I have a small cottage built in 1905 and an acre of land where I am experiencing growing a garden. Something we didn't have room for before. Your blog has so many marvelous ideas for small spaces . . . practical and lovely. I live in a small town in the middle of Washington state but I am a Midwestern transplant. You can take the girl out of Indiana but you can't take Indiana out of the girl :)
    Have a lovely week. Nice to meet you.
    Connie :)

  15. Your own little office is looking good, too. What have you done with your shelving?

  16. I love all of these office spaces...they are each unique, clever, attractive and functional! Especially those tucked underneath the stairs or right in the room, but turning the desk in a different direction! Mine is tucked in a corner of our bonus room. I've not done anything to set it apart yet, but am still working to create the space like I want it! These are all so timely for me....thank you!!!


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