The Blacklist: Season 3

In this season of The Blacklist, Lizzie has had to change positions. No longer is she an FBI agent. Now she is a wanted criminal. 

Channeling another side of her, a dark side. Seen when she was beating up the man in the restaurant, and Red, obviously distressed, had to calm her. 

None of us know what we are truly capable of until we are put to the test.

She has changed her dark locks to blond, and from what I've been reading, fans love her new look. 

Her dark hair from the first two seasons showed a different type of woman. Someone authoritative and showing little emotion. A young FBI agent who went solely by the rules.

This Lizzie with the blond and casual hairstyle lends itself to a more vulnerable character. 

And certainly, when Red saw her walk into the room after having dyed her hair, he was so taken aback that he said, with such tenderness: "You look just like your mother."

Now the two are more like accomplices. And she is seen walking in different shoes. Which I think makes her more compassionate toward Reddington, his background and the things he's done.

She is now dependent on his decisions to keep them safe. His deep pockets and seemingly worldwide cast of characters who are ready and willing to help him at any cost. 

More tender moments we've seen between the two...

The question we've been asking one another the first two seasons is: Is Reddington her real father? 

I don't know if they're ever going to tell us that, and at this point I'm not even sure that it really matters. The bond between them has us spellbound.

We've become so familiar with the acerbic Reddington, talking about pecan pie while in the midst of danger. 

We've come to look forward to his use of facial expressions that remind me of the song: "If a picture paints a thousand words..." 

I was somehow more impressed with last night's episode than the season's opening last week. And I think that is due to the moments of obvious tenderness between Red and Lizzie. I think we have come to look forward to those moments more than any other.

Case in point: When they stood under the stars, and he pointed them out to her, was another father/daughter-like moment. 

And when the music from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young began to play "Our House," I wondered: Now how is that song going to fit into the ending of this episode? It seemed an odd choice. 

But then as we saw the show's characters cast in their new plots, one by one, it made perfect sense somehow. 

Tom comes back next week. Will their relationship be as intimate as what we saw at the end of last season? These two obviously still have feelings toward one another.

Ressler also seems to have mixed feelings toward Lizzie. Even if he is able to capture his old friend, will he be able to do what his position says he must?

But, despite all the good acting on this show, indubitably, the true success of this show falls on the shoulders of James Spader, now co-executive producer/executive producer. This role was made for him to fill its shoes. 

Spader is a seasoned actor. This is definitely not his first pony ride. But I think it is truly his finest. 


  1. Brenda, superb post describing my favorite show, The Blacklist! Watching James Spader's exceptional acting in this role is truly mesmerizing! I just love the sweet relationship between Red and Lizzie. It shows such an intimate side of both of them.

  2. Your posts are the reason I started watching this show. I love it and James Spader. Thanks.


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