5 Scrumptious Hot Chocolate Recipes

Hot chocolate just hits the right spot this season. The wind is blowing outside and it is cold. Cue: Hot chocolate!

Oh my. Raspberry White Hot Chocolate by Sugar Hero.

Cookie's & Cream Hot Chocolate by The Recipe Critic.

How about Cheesecake Hot Chocolate by Chocolate Moosey?

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate by Hip Foodie Mom...

Thin Mints Hot Chocolate by Your Home Based Mom...

Find yourself a cozy corner, grab a magazine to thumb through, and enjoy some hot chocolate.


  1. Sounds good! Wish you could join me for a cup! I Sid to make hot chocolate fro my kids on school mornings, just the basic kind, with marshmallows. I think I need a cup for myself now that you mention it.

    I hope you will get to see your grandchildren over Christmas! Merry Christmas Brenda, my friend. Sheila

  2. Love this compilation. They look delicious. Merry Christmas. xoxo Su

  3. All of those look so yummy! Happy Christmas to you and the pupsters!

  4. Hot chocolate is my favorite hot beverage. I love it! These recipes look delicious. Will definitely be trying them...


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