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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Abi On Friday

Well, we made it through the night and got plenty of sleep (thank goodness) and Abi apparently did not chew on her bandaging. As you can see, this time around they dressed it very well. 

When they first sent her home, it was open. So of course she was going to gnaw it. The surgeon did that, and I question that he sent her home with no dressing at all. He clearly did not know this dog.

When I went back the second time and they had to re-staple some of her wound, her regular vet was there and did it up like you see in the photo. 

He has been a vet for a very long time, has a shock of completely white hair, and gives his all to his furry patients. 

I trust him and that's why I keep driving over there even though I've moved.

The other vet, Dr. Wendy, is so sweet and compassionate and I love her too. But neither was apparently there when I first picked her up yesterday.

The dogs always sleep with me. Yesterday about 6 p.m. I put her on the floor and was taking the quilts and trying to make us all a bed here in the living room on the floor. 

I took my eye off her maybe three seconds. And she had flown down the hall and hopped up the steps to the bed. I question if she had a witch's broom.

I am a very compulsive creature, and I guess my dogs know my daily schedule as well as I do. They knew that we go back into the bedroom at night and watch TV or I read. 

Abi was having none of this "changing of the schedule."

I'm just hoping that, with this strong dressing, she can't hurt herself, because she isn't supposed to be going up steps. What do you think by looking at it?

So we all slept in the bed as we normally do. She was right next to me, and only woke once that I know of.

This morning I brought her kibble bowl to her here on the couch. She just looked at me, as if to say: "Why isn't my kibble bowl in the kitchen where it is supposed to be?"

But I needed to give her her morning medication, a Rimadyl, so I put a few bites in the palm of my hand. 

She looked at me again askance, but then she thought it was pretty cool to actually get hand-fed, so she ate quite a bit. This drug must be given with food.

Of course Charlie wanted in on the action. So I went back and forth hand-feeding them. I hope they don't think this becomes part of our schedule once she's well!

I'm so glad I went ahead and got the holiday decorating for the linky party done ahead of time, because I'm not very good with one eye looking through the camera and one eye on her. 

I so appreciate all your concern and advice. It meant the world to me to have you all commiserating with me and doling out ideas. 

Right now they are where they like to be in the daytime: Abi on the right side of me on the couch, and Charlie on the right. 

And so right now all is well with our world.

I'll keep you updated. 

I've got to start showing you all the Christmas decorating I've done! So that will come next, barring no "yesterdays."
Cozy Little House
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  1. I'm glad it all seems to be going better now Brenda!


  2. Things always seem better in the morning. I am glad you all slept well, that alone can make a world of difference.

  3. I'm so happy to hear that Abi is doing better and that you aren't so frazzled. Trying to take care of our fur babies is hard enough but when they are strong willed it is even harder. From her picture, she seems to be doing well. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I'm extremely relieved that you and Abi had a good night's sleep. I was so worried about how your nights would go. It looks to me that her bandaging is very thorough and capable of staying secure despite Abi's attempt to chew it off. I hope this will be true! Good luck today and tonight.

  6. So glad to hear that Abi is doing better and that you all got some sleep!

  7. This is a much better dressing for this poor girl. Looks like she can't get to it! So glad you all got home and got some sleep!

  8. So glad Abi is doing better and I'm sure you're very relieved. Dogs really do love their routines, even our cat knows the drill around here. Looking forward to seeing your decorations and the linky party!

  9. I'm happy that you had much needed sleep. The dressing on Abi looks Abi proof. Post what you can, the little ones need you more. Hugs to you and the pupsters. Kathleen in Az

  10. So glad little bitty Abi is adjusting to her injury while she heals

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. I just read your past two posts. I was so worried about Abi. Glad she is a little better. My oh my. So Charlie takes off and you had to go blocks to get him. We have had our dogs escaping right and left here at the new home. I think we finally figured it out. I need an extra hand instead of two and one of those recouperating. Our poor other Springer, Matty, had a cancerous tumor removed. There was no bandage on her incision which was unbelievable large. Well, that wound opened. You could put your fist in it. I know gross. I called the vet and they were unavailable. We went the whole week-end like that. I called on Monday and was so mad that no one had listened to my message and called me back. When I took her in to see the vet I asked why didn't you call. He said that they check their week-ends messages after Monday's appointments. They had a funeral to attend of a former employee so that was the reason. I was so mad at them. Luckily she healed with that open wound like that. And we changed vets again. We had 18 months of our dear Matty after the surgery. I wish I was there to help you. It is so hard just getting two dogs in and out of a car. Now we can park in the garage with the door down. And little Hank just mastered jumping this week. He can jump in the car too. But now we have to screen his TV viewings. He didn't like the dinos on Toy Story last night and today it was Al Roker. He really didn't like his cooking segment. Oh our little puppies are just like our kids. Good luck Brenda. This to will pass. Hugs

  13. Wanted to stop by and check on you and Abi. I'm so glad to read that you got some rest last night, and with Abi right next to you. The bandaging looks great. Poor Charlie. I imagine he does feel a little left out, but I'm sure that won't last long as long as you're around. Yeah, and pets don't like change at all, so that doesn't surprise me about Abi, or Charlie. Smart fur babies!


  14. Poor little pumpkin! I'm so glad she's better. She is a stubborn little thing, isn't she? Glad to see they dressed her little leg properly. Can't believe it wasn't done like this in the first place. Take care of yourself too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. I'm so glad the three of you had a good night!! Her bandage looks fine ~
    Don't forget to use her kennel!

  16. I am so glad she settled down, the bandage was done properly etc. And I had to laugh here too at her ...of course she's going to her bed and not the floor :) She's a little trooper!

  17. So happy to hear your news--it was difficult reading your last! Abi is strong-willed, and she will use that determination to heal quickly. Her leg looks well protected, and I know how comforting it is to have a good vet! Stay cozy and Brenda, don't forget to take care of yourself!

  18. What a relief! Healing can now commence - our fur babies are so important - so happy Abi is on the mend!

  19. Aaaaweeee poor girl. Glad to hear she should be doing better now.

  20. Thank goodness Brenda! I'm so glad you both rested.I was thinking about you today. Have a great weekend!

  21. Thank goodness Brenda! I'm so glad you both rested.I was thinking about you today. Have a great weekend!

  22. I am so sorry for your trouble! I have had a lot of frustration with my Bella.
    The bandage looks good, but beware....Bella had a similar one, and when her swelling went down, it slid off.
    I will pray for you all.

  23. thank goodness you were able to all rest. without sleep nobody's happy. Hope she continues to improve at this fast rate. I'm looking forward to next week.

  24. Animals know the schedule and don't like it to be disrupted!

    Hope everything continues to improve.

  25. Gosh, that is a cute dog, Brenda. What a doll.

  26. I'm so thrilled that things seem to be going much better.

  27. I just want to pick that little Abi up in my arms and cuddle her!!! Poor little baby, she's just confused - but her bandage looks great and she looks quite relaxed in that photo - whew!! Give her a kiss and a cuddle from me. xo

  28. I hope little abi gets better each day!!


  29. I don't think she'll chew thru that bandage. She was probably in so much pain to begin with. Glad you didn't have to sleep on the floor. Can't wait to see more decorating.

  30. She looks so sweet with her bandage on. Looks like the vet did a good job with it. I know my dog knows our schedule too so It doesn't surprise me that yours wants to stay with what is familiar. I laughed when you said you were hand feeding her. I did the same thing when Max had his eye injured and had to have surgery! He came home and wouldn't eat so I hand fed him and he gladly took it. I did it for several days and then he came to expect it! Oh no! But, I put it in his bowl and walked away. He eventually caught back on and has been good ever since. So, you may encounter the same thing too. Glad things are going better for you both now.

  31. So good that she (Abi) is adjusting.

  32. Visiting and am so glad Abi is doing better; glad you were able to see your regular vet who knows his patient. Yes to dogs sleeping with you; mine sleep with me and wouldn't have it any other way. My Abigail/Abbie has gone on but she was the love of my heart for many years. She was a Jack Russel and beloved by both Dave and myself. I'm sure they are both enjoying heaven. Happy/Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  33. Glad Abi is doing better today. Hope you all get a good nights sleep tonight too. Hugs.

  34. Brenda, I admit I was a coward and didn't want to look yesterday! I can't handle the little critters being unwell in any way, or your stress over it. Glad you all got some rest and things seem a bit calmer today. Prayers ongoing!

  35. My daughters cat,many years ago got hit by a car,he had a titanium hip put in with a pin on the outside, until it was healed enough he had to be separated from our other pets,
    So for 2 weeks,he lived in our master bedroom and got his food,water brought to him,as well as his own litter pan.
    He ate this treatment up and was never the same,he realized he was royalty and expected nothing less,we started calling him Prince,lol

  36. So happy to hear that Abi is home with her family. I'm sure she's loving every moment of her special treatment.

  37. I'm so glad the night went well. And those little doggies are so fortunate to have someone like you taking care of them!! I hope Abi continues to improve and that y'all have a good night! ! Love ya!

  38. Glad that your sweet Abi is home and doing well. Have a restful weekend! Blessings, Cindy

  39. Abi's picture is very precious. It is great that she is doing much better. Life was a nightmare for a while. My heart was heavy for you.

  40. I'm so relieved to hear Abi has adjusted! Great news. And now you can get some good sleep!

    Jane x

  41. So glad you all got some sleep/rest. It is funny how our fur babies question us when we don't do something like they are used to. Our Mikey was just like that. :-) I hope you are over the hard part and that Abi behaves herself and leaves her dressing alone. Ha! She must not be in much pain if she can hop about. So that's good. Sheila

  42. Hoping that you three are over the hump and things are even better today, Saturday. Best wishes for Abie's rapid re overy!

  43. glad to hear things are going better!

  44. Thank goodness that you all got some much needed and deserved rest...I'm not sure I could get out of that dressing but I'm also sure that Abi is more clever than's hope she has gotten used to it a bit and won't be fussing and upsetting you again...Hang in there girl...Hugs!

  45. Im so sorry to see your little baby in distress brenda. She is so cute! I hope she is feeling better...xox

  46. I've been very busy at work and I'm catching up as I can tonight. I'm glad to read that Abi was better. I'm going to check later posts.


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