Abi Update & Spring Weather

I woke up to a bit of rain. I could see splotches of it on the concrete patio. But I haven't seen much else happening out there. It has been in the seventies the past few days here. Not December weather!

I think my two little white birdies are so cute, sitting on the red truck where the sheep live in the back.

I never seem to tire of this kitchen window, with the vintage linens at the top and the colored bottles on the window sill.

I have five more weeks of trying to keep Abi inactive. Thus you see changes on my blog, because I have to sit next to her most of the time, and that gets boring after a bit if you're someone who likes to move around a lot. 

I can't rearrange or make vignettes or go out. We all three just sit on the couch, with the food and water on the floor close by.

Then at night I move us, along with the food and water, to the bedroom. 

She is being pretty good. But she still wants to jump. And I never know when she's going to take it into her head to do so. 

But I have that Ace bandage over the vet's bandage, and that seems to keep her from chewing. 

Thank goodness!


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    1. That's a great idea. My 2 pups willingly go into their "bedroom" as I call it. They each have their own bed, a pee pad and small food and water dishes. They're snug as bugs in rugs...still love to get out when I get home, but they're happy enough for a while.

    2. She hates the kennel. If I put here in there where I can't see here, she's sure to get herself in trouble out of spite!

  2. Poor little munchkin - she doesn't know what's happening! You're fortunate that you are home with her and can stay with her and keep her still. Good to hear she's doing well, though - I was worried about little Miss Abi! Your details in your home make me smile, Brenda. I know I say this all the time but I love your style!

  3. It's almost 70 degrees here, too, but after last winter, I'm enjoying it. Today I'm putting out another bird feeder (the songbirds are a delight). I'm glad to hear that Abi stopped chewing the bandage. I look forward to your updates. Love the bottles and vintage linen. I agree with Mountain Mama: you are so talented. I, too, love your style.

  4. Brenda, Hope the dog comes along okay. Are you getting to go out for fresh air? I wish you the best this weekend. xoxo,Susie

  5. Aw, poor little Abi. Sounds like she's doing better, though. I think the only time you should use the kennel is when you need to run errands. Otherwise, I think keeping Abi close to you is a very good idea.


  6. So far so good with little Abi. I'm so relieved! Although it must be hard for you to sit still when you are used to being active. I really love your pretty window! You definitely have a flair for making things beautiful! Thinking of you...

  7. Oh dear! Abi sounds like she is in the same predicament as me. Two weeks ago I had surgery on my Achilles tendon (detached it and debrided the damaged areas, lopped off a chunk of heel bone, and screwed the tendon back on).

    I was supposed to be like Abi, but like her, I don't listen to doctor's orders very well unless there is someone right next to me. When left to my own devices I have face-planted myself several times. Unfortunately, I did the last face-plant almost directly in front of my surgeon. He was less than impressed because just like Abi, I could ruin the surgery. Since you're doing a great job of keeping her under tabs, perhaps I should hop down your way and you could start a convalescent home and point your finger at me every time I get up.

    I know from what you've said that Abi is an active little thing. Sounds like me. I'm ADHD, so sitting still is killing me. Please give her a hug 'cause I know she really needs one.

    I really am glad to read here how carefully you are watching her. As a human, I do understand why I'm supposed to stay off my feet. Poor Abi has no idea why she's been put on bedrest!

  8. Oh boy, she's keeping your busy! That window is lovely, the colors are mesmerizing...fabulous!

  9. I went to an auction last week and as I was getting out a set of blue Willow dishes to put in the shop, I saw a vintage chicken napkin holder with two places for eggs, that are the salt and pepper shakers. It was in a box lot with something else that I had my eye on. But, the chicken is missing one of her eggs! Just now, I saw that your chicken is missing her eggs! Where are we going to find her missing shakers?!!

  10. Glad to hear that Abi is not chewing at the bandage. I love your vintage linens on your window and that farm scene...you know I love it ;-)

  11. Let's hope Abi continues to cooperate with her post-op regimen. It's difficult for our little ones because they don't understand why they can't jump and run.
    I LOVE your window treatment! Are the linnens folded over or cut and stitched ?
    Promise all of your readers you forget to take care of yourself!

  12. That is you won't forget to take care of yourself. Cat sent the message. He wants his dinner.

  13. Hi Brenda,
    I love your red truck and birds too sweet. Glad Abi is doing better.

  14. Your fire engine red truck carrying those snow white cuties is adorable - anytime of year!! Hope Abi is better!


  15. All I know .. Brenda you are #1 when a pet is not well...You are the best nurse to your pups, more than any one else could be. Your dogs are so lucky to have you, as you know to have them also. It's called Family...

  16. oh that little red truck it so cute. love your dresser scarves on the window. such a cute and fun idea!!! Just make sure Abi's elastic bandage isn't too tight...so many little things to look out for. glad she's not chewing any longer.

  17. It is so hard keeping these dogs still. Bailey wants to run and play so I put her in her crate to make her rest. It is super warm here, too and when it gets cold it is going to be hard to tolerate.

  18. I know how challenging it can be to keep Abi from opening up her stitches and re-injuring herself right now. Dogs just don't understand doctors orders! Ha! My dog is SUPER hyper so it would be very difficult for me to keep him still if he was in your dogs situation! It has been very warm and foggy here. Such strange weather for this time of year. I'm not complaining though. I would rather have that than frigid cold temps. We better enjoy it now since things may change in January!

  19. Well it sounds like a very calm and restful, if boring, Christmas for you trying to keep Abi still. Sometimes that is a blessing for you too. As ever, your decorations are so cute. Keep up the good spirit.

  20. Sorry both you and Abi are dealing with this. It's been much warner in Michigan this year and they're talking of it getting to 60 degrees on Sunday!

  21. Hope that little Abi will continue to rest.

  22. I never tire of that window either...or that red truck..it doesn't matter what you put in it I love it and those little birds are so sweet for Winter...Good girl Abi for behaving...though it might drive me crazy sitting still I would do it out of love as you are Brenda...

  23. Poor Abbi! At least, she's being a good girl!


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