The Artistic & Talented Helen Philipps

If you haven't found this woman in Blog Land yet, you are in for a treat! I found Helen years ago. She is without doubt the most talented person I have the pleasure of knowing as a blogger. 

So get ready for some very colorful eye candy!

Helen designs, she publishes books, she gardens, she quilts, she crochets. And no telling what else!

Her little critter creations are so delightful. I have not seen one yet that I didn't fall in love with.

Can you just imagine the holiday season at her home? The color, the creativity, the sheer volume of her work!

Oh, and she has a new book just out. Doesn't it just make you want to gather fabrics and get to work?

Her quilts make me positively drool, they are so exceptionally beautiful. Truly exquisite works of art.

Her quilt piecing. It all looks so perfect! And the colors she chooses to put together are an art unto itself.

I have begun to wonder if there is anything creative that she cannot do. This woman just amazes me. I can't visit her blog without smiling.

Go visit Helen's blog. But be prepared to stay awhile. You'll have trouble prying yourself away from all the beauty her blog has within it!


  1. She is so very talented! I am charmed by her creations, too...and they always make me smile!

  2. Looks wonderful and colorful. I'm on my way!

  3. I love Helen and her posts. Her colors are fabulous and I find myself smiling all the way through her posts.

  4. She always has something wonderful going on, yes! :)

  5. She is very talented! Thanks for introducing her to us. I will check out her blog.

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  7. I have one of her books and this is a person who probably never stops creating. She blows my mind in a wonderful way!

  8. Oh my goodness! Hours later, I am finally coming back to thank you for this eye-candy feast! It makes me want to run out and buy material in all sorts of pretty patterns, lock myself up for the next six months and do nothing but sew!

  9. I know Helen and am always delighted when I visit her site. She has the prettiest creations and uses the best colors. Plus she is super sweet! :)

  10. Amazing. Thanks for introducing us.

  11. Thank you for writing this lovely post dear Brenda and for your very kind words. I feel honoured.....thank you x
    Helen xox

  12. I also visit Helen...everything she does makes me smile...

  13. I can feel your excitement about this blogger...I'll go right over.

  14. I'm always amazed by folks with that level of talent! I'm going to have to head over for a visit!

  15. Well, I will have to pop on over and check out Helen's blog now! Thanks for the tip! I'm already in love with her creations that you posted here!

  16. So pretty. I will have to check it out. xoxo Su

  17. I'm always so inspired by Helen. Also deeply grateful that she uses my fabric collections in her sweet little projects.


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