Simple Tips For Selling Your Home On A Budget

This is a collaboration post for those who are planning to put their home up for sale. First of all, you probably realize the importance of making it look as good as possible. 
Numerous studies show that well-staged homes sell faster and for more money. As a result, homeowners are increasingly spending money on updating their home before putting it on the market.

But, what can you do if you're on a budget? Can you still market your home effectively? 
Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes. 
Read on to find out how to give your house a quick makeover and make it more attractive to prospective buyers, even if you don't have much spare cash.

1. De-clutter To Show Off Your Home Better

The first and easiest step is to de-clutter your home. Over time, we all build up a lot of possessions. To us our decor, books, toys and other items are important possessions that we want to display or keep close to hand.

A 1920's Brooklyn Loft

I've always romanticized living in a loft. I love open spaces and lots of natural light. 

Tidbits Of My Week

I stayed up and finished Defending Jacob last night. I will admit that I did not see the ending coming. Kind of hit me right between the eyes. 

Decorating Link Love...

Cruising through Blog Land I found some great decor links this week. Let me share the beauty...

It's Time For Winter Throws

This is the time of year when both the dogs and I really like a soft throw on the couch or bed to snuggle under. I picked some I liked to show you...

I really like this navy corduroy throw. Looks so soft!

What Do You Think You Would Do?

I finished reading the David Baldacci book (Memory Man) over the weekend. I have been reading Defending Jacob by William Landay the last few nights. 

I thought it would be interesting to try to put ourselves in the position our main protagonist, DA Andy Barber, finds himself in. And just think about the implications as though we are in his shoes. 

Java Talk: Describe A Perfect Day

It's been a long time since we've done Java Talk. It was mentioned in the survey I did. So let's get a discussion going!

A Colorful Scandinavian Apartment

The other day I showed you a minimalist apartment. Today I'm showing you a colorful apartment in Scandinavia.

Tweak It Tuesday #177

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Best Photography
My Cozy Corner - Still Life

Pupster Pranks

The wind is howling outside. But no snow here. 

It is the kind of day to curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and read a book or thumb through a magazine. 

I am toward the end of David Baldacci's Memory Man novel now. It is very fast-paced and enjoyable. He manages to have so many things going on, that I wonder how he keeps it all straight as he's writing it. 

When He Goes Too Far

You get married. You're madly in love. You just know it will be forever. 

And then, sometimes, little cracks start appearing in the framework. They appear over time, so that you don't often notice the onset.

At first, it's the little things...

A Small Apartment In Sweden

In America, we seem to like big. The bigger the better. There are sayings such as "Everything is bigger in Texas." It is said with pride. 

But in other countries, small is not looked upon as less. Take this home in Sweden.

What Do You Want To See More Of In 2016?

I cherish my readers. I want to write posts that are of interest to you. So I'm doing a little survey here to get feedback.

I'm going to ask you some questions. Please answer in the comments. If a question isn't of importance to you, just skip it. 

Let me know: 

1. Do you want to see more decorating/DIY posts in 2016?

2. Do you want to see more gardening posts in 2016?

3. Do you enjoy reading about small space or apartment living?

4. Do you enjoy reading about decluttering/purging/organization?

5. Do you enjoy reading about simplifying your life?

6. Do you enjoy reading what I call "slice of life" (what I label reflections), in which I simply write what's on my mind?

7. Do you enjoy stories about the pupsters?

8. Would you like to see more or less photos? Or it doesn't matter?

9. Is it important to you how often I post?

10. What suggestions do you have? I'm all ears.

Note: I'm going to try not doing truncated posts, the ones where you have to click "Read More." I have to see how it affects my page load. If this matters to you, I'd also like to know what you think about this.

If you'd give me some feedback in the comments, I'd really appreciate it!

Bedroom Storage Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

This post was written in a collaboration with Betta Living. I will be compensated for my time.

I have been looking into ways to use your bedside furniture for additional storage. 

The premise here is to forgo nightstands for other types of furniture that serve your storage needs in a more creative fashion.

Book Challenge: Update #1

Have you been curled up in your coziest spot reading? Well, this is the perfect time of year to do so, with winter temperatures and snow storms. 

Have you gotten any books read this month?

For the month of January, I have read the following novels:

600 Hours Of Edward by Craig Lancaster:

Kitchen Trends I Love

White Kitchen Appliances

A white kitchen to me is a clean kitchen. You can see every speck of dirt. And I feel the same about white appliances.

White is a bright color that reflects light. Thus making the room look larger. For small kitchens, quite a plus. 

I could take color everywhere. But I prefer white appliances. Unless they're retro style and in colors.

Cold Weather Gardening: Terrariums


Yellow Tulips & A Rewards Points Purchase

Yesterday I was at the Walmart Market (the little store with food; not the giant one), and I saw these yellow tulips. Oh, they reminded me of spring time!

I wonder if my white tulips, that I have layered in my containers on the patio, will come back up this year? I hope so. I just love tulips.

Tweak It Tuesday #176

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Best Photography
Just Jan - Spring Fever

Need Versus Want: A Lesson Learned

I remember when I was moving into the little blue house over four years ago, and I ordered this massive white (you know I hate stainless steel!) side-by-side refrigerator. 

I recall the men trying to get it through those 1934 doors. And one said: "I don't know why you people who live in these old houses have to buy these big refrigerators that we have to take the doors off of to get inside."

At the time, I thought he was rude. But now, over four years later, what he said makes perfect sense.

Why was I bringing a hulking huge refrigerator into a small house for one person? 

Want. Versus need. 

I Tried...I Really Tried

When was it I was telling you about my quest to embrace empty walls? Was it yesterday? Surely it was longer than that...

I failed. I couldn't do it. Every time I walked down the hall toward the living room, I though: Bleh! Plain! Boring!

So I started doing a little rearranging here, and altering a little dab there.

And it hit me. The lamps. The lamps were the problem. But what to do???

A Man Named Israel

A funny thing happened the other day. 

Israel came and asked for my car keys. I asked him why. He said he could not look at my dirty car any longer. He was taking it to the car wash. 

I have a "dirty" little secret. I have not cleaned my car since I moved to Tulsa! I know. Terrible. But my car is the color of champagne, and I didn't really notice.

In Texas, both cars had to be cleaned and spotless every Sunday. I thought it was a waste of money. But I was overruled. 

When I moved to OK, I thought, just let the rain wash it and save money. 

I suppose you could say I was being obstinate because I was once overruled about so many things. 

Pauses & White Space

I have a tendency to be uncomfortable with pauses and empty wall space. I become anxious when there are pauses in conversation. And when I see bare walls, I feel the urge to put things on them. 

I use a lot of color in my decorating. I see white walls, or any walls for that matter, and I feel that old familiar itch to go look and see what I have to cover them. 

More Apartment Ch-Ch-Changes...

I can't seem to get myself settled on one look. I stand in a room and look around, and suddenly I figure out something that would work better than what I have going on. 

Thus began the moving of the coffee bar set-up...

Tweak It Tuesday #175

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Best Photography
Everyday Living - Going Places

My Fluffy Baby

Usually when I take the pupsters to get groomed every 2-3 months, I ask for the "puppy cut," which is quite short. 

This time, due to the weather and Abi's surgical site, I told her just to clean them up and groom them.

So Abi's never come home looking like this...

A Recent Wayfair Acquisition For The Living Room

I was given product by Wayfair, which was used in this post.

I know I just changed things up in here when I painted. But then, as a new Wayfair Homemaker, I get the wonderful opportunity to acquire Wayfair products for my home as part of their program.

This month I chose this dresser, because as we all know, in a small space, you can just never seem to have enough storage.

Book Challenge

I've decided I want to document the books I read in 2016. So I've started a list of books I'd like to read below. They were published different years, not just last year or this year. I just happened to see them online and wrote them down so I'd remember.

Are you up for a challenge? Are you readers/lovers of books game? 

How about we challenge ourselves to read 25 books in 2016? If you read more, fantastic. But I think that is a reasonable goal, don't you?

In the comments, please leave me names of books you've read and loved. Or books you want to read. Maybe we can tell one another which books were worth the read and which weren't. 

And if you'd like, devote a post or page on your blog to your own list of books you want to read. And we can critique them as we go.

If you don't have a blog, feel free to join the challenge! I know there's a ton of book lovers out there and I'd love your input.

Let's call it Book Challenge 2016. Or does 2016 Book Challenge sound better?

Here is my list:

Memory Man - David Baldacci

Under Dark Of Night

It is late afternoon. The day has been a dreary and rainy blur. For some reason I was sick all night. As was Charlie. 

We all ended up on the couch, crammed together, trying to get some sleep, just after midnight. 

Abi cried because she does not like change. Charlie's tummy was upset too, and he was a bit listless.

The windows were dark with night. 

My eyes felt grainy, as though a stiff Oklahoma wind blew even more dust across the prairie. 

Decluttering The Walls: The Urge To Purge Series

I started the Urge To Purge Series a few months ago. If you want to read the first segment, go here to read it. This is the first one for 2016. There will be others throughout the year.

As you know, I got the urge on Christmas Eve to take everything off the walls in the living, kitchen and dining space and paint. I painted the walls a nice bright white. It was what I had and so it was what I used.

The Painted Living Space

Funny how once you paint the walls, you don't want to hammer a bunch of nails in it. I still have quite a bit of stuff on the walls, but not nearly what I did have.

Chasing Dreams & Other Truths

Since I decided to "tidy up" my email inbox, I realize I had no idea I had this must stuff coming in. 

Tweak It Tuesday #174

Last week at Tweak It Tuesday...

Many showed their best of posts from the year...

Best Photography
The Charm Of Home - Romancing The Tea

Taking Care Of Business...Like Email

With the new year started, I had things on my list to take care of. One was dealing with unwanted emails that clog my inbox each day.

This morning I started unsubscribing from the many email lists I was subscribed to. 

I don't know how I got on some. Others I kept telling myself, next time I'll unsubscribe. Then next time I wouldn't.

Some made it easy. Some made it difficult. But every email I got today that wasn't personal, even Decor Steals, got deleted from my subscribe list. 

I don't need more stuff. But that one was the hardest to let go of.

Kitchen Cart & Changes

I didn't wait for the parts to my kitchen cart to come in the mail. I went to Lowes and purchased what I needed. And what I didn't get, Israel went and got for me. 

I really like it. It only took a few minutes for Israel to put it together. 

World Market is refunding me for my having to buy the parts to put it together. And I thank them for that. 

One change beckons another. For a few days I stared at that wall over the new cart. I put various things up there. Then was upset because the wall looked dirty and full of nail holes. 

So out of the blue, I went to the closet and got out some white paint and started painting Christmas Eve. Since I was using white paint and the paint on all the walls was an off-white, every time I got to a corner, I had to keep going or have two colors of walls. 

Thirty minutes before Ace, which is right down the street, closed for Christmas Eve, I made a paint run and bought another gallon of white paint.

I painted through Christmas. Then I rested a couple of days. But I was hesitant to move the furniture back with all the paint splatters on the floor. 

It was really dark here for a few days due to constant storms, so finally I just decided to go ahead and move the furniture back. I'd just clean up what wasn't covered! A little at a time.

So then I was faced with the furniture back in place, but you know how much stuff was on my walls in the kitchen, dining space/office and living room. I had piles of stuff from the walls alone everywhere. 

I still needed storage for food. I talked to Israel about shelves. I pondered that for a few days. Finally I decided I needed some away time and maybe inspiration would come to me. I drove the few miles to the River City Trading Center in Jenks, my favorite junk store. 

Welcome To A New Year!