A Man Named Israel

A funny thing happened the other day. 

Israel came and asked for my car keys. I asked him why. He said he could not look at my dirty car any longer. He was taking it to the car wash. 

I have a "dirty" little secret. I have not cleaned my car since I moved to Tulsa! I know. Terrible. But my car is the color of champagne, and I didn't really notice.

In Texas, both cars had to be cleaned and spotless every Sunday. I thought it was a waste of money. But I was overruled. 

When I moved to OK, I thought, just let the rain wash it and save money. 

I suppose you could say I was being obstinate because I was once overruled about so many things. 

There are good men and bad men.

Israel is a good man. 

He told me that where you step up to get into my SUV, on the passenger side, there is a plastic tread that is coming off. He said he'd put a screw in it. 

I would never have noticed.

But Israel is very attuned to cars. Men tend to like cars.

I have found that usually it is the poorest people who are the most giving. 

Last week he mentioned in passing an older woman from his old apartment complex. She had called him and asked to borrow money until her social security check came. 

He went to see her and gave her a $100. 

Israel does not have very much money. But he did it out of the kindness of his heart. 

There are two types of people in the world: The ones that will give you the shirt off their back. And the ones that hold their money and possessions to them like they can take it to the grave. 

People come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and speak a variety of languages. 

But kindness is a universal trait. Action is the language. 

Words are not necessary. 


  1. That warms my heart! Have a good Saturday Brenda... ~julie

  2. What a wonderful man. Thanks for sharing a little bit about him.

  3. This reminds me of a quote my 7th graders read yesterday in our class novel: "The rich take care of the rich and the poor take care of the those who have less than they have." (Esperanza Rising). When I was first divorced, one of my fellow teachers noticed that one of my car tires was low. He asked for my keys and took it to the tire shop to get it fixed during his planning time. I have never forgotten that kindness.

    Israel sounds like he was Heaven sent. I am so glad he is there to help you. :-)

  4. What a blessing he is to you and every one around him. Beautiful post.

  5. He is a blessing to you, and your appreciation and recognition is a blessing to him. Perfect!

  6. Knowing you have such a kind and giving man as a friend truly brightens my day. Thanks for giving me a chance to know him a little better! Enjoy your newly washed car...

  7. Isn't that such a lovely share. I want to give him a hug or $100 if I had it. He is a good man and I hope it comes back to him ten-fold.

  8. God bless him richly, I wish there were more men (and people in general) like him.

  9. I have also found that those with the least tend to give more. If not money, then their time. What a lovely post. xo Laura

  10. God has a special place in heaven for Israel. Sweet story of giving from the heart! xo

  11. So true about the "poorer" people (but rich in heart and spirit) being the most generous givers -- that has been my observation as well. And they don't go around tooting their horns about how they did SUCH a good deed today for this person or that person or this charity, blah blah blah. True generosity and loves comes from within, and sadly today, it seems that the better off one is in the USA, the more selfish and self-centered one is; when they do good, they want to be patted on the back for it. Well, okay, at least you did good, and that makes me happy, and I hope it made you happy, too. But what about those who do good silently, regularly, as part of their nature, and never ask a thing in return or say anything to anyone about it. Big difference - BIG difference. We all need to be more like those kind and generous and humble in spirit, not looking so much over our shoulders to see who may be watching us do our "good deeds", not looking so much for accolades on Facebook and other social media. Why would you even put something like "today I took food to the church food pantry" on social media? It's beyond my ken. God blesses the charitable and kind man Israel, and Brenda, too, because it is right to tell others of the kindness you see other people doing. Not yourself, but others. In so doing, you spread the goodness.

  12. Wonderful man, wonderful story, thank you for sharing this with us.

  13. A well-told account of a kind man, by a woman who has her eyes and heart wide open.

    Thank you, Brenda.

  14. Bless his heart. To some, giving comes natural. Kathleen in Az

  15. What a wonderful man Israel is. God will and does richly bless people like him. So very nice that he fixed and cleaned your car for you.
    Have a great day.


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