Book Challenge: Update #1

Have you been curled up in your coziest spot reading? Well, this is the perfect time of year to do so, with winter temperatures and snow storms. 

Have you gotten any books read this month?

For the month of January, I have read the following novels:

600 Hours Of Edward by Craig Lancaster:

This novel is about a 39 year old obsessive-compulsive man with Asperger's Syndrome. 

Edward's life changes when a woman and her son move in across the street. And before he knows it, they have somehow drawn him out of his house, and into their world. 

Good read. Not five stars, but four I'd say. Four and a half.

Before that I read Left Neglected by Lisa Genova:

Left Neglected is a term for a brain injury. A woman has her family and career on the fast track until a car accident changes her life and her perspective on it. 

I like books that have a moral to the story, so to speak. I'd give this one five stars.

Then I read All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

I'm not a Chick Lit fan, but when Jennifer Weiner writes about social issues of substance, I am generally anxious to read it. 

A young mother, a blogger, finds herself taking more and more prescription meds that were prescribed for pain. But then she's no longer taking them for pain. It's just to deal with anxiety.

She keeps telling herself, "Hey, the doctor prescribed this. So it must be okay."

Then she finds herself getting prescriptions from different doctors, and begins to think she might have a problem. It takes more and more just to get her through the day and to deal with everything. 

But, like in most addictions, you have to hit some kind of bottom and bruise your noggin' to get your full attention. And possibly save your life. 

I'd give this one five stars. Jennifer Weiner's dry wit is always a big draw for me, and she's also great with smooth dialogue.

Now I'm reading David Baldacci's Memory Man.  

A detective comes home to find his family brutally murdered. And as the months drag by, there are no leads. 

He becomes so depressed, he loses his home to foreclosure. Then his job, and before he knows it, finds himself living in a cardboard box. He starts to pull out of it a bit, and at least is making enough money to rent a motel room and do some PI work. 

Out of nowhere, a man comes forward and admits to all three murders. But his story is a little off. And the protagonist is not called memory man for nothing.

Then there's a school shooting. And somehow, some way, these two violent crimes are connected.

Stacey from Poofing The Pillows said her book club just read Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple

She urged me to put it on my list.

So that's where I am for the month of January so far. How are you guys coming along? 

I think I'll put a list up on my sidebar of books I'm wanting to read. Many are suggestions you've already made. So keep suggesting and I'll keep reading!


  1. I've read three books so far this month with one i'm in the middle of. I will put a few of those you read on my list, they sound interesting.


  2. All non-fiction here. From a mention in another book of Emmett Fox, I found some of his online ( Used ) at Amazon. I'd never heard of him but back in the day he used to lecture / preach to an audience of thousands in New York. Healing gift, mystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and incredibly interesting....opens the Bible up to a new way of thinking about many of the stories.

    1. Glad you're enjoying your reading in this cold weather!

  3. I've read a few books so far this month and right now I'm in the middle of Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist, which I'm really enjoying. It's non-fiction ~ about food and family and how gathering around the table holds stories for us. There's recipes at the end of each chapter. I'm on Goodreads, so I'm keeping track of the books I read there. The first two books you mentioned sound especially interesting to me - I put them on my reading list.

    1. I got an email that Goodreads and Shelfari is merging. I'll have to work on that.

  4. Every one of these sounds interesting to me and I don't even know which to read first! I think the Jennifer Weiner will be the first as I'm a fan of hers.

    Right now I'm reading Mrs Mike by Nancy & Benedict Freedman. So far I am loving it!

    1. Haven't heard of them either. Wow, there are SO many writers in this world! The Jennifer Weiner book is indeed a good one.

    2. I just got Mrs. Mike! Now I am really excited to have that to read as well. Life is good.

  5. I have read several books this month so far, and right now I am reading SECRETS OF A CHARMED LIFE by Susan Meissner. It covers the life of a survivor of the WW2 bombings in London. Shaping up to be really wonderful. I looked through the list on your sidebar, and I have read some of those. I have Lucy Barton ordered.

    1. Haven't hear of her. Will have to check her out.

  6. Brenda, I love Elizabeth Strout, and I too, will order Lucy Barton. My favorite book of all time is 'All the Light We Cannot See' by Anthony Doerr.

  7. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to read anything this month. I live David Baldacci. ..excellent author!

  8. Hi! I found your blog through my mom's ( Mountain Mama!) and I would love to participate in this book challenge. So far, I have been working my way through two books- Franny & Zooet by JD Salinger, and Calling in the One , which is a workbook. I haven't been reading as much as I normally do, but my favorite books to recommend are:
    1. The Night Circus
    2. Life after Life
    3. The Alchemist
    4. the Language of Flowers


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