Cold Weather Gardening: Terrariums



  1. Brenda, have you started the second book on the list? Not what I expected. I'm only about 20% through it, but it's really something!

  2. Funny enough, terrariums don't seem to like me despite my 'green thumb' - I have two I received as gifts and they are both struggling!

    1. Sometimes they get too wet. If they start to fog up and condensate, you need to take the lid off for a little while and let it dry out some.

  3. I keep meaning to create one of these...

  4. Hi Brenda, great information! perhaps Ill try this with some succulents that I have growing crazy in my gardens. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  5. I had a friend in the early 70's who made terrariums and taught classes. In place of soil, she used sharp sand. This kept the miniature plants small. She did little landscapes, a bit like the fairy gardens that are also popular.

  6. I made terrariums years ago with my son for his science projects. He never failed to win a prize with his entries. One funny thing did happen. He went to a stream nearby and found a lizard and placed it in his terrarium for fauna added to his flora. After the science fair he brought terrarium in the dining room and over the winter forgot to water.Plants died and when spring came I took it outside and when I was emptying it was shocked to see little eyes peer at me...the lizard was alive...guess had hibernated and was delighted to be set free in the grass.Little green guy scampered away and this was our last terrarium.


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