It's Time For Winter Throws

This is the time of year when both the dogs and I really like a soft throw on the couch or bed to snuggle under. I picked some I liked to show you...

I really like this navy corduroy throw. Looks so soft!

This would look luxurious most anywhere.

A standard cable throw.

This one looks yummy! Love that indigo color.

A beautiful faux...

I bet I'd never get the pupsters off this one!

All of these were found at Wayfair, but you can find them most anywhere. If you have a fire going, get comfy in your favorite chair with some hot chocolate. Maybe add a little Baileys...


  1. I love throws too. And add the cup of hot chocolate, and it is the perfect evening.. Have a great day.

  2. I just ordered two new throws from Overstock. They have some fabulous sales going on. I got two for under $30. Can't beat that.

  3. I love all of these, Brenda! I've discovered I need to stay away from cable knits though as the dogs' nails destroy them with pulls.

  4. I love my throws! This year I splurged and finally got a faux fur, so soft and cuddly! But for absolute warmth without weight nothing beats my down-filled throws. I keep one at the foot of my bed all winter long and pull it up as needed. I don't care if it's dark "beige" and doesn't go with my grey, black and white color scheme, no way am I giving that baby up until it falls apart. The other down throw has a soft "velvetly" finish on one side with smooth finish on the other, and I use that to cover myself when I'm using the computer at night; I often work in the kitchen and that room seems to be the coolest at night. I use throws in the summer, too, as you never know when it might get a little cool or damp inside. My favorite is a triple-woven cotton in a leopard print. It looks light but it's hefty! Keeps me comfy during summertime naps on the sofa.

  5. Do you know where I got the best deal on a throw? JCPenney's. On Black Friday I got the prettiest red velour throw. I love it.

  6. Brenda, who wouldn't love a throw. I have several and there is nothing better on a cold afternoon than a good book, hot chocolate, and a warm throw! Bliss!!! Pam @ Everyday Living

  7. The faux fur throws are my favorite, and I have a couple. They're not only comfy, but a decorative accent too.

  8. There is nothing I love quite as much in the winter as a cozy throw. Faux fur is a favorite!!

  9. Love a snuggly throw to nap under, or cuddle with my pup, Dixie.

  10. Love those throw..Nothing like snuggling up under one with a good book on a cold or snowy evening Brenda!

  11. Love a snuggly throw to nap under, or cuddle with my pup, Dixie.

  12. I love a beautiful, comfy, warm throw! They are also a wonderful way to add some texture. Love all of these!

  13. Brenda where did you get cow painting over your couch?

    1. I tried to email you, but you have a no reply account. So I hope you look here. I ordered it online from Farmhouse Wares. I've heard that it's no longer available though.

  14. Enjoyed looking at these selections! I love snuggling under the afghans I crocheted.

  15. Hi Brenda, thanks for sharing all the cozy possibilities, Love them all and bought many for Christmas presents because who doesn't love a cozy throw.For myself I love the corduroy! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  16. I love throws and have a set for Spring and Summer, and a set for Fall and Winter! The second one your showed, the fuzzy one, is my favorite!


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