Kitchen Trends I Love

White Kitchen Appliances

A white kitchen to me is a clean kitchen. You can see every speck of dirt. And I feel the same about white appliances.

White is a bright color that reflects light. Thus making the room look larger. For small kitchens, quite a plus. 

I could take color everywhere. But I prefer white appliances. Unless they're retro style and in colors.

It's associated with happiness and cleanliness. It's a neat person's dream. 

Eat In Kitchens: I've always loved them. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, why wouldn't you want to eat there? Sit and talk to the cook as she stands at the stove.

Oh, can't you see the family all seated around the table at a kitchen banquette? Talking about their day. 

Colorful Kitchens: Color is so happy. It energizes. It's cozy. 

I'm so tired of gray and greige. There are lots of songs about feeling "gray", and it usually means being sad. Gray kind of makes me feel sad.

Oh, color, how I love thee! Let me count the ways. 

Color is a big box of Crayola crayons. Color is a brilliant rainbow. How could you not like color?

Retro Kitchens:

Retro kitchens seem to belong to the colorful kitchen category in this instance. Maybe that's why I like this style so much.

Also it brings me to a place of nostalgia from my youth.

I know the tile floor isn't very appealing. But look beyond that to the other elements in this kitchen.

Can't you just see June Cleaver slaving over a hot stove getting supper ready before Ward bursts through the door. Not to mention The Beaver and Wally.

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  1. I love the one with the open shelves and the colorful kitchen ware. It would drive me crazy but I could see it working for a busy family.

  2. OH my. I don't even like green but I love the green in the retro kitchen. That is really nice.

  3. I love the white stove in the 2nd photo. My mom had one similar to it. She was a great cook. I also love many colors.

  4. Brenda I love the way you decorate and I feel the same way about gray. It just leaves me cold and sad. I love red and touches of it just make me glad. ..and can one not smile when they see yellow. I wanted to ask where you bought the cow picture over your sofa. Been admiring it for awhile. Love your blog and your philosophy on life in general. Hope the new year is grand for you and all the readers who read your blog.

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  6. All kitchens are great but I like the first colorful kitchen the most. It's so full of energy and you could never get bored in this kitchen:-)

  7. The green retro my dreams!

  8. The last one the red one. That's my dream!!

  9. I don't care for stainless steel appliances. Too industrial looking. Mine are white, although I would love the green retro appliances! Too me, the color gray would be too depressing in our cold, dark winters.

  10. You already know from my post i love my white appliances! i'm loving some of these other trends too! Especially the colorful ones! Gorgeous! :)

  11. Each one of these kitchens has something I love. ...they are all gorgeous!!!


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