My Fluffy Baby

Usually when I take the pupsters to get groomed every 2-3 months, I ask for the "puppy cut," which is quite short. 

This time, due to the weather and Abi's surgical site, I told her just to clean them up and groom them.

So Abi's never come home looking like this...

She seems a little embarrassed by what I call "her fluffy butt." Because she doesn't look like other Yorkies.

Look at Charlie...

Fairly typical Yorkie coat. When his fur grows out on his head, it parts in the middle automatically and falls to each side.

But not poor Abi. When Abi's fur on the top of her head grows out, it grows straight up, like she stuck her paw into an electrical outlet. 

Well, it's tough being the odd ball, isn't it Abi girl?

Don't hang your cute little head in shame, baby. Mama loves your curls.  

What girl likes her hair anyway? If it's straight, they want it curly. If it's curly, they want it straightened. 

But this is my sweet little fluffy butt, in front of the blankets they love to get under and rough-house during the day.

Mama loves your curls.


  1. I have a girlie, too. She's got fluffy butt this winter as well:)

  2. Aww-she's a cute fluffy butt!

  3. I love her curls too, Brenda. They are both so darling. My little yorkie mix has the parted hair, but giant ears and I love them!

  4. I actually like the yorkies with fluffy hair like that! I think they look cuter when they're fluffy. I guess they're more like a teddy bear that way. Of course, I'm a girl with curly hair myself so I may be a little biased. Ha!

  5. ugh, I hate auto correct. Just saw that it changed "Yorkie" to "girlie" :P

  6. Mine is fluffy are adorable!

  7. I adore your little cute fluffy butt baby!! Both your little furballs are just too adorable - I'm glad they have such a good mama!!

  8. I sure do love your little Yorkies! They look so soft and have such sweet faces. I would prefer curly over straight any day. She looks more like a girl doggy!

  9. Love their long fluffy hair look! That is the way I keep my Yorkies. They both are so cute with all that fluff, it just makes them look sweeter!

  10. Has Abi already gotten her splint off?

  11. My yorkie hurt her neck so I'm avoiding the groomer because I don't want her put in that noose they use. Sooo, I'm the groomer and poor baby, Dixie, looks pretty scruffy. I keep clip, clip, clipping away...when she lets me. Oh, well! At least she's warm.

  12. Hah, she is fluffy. Hank is a chorine and I haven't a clue what I am to do with his hair.

  13. They are both so cute!! My two havanese have totally different hair also. My female is thick and straight and my male is thin and curly! I had both of mine trimmed with a longer cut this time too.

  14. They are both just as cute as can be!

  15. They are so cute. They remind me of my Rocket, who was a Norwich terrier. Same color, super similar faces. Miss that fellow. He was a good friend and companion like your two.

  16. They are so cute. They remind me of my Rocket, who was a Norwich terrier. Same color, super similar faces. Miss that fellow. He was a good friend and companion like your two.


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