Tweak It Tuesday #182

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Designthusiasm - Romantic Bouquet

Six On Sunday

Did you know that there's a sudden designer interest in lemon buttercup yellow?

More Living Space Arrangements

I have always been a furniture re-arranger. Drove my husbands crazy. But now I live alone with the pupsters, and I never hear a complaint out of them when I change things around. A girl's best friend!
I'm intrigued by how people arrange their furniture. Here's an arrangement that I really like...

The Evolution Of The Beverage Cart

What's not to love? Sweet little rolling carts used as a home bar. So useful because it can be rolled from room to room during a party.


Spring Planting Chores

I got a lot of chores done this weekend. I took all the stuff out of my kitchen cabinets. Cleaned the shelves. Washed all the dishes. Then put them back.

I repotted plants into slightly bigger pots because that was on my list of chores that needed to be done.

Random Snaps...

Sometimes it is fun to just walk around and take photos of anything and everything. It makes me notice little things I wouldn't ordinarily notice.

Frugal Ways To Start A Garden

I've definitely got spring fever and can't wait for it to warm up so that I can get my hands in the dirt.

But I know some folks are just starting a garden, and don't want to spend any more than they have to to get that garden of their dreams.

So here are some frugal pointers to start your garden.

1. Join a garden club or a group that swaps seeds
Generally gardeners are a pleasant and giving bunch. We love to share what we have with others. So if you're walking around your neighborhood and you see someone working in their garden, strike up a conversation. 

You might get lucky and end up going home with transplants, seeds, or divided plants!

Java Talk: How We Treat Ourselves Kindly

It's Wednesday and I thought we'd have another Java Talk discussion. 

Today let's talk about how we take care of ourselves. I don't mean get a flu shot or things of that nature. 

My Review Of Mrs. Meyer's Household Cleaners

At the urging of many readers and bloggers, several months ago I ordered a variety of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products. I wanted to use them for awhile before I gave you my opinion.

And I love them!

(By the way, I was not compensated in any way for this review.)

Tweak It Tuesday #181

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My Sweet Cottage - Vintage Scene

Kerra's Apartment In Dupont Circle, DC

This is Kerra Huerta's 600 square foot apartment in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. 
She has an interior design business and a blog, Apartment Envy.

For 600 square feet, this little apartment lives large.

How To Find The Right Apartment

When I was searching for a place to rent, I scoured Craig's list every day. I drove around neighborhoods. And I certainly read many apartment reviews online. 

Before you start searching, ask yourself questions such as:

1. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do I need?
2. How much closet space is acceptable?
3. How important is location?

Is It Bad People That Do Bad Things?

I just got back from seeing my three grandchildren. My younger daughter brought Andrew too. 

Boy, they grow fast!
We met at Barnes & Noble, where I buy the children books to read. Hopefully they're reminded of me, that they think of me, when they read them. 

I don't want to be a once-in-a-great-while grandma, but right now my hands are tied.

2016 Book Challenge Update #2

I just finished a book by Tami Hoag called The 9th Girl. I like her style and will be looking for more of her books.

It was fast-paced and I really enjoyed the interaction of  the characters. I hope to find this duo in some of her other books.

Clotheslines & Gardening News

It is just 11 a.m. and close to 80 degrees out on the patio. Strange weather. 

I went outside, as I do every morning, to check and see what is coming up in my containers.

An Unexpected Surprise

I was planning to write about something else entirely today. But that was before I sat down with my cereal and fruit and opened my email.

Ten Reasons Why You May Not Be Able To Sleep

There are multiple reasons why you may be lying awake sleepless at night. Below are some reasons that may be hindering your sleep.

1. You sleep in over the weekend. This disrupts your sleep cycle. Try to get up at the same time every day.

2. If you take afternoon naps, you might not be sleepy at bedtime.


Tweak It Tuesday #180

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Best Photography
The Charm Of Home - Tea Time

Anna's Apartment In Lincoln Square

This is Anna in her apartment kitchen. She lives with her cat Isaiah in Lincoln Square in Chicago. Her studio apartment is 800 square feet. Anna has lived here for two years.

The Proper Way To Hang A Quilt

Yes, I have hung yet another quilt on the wall. I find that it makes me happy to look at quilts every day.

A teaser...can you get a glimpse of it?

Six On Saturday

I just love to click all around Blog Land to see what everyone has been up to all week. Here's what I discovered...

This photo just made me smile. I think this is the first time I've seen the words farmhouse and Valentine together! But this blogger sure did a great job on these cute pillows.

A Girl Can Buy Herself A Valentine Bouquet

We're women who can take care of ourselves. We don't need a companion to help us celebrate Valentine's Day, even though you may have been raised to think differently.

(Yeah, I didn't come around to this way of thinking until recently myself...)

This Valentine's Day is the day to change all that if you're single/divorced/widowed!

We can buy ourselves a nice pretty Valentine's Day bouquet should we desire to do so. 

Just like I did at Walmart this morning.

And I'm enjoying gazing at it from where I sit on the couch working on my laptop.

Adding House Plants To Your Living Space

I think we all know by now that house plants purify the air we breathe. Aside from that, they beautify your space.

Ideas For Small Living Room Furniture Arrangements

If you live in a small space, it is usually a problem to arrange the furniture. Oftentimes you can only find one way that you feel it will work.

Here are some ideas for furniture arranging in small living spaces...

Valentine's Day Desserts

Valentine's Day is next week. If you're looking to create some scrumptious desserts for your loved ones, here's a few to consider...

Beautiful Strawberry Truffle kisses

Primitive Star Quilt Giveaway

For Valentine's Day, my friends at Primitive Star Quilt Shop are giving away a Cheyenne American Red Queen quilt. This bedding collection is from a new design for their spring launch.

To enter the giveaway, click here. Scroll down for instructions on how to enter. 

Tweak It Tuesday #179

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Best Photography
Just Jan - Sunrise, Sunset

Another Book Read...

I finished reading Love Anthony by Lisa Genova last night.

Somehow I found the novel plot slow-moving, and several times I wanted to just put it down and start reading another book. But I plodded along. 

Perhaps that having just read Defending Jacob, I was again ready for a fast-paced read. And this isn't what I'd call a fast-paced read.

Book Shelves Flanking The Couch

Well, I'm to the point now where I will show you what I've done with the book shelves and couch so far. I'm sure I'll be tweaking, but here it is for now...

Six On Saturday...Notables Of The Week

I am loving shelves behind couches right now. 

And if I lived near the sea, I would love to sit in this room and stare out at the waves. 

Just imagine dusk falling outside the window and the sound of water lapping against the shore...

Deciding On A Different Living Space Arrangement

There's not a lot of different ways I can change around my living space. My chaise couch is pretty big, and only looks right on the wall you've always seen it on.

For some reason, after I hung the cow painting above the couch, I haven't been happy with what's at each end of the couch. I'm not sure why that is.

So I've been moving things about, and trying to figure out just what look it is that I'm trying to achieve. 

I had two brown book shelves in my bedroom. So these got moved into the living space. I'm not showing you any photos because I'm just not that far yet. 

I haven't been happy with the beige lamps somehow. So I'm trying to find a way to make myself happier with that choice, by working with what I have.

Of course you move one thing, lots of other things get moved as well. So I'm kind of at that point.

When you live in this size space, I think you're constantly trying to rework things so that you're more organized. 

For me, it's so I can manage to find things!

Have you ever tried an arrangement where your couch is flanked on either side with book shelves? 

It makes for an interesting look.

There's just something about this type look that appeals to me. So I'll be working on this the next few days.

If you're renting, like me, you can't do built-ins. So you try to achieve a look that is a compromise between what you'd do if you owned the space, and what you're willing to do while renting.

I love the above photo. I love the colors, the pieces of furniture, and the way it's all pulled together. It's very cohesive.

The one above is a little too sedate for me. Too pale. But I liked the concept, so I included it.

The above photo is kind of the look I will have. Book shelves on either side, and a painting over the couch. 

The coffee table is far too modern for my tastes though.

I'll get it together this weekend hopefully, and will show you what I've got going next week. 

Have a great weekend!

Like Heaven On Earth

I find that trying to look at my first year in this city is much like trying to look at the past through a piece of glass. I don't really remember all that much. 

It was right after the divorce, and I was trying to find my way to normalcy and eventually, peace. To learn to live alone and find a way to pay the bills.

I think I have learned more in the past four years than I did in the 50 years preceding it. 

I have learned to be grateful for what I have. That most of what is important isn't attached to a dollar sign. And that living alone can be better than being married.

I think as we age, we come to understand that nothing is finite. Life is unpredictable.  

A Paris Apartment

I enjoy finding these apartments in various parts of the world, to see how other people live. I hope you enjoy these tours.

Today we're touring a lovely apartment in Paris...

Conversations With Israel

Israel has two sons. One's name is Israel. And the other one's name is Israel. 

When this subject comes up, I always ask, in my perennially curious way, why he would name both his sons the same name. 
He never really answers the question. Yesterday his reply was: "My brother's name is Gabrielle."

End of subject. 

Of course his brother's name being Gabrielle has nothing whatsoever to do with his two sons being named Israel. It is a non sequitur. But I don't say this. I let it be.

Until the next time he mentions his sons.

Wintry Wind

A couple of days ago, I started feeling a bit off. Tired. Run down. I never feel like that. 

For the past two nights I couldn't sleep, because of pain on the left side of my mouth. Which is where they told me to eat until the crown comes in, middle of February, for a tooth on the right side. 

It went from being uncomfortable to feeling like I was eating with just my gums, and they were very inflamed. It spread from the back of my mouth to the center front.

First thing this morning I call the dentist's office and told them something was very wrong. I go in and they take a bunch of x-rays and the dentist does an exam. She tells me I have a viral infection in my mouth. That it's normal to feel sick and run down with this.

The dentist said she herself had this in 2008. She said the virus usually comes back. But that it's not ever as painful as the first time. She's been very lucky and hers has not returned. 

She said I just have to let it run its course, usually two weeks. I will have to swish liquid Lidocaine in my mouth to eat until it's gone. 

I tell you all this because I'd never heard of such a thing. And if you ever have something like this, I want you to be aware that it could be this. 

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D.D.'s Cottage & Design - Armful Of Roses

Strong Women