2016 Book Challenge Update #2

I just finished a book by Tami Hoag called The 9th Girl. I like her style and will be looking for more of her books.

It was fast-paced and I really enjoyed the interaction of  the characters. I hope to find this duo in some of her other books.

Before that I read The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain...

This book was a good read. But not an outstanding one, I'd say.

Now I'm reading a book by John Sanford called Field Of Prey. I haven't read one of his books in a long time. So dipping my feet back into the waters...

While at Barnes & Noble the other day, I scoured the Bargain Book shelves and bought these also...

Lisa Scottoline's Accused...

Lisa Gardner's Fear Nothing...

Another Lisa Gardner book, Touch & Go...

David Baldacci's King And Maxwell...

And Chevy Stevens' Always Watching...

I've also gotten some books in the mail from William Morrow Publishing to read...

Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones. This book is not out yet. It will be out in May.

Be Frank With Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson...

And One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

However, I realized I'd already read this book. So tomorrow I'll give it to my younger daughter to read. 

She is meeting me at B&N with my two oldest grandchildren so I can see them and buy them books to read. 

I haven't seen them since before Christmas, though it isn't for lack of trying. I love to nurture their love of reading.

The Big Rewind by Libby Cudmore. It just came out...

And What The Waves Know by Tamara Valentine...

Many of these books I receive are uncorrected proofs, thus not yet for sale.

Okay, that's a LOT of books to read. Not much makes me happier than seeing a big stack of books on the dresser next to my bed. Except maybe a flat of pretty plants!

So what have you read or are currently reading?

Yea! Fed Ex just brought my periwinkle raised garden box to the front porch! 

Happy weekend!


  1. I looked at the raised planting bed and I love it. I'm reading 'Pop Goes the Weasel' by M.J. Arlidge and it is so good. I finished 'Defending Jacob' and I also found it compelling! I love reading!!

    1. I still can't get Defending Jacob out of my head. My periwinkle raised garden came today, on my birthday! But I didn't have time to even open it. An insurance agent, or someone who told Israel they were an insurance agent, has been taking his money. And I figured it out and had to go to bat for him. I could throttle those people!

  2. oh Brenda have a wonderful time with the grandchildren tomorrow!! :) I just had a grandson read a VERY long story from his school textbook yesterday after school and it was funny because it was about dancing. A portion of that was a ballet class which he kept pronouncing as ball-ett and I kept reminding him of the right way to say it. THEN there was a section on tap dancing and little kids these days have no clue what that even is so his mama looked it up on google for him so that we could show tap-dancing people in motion / sound :)

    1. Oh, that's funny! I hope to be able to sit and listen to mine.

  3. I'm still reading The Nightingale and I absolutely love that book! It's tough to put it down to go to work....darned work gets in the way!! I'm so glad you will be seeing your grandchildren tomorrow - how exciting for you all!!

  4. As thrifty as you are in so many ways, I am surprised that you purchase books rather than visit your library. Maybe you don't have one nearby??

    1. I'm sure we have them. But I buy what books I buy on the clearance table, so they're very cheap. And I get the rest from the publisher to review. I then give them to my daughter to read. She buys books and we trade.

  5. Lots of good books to read..enjoy..
    SO happy your getting to see your daughter and grandkids tomorrow. I have and it is nice ,when we get to see them.. Know you and they will have fun.

  6. Do you check out books from your local library? I live in a small town with an excellent library (our best asset) and no longer purchase books. I read a lot (30 books thus far this year) and cannot away enough good things about my library. Their catalog of books is online and once you have created an account, you can just request the books you want and pick them up when available. On a rare occasion, I may have to return a book unread and request it again. Normal checkout time is three weeks unless there is another request and then it is only ten days. I regularly take home-made cookies as a thank you. Yeah, I love my library. Hope you have fun at B&N tomorrow!

    1. I buy them on clearance and then my younger daughter and I trade books.

  7. The 9th Girl was good. I've been reading a lot this winter and neglecting everything else. I hope you had a good visit with your daughter and grandkids.

    1. I only read about an hour at night. I'm too busy to read more. So I get 1-2 books read per month usually.

  8. Looks like some great reads! I'm ready to slow down and do a little reading! Miss it terribly! Thanks for all the recommendations! ~Rhonda

    1. I wish I had time to read more than I do now.

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  10. Thank you for good book suggestions! I love discovering great characters! Sheila

  11. I enjoy having several books next to me to read, too. Enjoy the visit with your daughter and grandchildren. I love it when I get to visit with my daughter and granddaughters.

  12. All great books! If I read correctly its your birthday. Happy Birthday to you!


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