A Paris Apartment

I enjoy finding these apartments in various parts of the world, to see how other people live. I hope you enjoy these tours.

Today we're touring a lovely apartment in Paris...

A Paris apartment in blacks and blues. Taking it all the way through the space makes for a cohesive look.

I like the mosaic-style door.

The doors on the kitchen cabinets replicate the mosaic door. More cohesiveness. 

Interesting sink.

The bathroom has the same colors and style. I like the trio of mirrors. And the tall vertical shelf.

An unusual aspect of this bedroom is the alcove with the elephant. Very creative.

A serene room for babies. 

The bird houses hanging on the blue wall make me think of the beautiful blue sky behind them.

Love the floors painted white. Gives the apartment a clean and classic look.


  1. What an adorable home. I love the kitchen, especially the cabinet color. xoxo Su

  2. Love it! That elephant is amazing.

  3. I know I'm in the minority, but I find it a very boring apartment. All the grays and pale colors would make me fall asleep. I grew up in a perfect, serene house (not calling it a home) and always used the first excuse to go outside where God had put fabulous color. No grays or dull blues in my home. Blinds and curtains open for sunshine, love seeing the greens of the trees. Color!!!!

  4. I agree with MimiG. The nursery is adorable, but the rest of the apartment seems very cold. I love the bones of it, though. I would love to have a big pocketbook of money and the chance to shop in the flea markets of Paris to cozy it up!

  5. That nursery is charming!! I don't care for the elephant in the other bedroom....no, thanks!

  6. I don't like it. No color or warmth. I would add colorful pictures pillows etc. I do like the nursery though. Sorry Brenda you spoiled us with your beautiful cozy home.


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