Anna's Apartment In Lincoln Square

This is Anna in her apartment kitchen. She lives with her cat Isaiah in Lincoln Square in Chicago. Her studio apartment is 800 square feet. Anna has lived here for two years.

Anna is a wedding photographer. She also has a background in design. 

Below is how her home/work studio is laid out...

What I would give for those windows!

Love, love the black and white floors.

And oh my, the claw foot tub...

Would you like to live and work in the same space? I already do, here in my 725 square foot apartment.  

I can take a break and stroll around the patio, looking in the pots to see what plant is coming up. Sit out there and listen to the birds. Or take a coffee break. 

And I love it.

See you this afternoon for Tweak It.


  1. This is huge, I lived in a studio for 2 years that was only 450 sf. Amazing what you can live in.

  2. 800 square feet seems really large for a studio. I'm wondering where she sleeps. xo Laura

  3. My first home was just less than 900 square feet and my current one isn't much bigger! ;-)

  4. That's such a stylish apartment! She packed a lot of punch in that small space.

  5. I too am wondering where she sleeps.

  6. That is very large for a studio apartment! I had a 950 square feet 3 bedroom house that I raised 2 kids in along with a couple dogs and cats. I worked at home too, but wasn't easy with kids interrupting so much! I live in a 650 square foot cabin on a lake now with my hubby and 3 little dogs. It's perfect!

  7. 800 sq ft is a lot of space for one person. The first house I owned (with my late husband) was 800 sq ft and we raised our son there. My current husband and I just built a 670 sq ft cottage and it's plenty of room for the two of us.

  8. It is a great space. Love those kitchen floors. The dark paint is a surprise but it works. In the floor plan it looks like she has a large closet. Apartment is adorable and so is she.

  9. Is the sofa a sleeper fold out that turns into a bed?

  10. I think I would love living and working in the same place...although it's hard to know as I've never done it. I would hope I wouldn't get terribly bored with my surroundings. As it is right now, I don't get enough time at home so when I have a day at home I just absolutely look around and love everything! What if I were here all the time? Familiarity breeds contempt, as we know....

  11. What a lovely apartment. I love the tub too.Thanks for sharing.


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