Deciding On A Different Living Space Arrangement

There's not a lot of different ways I can change around my living space. My chaise couch is pretty big, and only looks right on the wall you've always seen it on.

For some reason, after I hung the cow painting above the couch, I haven't been happy with what's at each end of the couch. I'm not sure why that is.

So I've been moving things about, and trying to figure out just what look it is that I'm trying to achieve. 

I had two brown book shelves in my bedroom. So these got moved into the living space. I'm not showing you any photos because I'm just not that far yet. 

I haven't been happy with the beige lamps somehow. So I'm trying to find a way to make myself happier with that choice, by working with what I have.

Of course you move one thing, lots of other things get moved as well. So I'm kind of at that point.

When you live in this size space, I think you're constantly trying to rework things so that you're more organized. 

For me, it's so I can manage to find things!

Have you ever tried an arrangement where your couch is flanked on either side with book shelves? 

It makes for an interesting look.

There's just something about this type look that appeals to me. So I'll be working on this the next few days.

If you're renting, like me, you can't do built-ins. So you try to achieve a look that is a compromise between what you'd do if you owned the space, and what you're willing to do while renting.

I love the above photo. I love the colors, the pieces of furniture, and the way it's all pulled together. It's very cohesive.

The one above is a little too sedate for me. Too pale. But I liked the concept, so I included it.

The above photo is kind of the look I will have. Book shelves on either side, and a painting over the couch. 

The coffee table is far too modern for my tastes though.

I'll get it together this weekend hopefully, and will show you what I've got going next week. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Brenda, my first thought reading this post was, is she going to paint the bookcases? Have fun redecorating your living room, Kathleen in Az
    Now I want to rearrange something:)

  2. I love this look. Can't wait to see how you pull it off.

  3. Love your source photos.. Cant wait to see what you have done..Have fun..
    I love moving stuff around and changing.. Hubby says, "he never knows where his
    recliner will be" lol

  4. My mother had a saying, when in doubt, move the furniture. My father said he never went to bed without turning on a light because he didn't want to land on the floor if my mother had done some rearranging!!

  5. I love how you use what you have to redecorate. Really looking forward to seeing your new arrangement!

  6. I like the has that COZY factor.

  7. I moved into smaller home than the last one and there is NO way my living area can be re-arranged. This home has a lot of windows and I take full advantage of that. I remember my mom constantly re-arranging furniture. OMG! We all thought she was crazy, but she craved the creativity of it all. Have a wonderful weekend! It is going be a balmy 70 degrees here and I will be working in my little yard.

  8. I like the has that COZY factor.

  9. It's amazing how we can decorate without spending money, just by shopping in our own house and moving things around from room to room. I'm looking forward to seeing your newly designed room, Brenda. It sounds gorgeous!

  10. This makes me smile thinking of reading older books where there was a morning room, or they retired to the library. I picture a big old desk by the window, a fire roaring, cozy chairs drawn up to the fire, and most of the room filled with floor to ceiling books :)

  11. This makes me smile thinking of reading older books where there was a morning room, or they retired to the library. I picture a big old desk by the window, a fire roaring, cozy chairs drawn up to the fire, and most of the room filled with floor to ceiling books :)

  12. I love how you are always changing things up, Brenda! Can't wait to see the final design - I'm sure it willbe cozy and welcoming!

  13. If you paint your bookcases cobalt blue and the wall behind to match, the bookcases would look somewhat built in. But, that's a lot of painting~
    Love that you are a lady who can't stand monotony and whose mind is always on the go, creating new spaces on a whim.

  14. I absolutely love where you're going with this ! Can't wait to see the results.!!!!!

  15. It's such a cozy but sophisticated set up. I can't wait to see how you do it!

  16. Looking forward to seeing it. My living room set-up with the location of windows, heating vents, entrance and a large "window" in one wall to the dinette, plus one built-in bookcase sadly, the out doors with glass were removed by a previous owner and all the trim with it, so it's pretty bare bones but holds a ton of stuff) don't allow me to do the kind of arrangement you envision, which I think would be great!

  17. I see what you are getting at and I like it. The shelves can look almost like built ins if your sofa fits nicely in between it seems.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see.


  18. I can't wait to see what you decide and how it turns out. I think Jane is right, that it just might resemble the built-in look! Looking forward to it!

  19. I love a sofa surrounded by bookcases. I can't wait to see how you arrange your "new" space.
    Oh, from yesterday, we also have the word pallbearer.

  20. I love the look, and It's going to look amazing, Brenda - can't wait to see! Happy weekend!

  21. I like it too Brenda...looking forward to seeing yours...

  22. Great looks! I believe its the balance, can't wait to see the results have fun with it. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  23. Are you headed towards a more neutral pallet too?

  24. I like it, because it looks like a library. xoxo Su

  25. I love the inspiration pictures. I always find living-rooms are the most difficult room to arrange.

  26. I love the look of shelves on each side of the couch! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do. I'm sure it will be just as charming as everything else in your cozy house.


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