Kerra's Apartment In Dupont Circle, DC

This is Kerra Huerta's 600 square foot apartment in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. 
She has an interior design business and a blog, Apartment Envy.

For 600 square feet, this little apartment lives large.

It actually seems roomy to me.

The crown molding in this apartment brings out the envy in me!

It has character and such good bones.

Could you paint a room black?

A sweet little bathroom (about the same size as mine) with artwork made from postcards.

And she went crazy with removable wallpaper in the kitchen. Look at the refrigerator and back splash. Wallpaper!

The open cabinets lend an airy feel to the tiny space. 

Could you live in this apartment?

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  1. It's sweet, and it does look roomy. My daughter just painted her room black with her dad. It is amazing, because it does not look dark. xoxo Su

  2. It does seem roomier than 600 square feet. I think all of the windows help. I wouldn't want a black room, but it goes well with her decor. xo Laura

  3. I love it. Where can we find some of that wallpaper for the fridge?

  4. OMG! That removable wallpaper on the refrigerator is making me all warm and fuzzy inside! I will be doing some research on that.

  5. I could!! It's all about what you do with the space you have. I'd need to find a place to store all my junkin' projects, but I could definitely live here!

  6. I like it...and also Du Pont Circle. Love DC and got to know some of the areas when daughter lived in a tiny apartment. I think it was really a studio. Funny get to the bathroom one had to walk through her closet. She lived in that tiny space...but it was larger than her dorm room the previous year.

    I like the apartment you show. Very organized and good use of her space.

  7. Brenda, you share the most interesting of 3 my most favorite bloggers!!!! PEACE!

  8. Beautiful. Lovely apartment..Looks so roomy.. The wall paper is lovley.

  9. I love creative and personal...and it does feel roomy and comfortable!


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