Six On Saturday

I just love to click all around Blog Land to see what everyone has been up to all week. Here's what I discovered...

This photo just made me smile. I think this is the first time I've seen the words farmhouse and Valentine together! But this blogger sure did a great job on these cute pillows.

I love these ideas for the single girl on Valentine's Day. Everyone thinks of couples on this particular day, but I say everyone should enjoy their own special version of Valentine's Day.

I was really taken with this window shot that shows just a tad of lace curtain. The snow outside is so pretty. The bare trees so stark. A winter wonderland.

This wreath says spring so beautifully. 

I keep going outside to look in the containers to see if my tulips are emerging. I do this every year about this time! Spring fever, I tell ya.

I enjoyed this home tour of actress Marisa Tomei in Greenwich Village.

I really like this desk tucked into the space next to the bed. That seems to be a trend now. And you can use the desk as a bedside table as well. Win-win!

Enjoy your weekend! Eat good food. Laugh a lot. Sleep in. Read a novel. Smile often.

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  1. Have a Happy Valentines Day with your fur babies. As you said sit back with a book and relax

  2. Happy Heart Weekend. Such nice posts about the holiday and living ones life to the fullest. Ya, the tulips are coming and a lot of us are starting to get excited. Really like and enjoy your blog.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. Happy Saturday to you!

  4. Thanks for featuring my snow scene, Brenda!! Those poor horses must have been mighty cold today - I think they need some blankets!

  5. I love Valentine's Day almost strictly for the poor of red that people introduce inyo their decor. Red is a happy colour to me! ❤😍

    And as for tulips, I wish! It's going yo be at least 2 more months before I could hope to see a green nub trying yo poke through the ground. I guess that's why I find it do sweet when they finally do arrive. 😀

  6. Nice posts to enjoy on this frigid Saturday...12 degrees here with a real feel of -9 degrees....

  7. A great round up, Brenda! Our tulips are a long way off. It's 5° at the moment. Brrr! Happy "Gal"entines Day!

  8. How fun is that sign - love it! Happy weekend, Brenda!

  9. Great collection of posts! I can see whey they caught your interest! The pillows in the first picture are so cute! Thanks for sharing! ~Rhonda

  10. Great collection of posts! I can see whey they caught your interest! The pillows in the first picture are so cute! Thanks for sharing! ~Rhonda

  11. Beautiful images to enjoy Brenda ... thank you! ((hugs)) I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day too! Thank you for all that you share! You are a love every day.


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