5 Inspirational Small Apartment Patios

For those that reside in apartments, and are lucky enough to have a small patio or terrace, decorate those spaces to extend the living space of your small abode.

This space is really small. But the pink Adirondack chair makes it shine. Add a few plants and sit back and enjoy the view.

This one is larger. Able to accommodate two comfy wicker chairs and a table. What a nice spot to sit with a friend or loved one and have a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

In a sprawling urban area, you can still create your own little piece of heaven with seating and flowers.

A spot for one, with container plantings and a table with candles. Wouldn't it be nice to sit out there at night with flickering candlelight?

A bench with a cushion that sets the stage for a pretty rug in a certain shade of blue. Add some plants and a lantern with a candle inside. And you've got all you need in one little spot.

Some of us are apartment dwellers. This doesn't mean we can't enjoy the outdoors. 

If you have a patio or terrace, dress it up and make it a space that you love. 


  1. These are all beautiful, wonderful and I love them all!!
    I noticed one of the ads on your sidebar is Kinnucan's. The company was started in my hometown, right out the back door of where I work and has expanded nationally!!Their home office is still here and so is the founder's family. Coincidence!!

  2. These are all pretty spaces. I need to redo my patio, it could use some sprucing up.

  3. Thanks for this! We are moving to an apartment with a balcony so I'm really inspired now with these great ideas

  4. Thanks for this! We are moving to an apartment with a balcony so I'm really inspired now with these great ideas

  5. Beautiful spaces! Thanks for sharing the inspiration! I need to redo my own patio! Happy Easter! ~Rhonda

  6. I am fortunate to have a nice size yard and large deck but I also have a small porch on one side of the house that I want to make a private little oasis for me. I found two great inspiriational photos in your collection, thanks!

  7. I would love to sit and drink diet coke on any of these patios.. Just beautiful!!
    I loved the pink chair. My husband made me 2 of them.. They are white right now. but I think I just might paint them again. Thanks for the photos.
    Happy Easter.

  8. So pretty, Brenda - love seeing all the beautiful flowers and greenery, too! Happy weekend!

  9. Inspiring. My heart loves the bench with turquoise cushion + turquoise rug. I can't wait for a little warmer weather to work on my pergola. It's back by the creek. Turquoise spray paint here I come.

  10. Such pretty spaces...I could sit in any one of them and read!

  11. Beautifully done once again to give us ideas and one who knows well to make a relaxing, comfy area no matter size or furnishings so doable! Love it!! :) Happy Easter to you Breanda and the fur babes! Robin in NYC :)

    1. Brenda sorry for name misspelling ooops my fingers....need to proof read before publishing :)

  12. Very lovely apartment patios. A lot of ideas in these photos. But I still love yours best! Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter weekend...

  13. Beautiful and cozy ideas. Keeps me dreaming of spring and inspiration. Thank you.
    Praying that you and your family have a blessed Easter.

  14. It's amazing how much style those little patios have! It's nice to know that you don't have to have a lot of space to have something beautiful. Thanks for sharing those photos.

  15. A little style goes a long way, they are all just lovely!

  16. Great post, Brenda! Looks like you have already helped some folks here with a few ideas. I, myself, love the pink adirondack! Too cute!!

  17. These are all lovely. Now I see that I need a rug for my patio.

  18. Did you notice the grass carpet in the first photograph? That is a very fun idea for a tiny patio. Brenda, you patio is better than these though. Can you imagine your pups on one of those tiny balconies? I which I had a fence surrounding my tiny back yard patio. That's the truly important thing if everyone is walking by all day like the Frontier guys, the UPS guy, etc. Course, I do get to know them all! -Ginene

  19. I am so sad the women that were attacked on here for sharing their difficulties have not returned. These are for people with money to burn. I cannot afford to waste money on the patio.

  20. These are all great small spaces but I absolutely love the second one, with the wicker chairs. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Wonderful examples of perfect little outdoor retreats! Thank you!!


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