660 Square Feet In Charleston

I'll say right now that I just adore this little gem.

What's not to like in this sweet little spot full of books and plants and a cozy chair to sit in?

Quaint and comfy and full of natural light.

And it even has a grand piano in this small 660 square foot space.

Could you see yourself living here?



  1. I love the charming collected over time look of the space. And how fun is the chalkboard painted backsplash with hand drawn subway tiles?! It reminds me of the old apartment buildings our daughters lived in in Minneapolis with so much character.

  2. This is a very beautiful home. I love how it's decorated. To me, it seems bigger than 660 square feet because it is so full of light. I would be very happy living in this home!

  3. Love this space and all of the books. The baby grand is beautiful, and it is what I miss having the most, had to sell mine, when we decided to downsize 3 years ago. This 660 square feet does indeed look like it is larger. I could live here for sure.

  4. Absolutely! I love everything about it :-) Happy Easter.

  5. Yes, I think I could live in this 660 sq ft home. It has everything I would need. This person is very creative to make her home so attractive.


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