Blogger's Upper East Side Studio Apartment

Jackie lives large in her 400 square foot studio apartment.

She also blogs here in this cozy and colorful space.

I like how she's divided her space and made it unique.

Her kitchen is really small. 

But her bathroom is bigger than mine is.

Do you think you could live here?



  1. Very cute and she is really organized. She did well in that small place.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. We lived in NYC for a few years after college and I am very familiar with those small apartments. You definitely have to be organized! Love seeing Jackies!

  3. I am not usually a fan of modern style, but that lucite chair is fabulous! Like the rest of her apartment...lovely!

  4. I could live there - alone. I cannot live there with a husband, five children, five s/o's, and nine grandchildren. It would be a great hideout though! All of her choices so thoughtful. The lucite chair which doesn't stop the eye from going to the far corners, the open bookcase, all the white. She has made a small space appear so much larger.

  5. I think Jackie has done a wonderful job of using her small space! It has loads of personality!

  6. Miss Jackie did a bang-up job of using every inch of her space. Just gorgeous and it does show her personality. I will show this to my daughter who will be going into a small space. You find the best places to showcase!

  7. What a cute place! She did a fantastic job making a small space very livable and inviting.

  8. Amazing. Very pretty I love it!

  9. This is a wonderful little apartment! Light, bright, and pretty. Sheila

  10. Loved her apt, but didn't see a closet, which would be sooo hard to function without one?

  11. Loved Jackie's apartment and how she utilized the small amount of space! It is so sweet and quite classy! For a studio, she has really made it feel like it actually have separate spaces, which I love! I am sure she utilizes under bed storage for clothing and other secret places as well. Wonderful job Jackie!

  12. Awesome space....where are her clothes stored? In the White Low cabinet? Any place to Hang items?

  13. I would love to know the name of her blog!

    1. I made it out on her laptop. York Avenue. I think.

  14. I first saw Jackie's apartment when it was featured on The Everygirl, and I thought the entire space oozed with her personality. My favorite piece was the lucite chair, and when I saw that she bought it from Amazon, I had to buy one to go with my desk. I follow Jackie's blog, too, and I love it!

  15. Such a cute place and I love the way she has it arranged. I could totally live in her apartment.

  16. One of your viewers showed concern about the closet situation. I toured Jackie's cute little home on Houzz and Apartment Therapy. They show her perfectly organized closet in addition to other decor. She has small scale living down to a science. Her studio (Upper East Side) is easily $2500.00 per month if not more. That alone calls for some serious square foot contemplation!

  17. When my daughter was living in her small New York apartment I bought her that same shelving unit from Ikea. She used it to divide her kitchen from her living room.It was great because it allowed the light from her large living room windows to reach into the kitchen. The apartment I will be moving into in a few months has 540 square feet so I love looking at how others make small spaces work. xo Laura

  18. I could totally live there alone..... I have lived in 600 sq feet and I could also do 400... but alone. No other person, no pet. Small living forces a person to get outside more and meet people. The world outside your door becomes your living room and entertainment area. Love that lucite chair! Think I may need one.


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