Jasna's Colorful Apartment In Cologne, Germany

Jasna's is a graphic designer. This is her small apartment in Germany. It has less than 650 square feet. 

"I try to create harmony with colours, patterns and texture. Happiness, joy, light, flowers, sunshine, pillows, candles. My home is feminine and a little bit romantic."

Jasna says what she has learned is that you don't have to have a lot of money to have a beautiful home.

She enjoys making jewelry and sewing. And obviously, container gardening.

Her favorite space in the summer is her balcony.

She hopes one day to have a wooden bed with a fabric headboard.

She likes to hang clothing outside of the closet because it is a form of art to her.

She said that she has learned that if you don't like the color of something, then put it away. Because you should always love the colors in your space.


  1. So fun and I love the colors! Hope your Easter was wonderful, Brenda!

  2. She has a very colorful place and she looks to be very happy in her small space.

  3. She has a charming apartment! I agree that you should love the space you're in. You can always store something away if it isn't agreeing with you.

  4. Brenda, I love this small and colorful apartment! Her clothing looks like art in the way she displays it! Happy Monday! Everyday Living

  5. I love this apartment. It is beautiful. Love all the colors .She did a great job with decorating.

  6. I love all the color! The girl's got style!!

  7. Reminds me of my daughter's bedroom when she was a teenager! Not appealing to me as a grown woman....

  8. I love it, that polka dot fridge is my favorite part!


  9. Thanks for sharing. Love her home, especially the colors.

  10. Thanks for sharing. Love her home, especially the colors.

  11. What a beautiful romantic, peaceful home!

  12. What a beautiful romantic, peaceful home!


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