Six On Sunday

I love this sun porch full of whimsical charm.

I would enjoy having this floral spring greeting on my door.

This kitchen is blue and white and full of light.

This incredibly multi-facet kitchen/dining/office/seating area caught my eye.

I really like this dramatically blue-hued room.


  1. Beautiful ideas. Love the spring basket for the front door too. Happy Sunday Brenda.

  2. I love this feature! Very pretty rooms and lots of inspiration...

  3. Love them all! I can't believe that is the same kitchen from TDC!~ Really amazing.

  4. Brenda, the spicy room with the blue couch just made my heart go flip-flop! Absolutely beautiful! I think I could happily live in that room forever provided I could add a stool for my foot.

    Being off work has allowed time to slip away and I realized Easter is next weekend and the first day of Spring is today. I was thinking I must get my Spring wreath up on my front door but a friend posted on Facebook that we're going to get a huge snowstorm on Thursday. Too depressing for words. Oh well, Spring will arrive when Mother Nature decides the time is right.

    Worst thing of all is my babies went back to my son's home last night to be baby-sat until my husband and gets back from New Orleans at the end of the week. They are such good company and I miss them so! It's what is best for them until I can proper care for them (gimpy casted foot).

  5. I love that bright colorful room with the blue sofa!

  6. Brenda,
    Six on Sunday is a real treat! All of these also catch my eye.


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  8. Brenda, all of the features are outstanding. I am drawn to the colorful living room. It captures the essence of spring. Hope you and the Yorkies are doing well!

  9. Thank you, Brenda...such a fun surprise! Lots of inspiration!


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